Best 50-inch TV for Gaming Under $500 in 2022 in USA

Are you also looking for the Best 50-inch TV for gaming which is under 500? This article will give you some of the best alternatives which you can choose from.

When it comes to the point of using TVs for gaming or perhaps to enhance the overall user experience of visualizing content on a large screen. Owning a tv whose size is not less than 50 inches that comes with a high-quality display and a rich sound system combined with a seamless user interface is important.

While the market is filled with tons of options for 50-inch smart tvs very few of them are of excellent quality at value for money prices, and if you want the best 50-inch tv for gaming under $500, here are our recommendations.

Things to consider before purchasing a new Tv for gaming:

  1. Input Lag: Input lag is the most significant factor to be considered before buying tv for gaming because if the input lag is more, your reactions will be slower, which can be put at a huge disadvantage in multiplayer games. Ideally, the input lag range of 10ms -40ms is good for gaming.
  1. Resolution: Although the standard Full HD resolution (1080p) is good enough for most games. One can get higher-resolution displays such as 4k for a better experience.
  1. Display Technology: Some games come with the support of HDR visuals. Hence having a HDR-compatible TV always holds an advantage.
  1. Connectivity: The majority of the ports for gaming consoles would be HDMI connections, and these are available in most smart TVs these days.
  1. Special Game modes: Some TVs offer a special gaming mode which would decrease the input and enhance the gaming experience.

Here are some of the best 50-inch tv for gaming under $500:

Hisense 50-inch 4k ULED Smart Tv.

Hisense Best 50-inch TV for Gaming under 500

Hisense company is known for its high-quality offerings at affordable prices, and Hisense Class H8 Quantum Series 4k ULED Smart Tv follows the same path. The display is a VA pane made up of ULED technology at 4K resolution. It offers a high contrast ratio with a peak brightness of 700 nits and a full-array local dimming feature for deep inky blacks.

The colours are rich and have a good colour gamut, thus producing excellent colour reproduction. The Tv supports HDR 10+, HDR10, and HLG pictures, thus ensuring that users can experience high-quality pictures.

The tv has all the necessary ports and features a game mode that reduces that input lag and makes gaming on this tv smooth and lag-free, thus making one of the best 50-inch tv for gaming under $500. The Tv comes with a voice-enabled controller that has a built-in Google Assistant, which can be used to control the tv through voice commands.

Hisense Class H8 features Dolby Atmos sound technologies, and in terms of sound quality, it is the best in class. As it runs on android OS, the tv has access to almost all the apps, and supporting that; the user interface is also smooth and easy to access.

  • 4K ULED display with HDR10+ supportnLow input lagnExcellent sound qualitynSmooth UI
  • Bad viewing anglesnPeak brightness could be better

SAMSUNG 50-inch 4kUHD HDR Smart TV (2021 model)

Samsung 50-inch TV for Gaming under 500

In the market of TV manufacturers, SAMSUNG has always been on the front end to offer high-quality TV, especially with their excellent screen quality and saturated colours. Class Crystal (AU8000) is the latest offering from Samsung that is a successor for its Samsungs 8 Series, which are known for their balanced tech at affordable prices.

It features Samsungs Crystal LCD UHD panel technology at 4K resolution with a Dynamic Crystal Colour layer that can show millions of true-to-life colours. It features a VA panel that can show HDR content with accurate colours and details; the design is minimal and has got relatively smaller bezels than its competitors.

The TV is powered by the Tizen Smart TV platform, which is a clean OS and offers tons of features and customizations from connecting to a smart to even operating other smart devices in your home. The TV has got access to multiple voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Bixby. The game mode reduces the input lag up to 9.5ms and making it suitable for gaming, thus making it one of the best 50-inch tv for gaming under $500.

  • 4K display and high contrast rationLow input lag for gaming nHigh contrast rationClean OS with support to multi-device control
  • Average Peak BrightnessnThe Colour gamut could have been betternNarrow viewing angles

SAMSUNG 50-inch Class Crystal (TU8000)

Samsung 50-inch TV for Gaming under 500

As mentioned earlier, Samsungs 8 Series are known for their balanced tech at affordable prices, and for someone looking for the best 50-inch tv for gaming under $500 from Samsung, then Crystal (TU8000) 4kUHD HDR Smart TV (2020 model) is the one to get.

The display is a VA panel that runs at 60hz and had excelled contrast ratio. The TV has an 8bit panel and a 2-bit frame rate control. Like the 2021 model, the 2020 model has a Dynamic Crystal Colour layer showing millions of true-to-life colours. The 2020 model is almost similar to its successors in nearly all the departments, such as display quality, audio quality, and colour gamut.

The input lag is close to 8.8ms which makes it suitable for gaming. The TV has support to multiple voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Bixby and comes.

  • Excellent display quality at 4K resolutionnLow input lag for gamingnHigh Contrast rationClean and smooth operation system
  • Bad viewing anglesnThick bezelsnAverage colour gamut and peak brightness.

Samsung 50-inch Class QLED Q60T

Samsung 4k  TV

The Colour reproduction of the Samsung QLED is one of the best in the smart tvs industry. It features Quantum LED technology which helps in offering better viewing angles and deep inky blacks, thus providing the best picture quality.

The Tv has 2 backlights (cool, warm) which work together to give the most accurate colours and detailed pictures. The TV also has the support to HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG, which makes viewing content on this Tv optimal. The bezels are thin and have 2 USB inputs, 2 HDMIs, and an antenna input.

The TV can run most gaming consoles at 4K 60fps, and with gaming mode, the input lag is close to 18ms. Class QLED Q60T features 20W speakers and offers decent sound quality. The Tv comes with Bluetooth and built-in WIFI, which can support 2.4Ghz,5Ghz. Hence with best-in-class display and low inputs lags, it becomes one of the best 50-inch tv for gaming under $500.

  • Excellent display with QLED technologynSupport to HDR10+, HDR10, and HLGnLow Input LagnDual LED backlighting
  • Average Sound qualitynMinor lags in the User-InterfacenNo local dimming feature

TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series 4KUHD Smart Roku LED TV (2021 model)

TCL gaming 4k tv

TCL is one of the fastest-growing consumer electronics companies and a leading firm in the industry of TVs. Their TV offerings are well popular in the market as they come with high-quality features at affordable prices, and class 4 series 4KUHD Smart Roku LED TV does live up to those expectations.

Although it doesnt have all the special features such as local dimming, wide colour gamut, etc. but the display is good and offers decent picture quality for its price. The TV has the support to HDR content that looks colourful and portrays rich colours. The Tv features all kinds of ports such as HDMI, Analog Inputs, USB ports, and an Ethernet port in terms of connectivity.

With two 8W speakers facing downwards, the audio output is also good. The Tv is also suitable for people for casual gaming. For someone looking for a good 50inch 4K Tv under a low budget, Class 4-Series 4KUHD Smart Roku LED TV is their best choice.

  • High contrast levelsnAbility to upscale lower quality contentnWide range of ports
  • Average peak brightnessnNarrow viewing anglesnNo local dimming feature

As the technology is getting better and advanced the quality of TVs, have been significantly increasing over the past couple of years and prices are being reduced to compete in that market. Within the increase in users opting to play games on large screens, especially on their TVs the demand is also being increased. Therefore, the above-mentioned information and TV suggestions on best 50-inch tv for gaming under $500 will help the end-user to make the right choice while buying their next TV.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which TV screen is best for gaming?

Ans. As most gaming consoles and game titles work optimally at 1080p resolution, a TV with Full HD display with good colour Gamut and all connectivity ports. But to play high-end games at higher resolution, one needs to look for higher resolutions, LED/OLED displays, wide colour gamut, and HDMI and Ethernet connectivity ports

What is Input lag, and is it important for gaming?

Ans Absolutely, input the lag is the main aspect determining the king of gaming experience you get while gaming. A low input lag ensures that the time between your inputs and reactions on the screen as low as possible. Ideally, an input lag range of 20-40ms is good, but anything less than 20ms is great.

Can I connect multiple peripherals (mouse, keyboard) to my TV while gaming?

Ans. Yes, most smart TVs come with multiple USB ports and sometimes with Bluetooth feature that allows the users to connect their devices and achieve optimum gaming experience. 

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