Best Game Console for Family in 2022

Are you the person who loves to play multi-player games with the family rather than strangers from across the world? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Your search for what is the best game console for family fun ends here. 

With the increased gaming passion in all generations, people have started looking for the best game console for the family. Gone are the days when gaming consoles were purely for the tech-savvy new generations.

Many gaming console developer companies like Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and others are targeting the family as a whole to sell their gaming console. 

IF You’re looking console for your 5 or 6-year-old Kids then read this article.

Xbox One S

Best Game Console for Family

Xbox One S is another quality product from one of the best technology companies, Microsoft. The company has done excellent work with the gaming console that makes it among the top five best game console for family

Whether you want to explore the past games or the future ones, it proves its worth with over 1300 games ranging from exclusive and classics from Xbox 360 and Original Xbox. Microsoft has used High Dynamic Range Technology that gives you the option to explore 4K Blu-ray movies on platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, along with playing your favorite game in bright color. 

This gaming console comes with a wireless controller, AC power cable, HDMI cable, 1 TB console, and a complimentary free trial pass for Xbox Game Pass (One month) and Xbox Live Gold (14 days). The provided HDMI cables give you the option to watch your favorite movies or shows after connecting to the Xbox console. 

  • Controller with the more wireless rangenLow power consumptionnApprox 40 percent smaller than standard Xbox One
  • No physical disc-based media support.

Xbox Series X

Best Game Console for Family xbox series x

This gaming console is regarded as the fastest and most powerful Xbox ever. You get to experience next-generation speed, superb performance thanks to the velocity architecture, custom SSD, and integrated software. 

The loading time is lightning fast, and you do not require waiting for more as it is quick to resume. The velocity architecture gives you thousands of games up to 120FPS. Xbox X is equipped with all games from four generations of Xbox where you get to play them in the best look and play manner. 

You get more storage along with the enhanced performance by purchasing Seagate 1TB expansion card for Xbox series X. You get the flexibility to use Xbox one accessories such as controllers, headsets, and more with Xbox Series X.

To give an altogether different and modern look to the Xbox X, Microsoft has provided an advanced wireless controller. The new and modernized controller is made to give more comfort, along with texture grip, content sharing, seamless capture that helps you in staying on target. 

Minimum load times add another dimension to your gaming experience, and you enjoy games with more submergence. Xbox X is one of the best gaming consoles at par with all the premium games with its quality sound environments, fast speed, and superior performance.

  • More powerful than Xbox One and PS5nHigh refresh ratenQuick resume function- Instant game switchingnStorage size- Approx 802 GB
  • Big in size

PlayStation 5 Console

Playstation 5 gaming console

When it comes to the best game console for family, PlayStation 5 is unmatched. The dominance of Sony in the gaming console says a lot about its pursuit of perfection. PS5 takes you to another gaming world where you unleash new possibilities and experiences. The speed is fast as compared to the previous series of PS. It has a custom CPU, SSD, and GPU with integrated I/O. These features bring lighting fast speed to you. 

The load time is instant for installed PS5 games as it has an ultra-high-speed SSD. The additional features of integrated I/O give you the option to pull data from SSD with super fast speed. 

The console supports HDMI that enables 4K-TV gaming. PS5 supports HDR technology as well as 8K output that brings a game display with vibrant, 4320p resolution and lifelike display. Once you get into the game, you deeply immerse yourself with support from adaptive triggers, 3D audio and haptic feedback. 

Hepatic feedback comes with DualSense wireless controller in selected PS5 titles. You get dynamic sensory feedback in your game that makes this gaming console the best value for money product. The in-game action impact comes with great power and all your senses remain attached to the game. 

The gaming sound gives you the feel of receiving it from every direction. Its Tempest 3D AudioTech delivers immersive sound through your headphones or TV speakers in supported games. 

There are adaptive triggers equipped with dynamic resistance levels for stimulating the physical impact of gaming activities. Enjoy Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Soul’s, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Godfall, The Nioh Collection, and many more games with a smooth and high frame rate up to 120fps for selected games. 

  • New features like Twitch support, remote game, and more nImprovised DualSense Controller, and Haptic feedback, nGood storage size- Approx 802 GBnQuick resume function- Instant game switching
  • Big in size

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con

Game Console Nintendo

This best game console for family gives you the power to play the game anytime, anywhere. You can place it at the Nintendo Dock as well as may use it in a portable way based on your preference. After placing it at the dock you can connect it with a smart TV to play the game with your family, friends, or someone else. 

The transition between dock mode to portable is smooth and fast. Simply lift it and start carrying your gaming superpower with yourself for gaming in parks, streets, shopping complexes, or anywhere else.

It has high definition display that brings a full gaming experience to you. The screen size is 6.2 inches, a multi-touch type that is specially designed to give the best user experience. You get the option to play in TV mode, Tabletop mode as well as a handheld mode for your convenience. 

In normal cases, the console provides up to 4.5-9 Hours of battery backup depending on various conditions. It is lightweight and you do not feel any difficulty in carrying along. 

It comes with two Joy-Con- Neon Blue and Neon Red. You have the option to use both Joy-Con by yourself or you may invite your family members to join you. Even more, there is an option to use more than two Joy-Cons with the console by purchasing them separately. 

There is a variety of game play to explore with or without multiplayer mode. Connect your console with Wi-Fi for multiplayer gaming. Here, up to 8 consoles can be connected for local wireless multiplayer. 

All Nintendo Switch games are compatible with this console. As you were looking for what is the best game console for family fun, here is an important point for you. The console has enhanced parental control features for better management of the device. 

The console is delivered to you with a Switch console, Switch dock, High-speed HDMI cable, AC adapter, Neon Blue & Neon Red Joy-Con with Wrist strap and Grip. It is powered by 3 rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries for providing you superior gaming experience.

  • 3 playing mode- Handheld, Tabletop, and TV nLarge 6.2 inch, capacitive touch screennGood battery life-4.5 – 9 hoursnWi-Fi connectivity
  • Low internal memory- Just 32 GB

Super NES Classic

Game console Super NES

There is no other way than to give a surprise to your parents with a Super NES classic. It gives the look and feel of the 90s that will surely give you nostalgia for your parents, elders, and others. Those who played games on consoles in the 90s will love it. 

This best game console for family has a 90s look and feel, but it is smaller in size. So you do not require having that much space for playing. You get to play with 21 preloaded games including the best 2 player games of the era such as Street Fighter II, Turbo: Hyper Fighting, or Super Mario Kart.

The console is made by keeping comfortability and ease of playing in mind. You can just plug and play classic controller or classic controller pro accessories with the console. Whether it is the first ride on Yoshi or a great escape from Planet Zebes, the console is highly entertaining. There is pure 16-bit retro game for enhanced gaming.

For the younger generation, it has cool frame features. You get the option to wrap a border around your game that also changes color based on the game you are playing. There is nothing as good as getting a rewind feature with a game.

Super NES classics give you the option to rewind a minute or more based on suspended points. Within a game, you can save up to four suspend points.  Besides the super NES classic, you get two wired Super NES Classic controllers, One HDMI cable, and one USB cable with an AC adapter to get it delivered to your provided location.

  • Curated and amazing collection of 16-bit classic gamesnEasy to set upnPowering compatibility through TV’s USB port
  • No buying option for new gamesnShort controller cable


What is parental control? Why should I look for these features while purchasing a gaming console for my family?

Parental control is a great way to monitor and control your gaming console especially for children. Nowadays, many games come with so much violence, obscene content, and others that may not be suitable for a non-mature mind. The parental control features keep your children safe and you can also limit the game time for them. 

Most of the gaming console makers like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony offer parental control in various ways. Xbox One, PS5, Nintendo Switch offers parental control by creating a free account on their platform and after downloading a free application on your Smartphone. 

What are some of the famous games good for the family?

Choosing a game largely depends on personal choice, however, these are some of all-time favorite games that you can play with your family. 

Mario Kart8, Mario Party, Clubhouse game, Yoshi’s Wooley World, Super Mario Odyssey, Concrete Genie, Falcon Age, Everybody’s Golf VR, Dirt 5, The Lego Marvel Collection, The Jackbox Party Pack 7, and others. 

What should I look the most while purchasing a gaming console?

There is no doubt; price plays the most important part in any purchase. It is not feasible for anyone to go beyond their budget for the games. Besides, that considers the game type, online support, controller, internal storage, backward compatibility, and important aspect. 

Why do you need to know PEGI ratings while purchasing games for your family?

PEGI ratings give hints on the nature of the game for age suitability. In simpler words, ratings denote age ratings that help parents in choosing good games for children. It is very important to check the rating especially while purchasing the best game console for family. 

Final verdict on what is the best game console for family fun

There are lots of crossovers when it comes to choosing the best game console for family. If your home has a child, always buy the one with parental control and restrictions on online game purchase. What if your child has purchased highly costly games when you are out of the home? Ultimately, you have to pay for that. 

Besides that, consider easy setup, multiple player mode, and easy game playing while purchasing a gaming console for the family. You may also take suggestions from various family members about their preferences. That will make the whole process of purchasing a gaming console simple. 

Hopefully, you will be able to select the best one for your family with our top five selected ones. 

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