Best Cheap VR Headset For Android and iPhone – 2022 List

If you are also an android user and looking for the best cheap VR headset for android, there could not be a better place than this page.

Here, we will be covering the top five VR headsets in a detailed way besides giving our final verdict on that. Keep scrolling down to read more. 

In recent days, smartphones have become more than a calling device. It offers a whole range of options to explore including enjoying your favorite games or doing other activities with the help of a VR headset. When it comes to smartphones, Android virtually has a monopoly in the market covering 72 percent of the market.


Google Cardboard – Cheapest VR Headset For Android

Google cardboard is a great way to get an immersive experience affordably and simply. Use your smartphone along with VR Apps, and this will bring virtual reality to life in your hands. It delivers immersive visuals with the provided high-quality lens. For better durability, Google has partially laminated the body.

It perfectly works with any android smartphone with a size of 4 to 6 inches. Set up process is super easy and you do not require much technical help for that process. 

Users get the flexibility to explore outer space, dance, thousands of VR apps, videos, and YouTube’s 360° Channel. You never feel the inability of not having enough options to explore with this best cheap VR headset for android.

Get deep into the details of landmarks, natural wonders, and other famous places around the globe with the help of Google street view. Considering its price, the product is unmatched. 

  • Low pricenEasy to set up and easy to usenVariety of options to explore
  • Incompatible with all androids phonenUncomfortable for long hours use

Atlasonix VR headset

This VR set is compatible with android as well as iPhone. There is no other way than this one to transform your smartphone into a super-powerful gaming machine.

Technology has evolved in a great way giving the option to let go of costly VR sets and choose this revolutionary product from Atlasonix. It’s an exciting tool made to change your way of video gaming and moving watching. You get into your own 3D worlds by simply using this VR headset

The VR headset promises to deliver an immersive visual experience once you use the compatible smartphone with the product. Just insert your phone into the front face piece securely and explore the games, videos, and 360-degree world. Keep using the headset and let your imagination fly in those virtual roller coasters. 

Not interested in gaming, switch to YouTube and get the feel of 360 degrees viewing on that platform. Atlasonix has provided an adjustable head strap that is another great feature for making it comfortable for long hours of use.

Atlasonix VR Headset

Android VR headset users keep complaining about comfortability. Here, you get a breathable foam face besides an adjustable head strap for better comfort. 

While giving importance to the enjoyment, the manufacturers had not forgotten to make it safe for your eye. It is equipped with an eyesight protection system along with FD and OD adjustment. You can reduce distortion by making changes in FD and OD that expand viewing angles, and match the focal distance.

Additionally, you get unilateral myopic alignment for better distortion reduction. Most android smartphones with a screen size between 4- 6.2 with screen resolutions HD, 3D, 1080p, and 4K are supported.

This best cheap VR headset for android is a perfect gift material for anyone as you can gift it without bothering whether the person is using an android or phone.

In the Android segment, it supports most of the phones from Samsung, HTC, Nexus, LG, Google Pixel 2, Huawei, and many more. The company provides technical support, detailed information on setups, and exciting VR apps for you. 

  • Remote control for android phonesnMade for extended hours of usenHD, 3D, 1080p, and 4K screen resolution support
  • Compatible with Android u0026 iPhone but the controller is not for iPhonenMade with cheap quality plastic material

Google Daydream View

Are you those types of users who love simplicity in the VR experience? If yes, do not miss this quality product from Google. It is thoughtfully made for every generation of users and promises to deliver high quality, immersive virtual reality experience.

The Daydream View is more than a headset as it is a headset plus controller. You just have to simply place the compatible phone into the product and you will get into the world of VR.  With the product, you get the option to explore hundreds of apps and games in the daydream application.

The place is full of useful things for you to explore. With this best cheap VR headset for android, you do not just see the happenings, you experience and cherish it. Take this along with you and keep enjoying the world monuments, natural landscapes, and anything of your choice with the powerful VR headset. 

As we have already mentioned, it’s also a controller that transforms your gaming. Your adrenaline gets a rush when you go from the sidelines to the center in your game. Besides that, speeding down the race track is such an over-the-top experience. Get in the game with this VR and we are sure you will love it for its offerings. 

When it comes to comfort, it is worth writing that the Daydream View is lightweight, durable, and made with soft and breathable fabric. You can use it for hours and hours without feeling much strain on your body parts.

What’s more! There is a face pad that is hand washable. So in case, your friend is asking multiple times to use the headset, you can share without thinking about hygiene and freshness. After your friend’s use, clear and refresh it with your hand and your VR headset is ready to rock as earlier. 

  • Ability to deliver high-quality VR experiencenComfortable in wearingnAvailability of Motion controller
  • Out of stock most of the time nWithout iOS device support

BNEXT VR Headset

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When we are talking about affordable and best VR headsets, how can we forget to mention this one? This premium VR headset is compatible with most android phones with 4 to 6.3-inch screen sizes as well as iPhone.

Here, great emphasis is given to the proper alignment of your eyes with the screen box. Additional features of FD and OD adjustments help in expanding the wide-angle, unilateral myopic alignment, and perfect match of the focal distance. 

It is comfortable to wear thanks to the fully adjustable head strap, soft nose piece, and eyesight protection system. Here, you also get the flexibility to use it with a supported drone that asks for a VR headset.  There is exclusive VR content and online support for you to explore with this best cheap VR headset for android

  • Adjustable straps u0026 FD and OD adjustmentnTool for keeping phone in the centernHighly comfortable
  • Require phone case removal for usenSubstandard lens for a super immersive experience

Newnaivete VR Headset

Probably, you may end your search for the best cheap VR headset for android here with this product. This is the level of comfort, quality, durability, and performance it delivers to the user.

Along with the ordered product, you get a VR controller (without battery), a User manual, and a cleaning cloth.

You can comfortably watch a movie, play a game or do anything of your choice in the world of virtual reality with this VR headset. It supports smartphones with 4.7 to 6.53-inch sizes.

Please note, the performance of this headset largely depends on the phone resolution and clarity of the content. Furthermore, do not mistake this VR headset as a professional game controller as it is only made for experiencing virtual reality. 

For enhanced comfort, manufacturers have used an ergonomic belt, device buckle, pupil adjustment flexibility, and focal distance adjustment option. There is a functional controller on the device.

Carrying it with you is super easy with the provided leather pouch for safety. Just search for VR apps in your play store of the android device and get down to enjoy virtual reality after downloading the compatible applications. 

  • Wide range of smartphone compatibilitynBluetooth remote features nAnti-Blue Light Eye Protected HD Lenses
  • Device gives an uncomfortable feeling to the nosenBad quality manufacturing material


Which type of video is demanding on a VR headset?

You can watch 2D, 3D, and 180/360-degree videos available on YouTube and other videos/movie streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. 

Can VR damage my eyes?

There is not enough evidence to suggest the adverse effects of VR on the eyes however long hours of use may cause eye strain, discomfort, fatigue, or blurred vision.

What are the benefits of using Virtual reality?

Virtual reality is the talk of the town that delivers realistic scenarios in a safe area with little or no risk. You can watch far-off things remotely that saves lots of time and money.

Further, using VR improves recall, retention, and other power of mind that further leads to the development of the habit of solving complex problems. Virtual reality is enjoyable, innovative, and suitable to learn various skills. 

What do I need to experience VR affordably?

Besides buying any of the best cheap VR headset for android mentioned above, you require a compatible smartphone, an application for movies/games, and a good headphone/speaker.

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Final Verdict

Every product mentioned above has some pros and cons but when it comes to price, Google cardboard always gets a high ranking. In our opinion, compare your existing smartphone for the compatibility of the best cheap VR headset for Android and make an informed choice. Let your imagination fly by purchasing any mentioned VR headset.

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