Best gaming mouse under 30

Best Gaming Mouse Under $30

All gamers know that a good mouse is essential when navigating the gaming world, whether you are an amateur or a pro. The gaming mice we’ve included in this article offer a great gaming experience that’ll help you keep up with the competition. You need a gaming mouse, especially if you play competitive games frequently.

You may not enjoy the best gaming output without a high-quality mouse, especially in eSports. One may think they have the best gaming skills or PC peripherals, but the right mouse is crucial to advancing in gaming. Hence, all professional gamers know to use the best gaming mouse to stay ahead.

Finding one that prioritizes comfort and efficiency is important when looking for a gaming mouse. Moreover, when looking for a gaming mouse, you’re likely to find substandard products that don’t work. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of the best gaming mice that are effective and affordable for your convenience. These devices will provide the best output for gamers who are short on cash and want a quality gaming experience. Continue reading to learn more about the best gaming mouse under $30.

  1. Redragon M901 – Best Overall
  2. Logitech G402 Hyperion – Fastest Mouse
  3. VicTsing 2.4 GHz – Most Efficient Wireless Mouse
  4. Steelseries Rival 100 – Good for Competition

Best Gaming Mouse Under $30

1. Redragon M901 – Best Overall

Redragon M901 – Best Overall
DPI LevelUp to 12400
Connecting TypeWired
LightningLED backlight

The Redragon M901 gaming mouse is the best MMO device you can get for a low budget. While the budget might be low, the device sure exceeds all expectations. Its programmable buttons and compatibility make winning games a breeze.

This mouse provides the best gaming output for multiplayer online games. Seven of the 19 customizable buttons are mouse buttons, while the remainder provides “Massive Multiplayer Online Functions.” Hence, the device covers all of your gaming needs.

In addition, you will find DPI levels ranging from 1000 to 12,4000 when using this gaming mouse. One great feature about this device is that you cannot accidentally change your DPI while gaming. To avoid these accidents, the button to change your DPI is on top of the mouse.

Due to its ergonomic design, all included buttons have strategic positions on the mouse. Thus, the M901 mouse makes it easier for you to reach every button conveniently, making for a less stressful gaming experience. Thus, you can perform tasks faster than your peers using other devices.

The contour of this device makes it comfortable for beginner and professional gamers. The mouse body ensures you can enjoy longer gaming sessions without feeling pain in your fingers. Another fascinating thing about this mouse is the quick-fire button. This button allows you to enjoy the quick burst option, which gives you an extra edge over others. Hence, you can always stand out in a high-octane fashion when playing first-person shooter games.


The M901 offers five different gaming profiles for its users. For a low-budget mouse, these profiles are enough to help you access DPIs of up to 12400. In addition, you can allocate each profile with a different light, thanks to the mouse’s LED lighting feature.

This attractive mouse has micro switches, ensuring durability and longevity while gaming. Furthermore, the design ensures you don’t have to push buttons harder to click at a faster rate. The actuation feature also helps you to execute tasks by clicking faster than your opponents.

Moreover, using this mouse will provide more control with less friction due to the Teflon incorporated in its construction. The Teflon feet used on this device will rarely fall or wear off. This feature allows you to enjoy your device for extended periods without experiencing a slippery or hot mouse base.

The M901 mouse also uses a six feet-long USB cable, providing just enough distance for you to move your mouse about at will. In addition, the mouse is compatible with all operating systems, including Mac OS.

  • Comfortable surface
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Long-lasting Teflon feet
  • Omron micro switches for tactile feedback
  • Customizable LED lighting
  • 18 programmable buttons
  • Wire may hinder range of movement for some players

2. Logitech G402 Hyperion – Fastest Mouse

Logitech G402 Hyperion – Fastest Mouse
DPI Level240-4000
Connecting TypeWired
Buttons8 programmable buttons

This device has continued to dominate the market since its introduction in 2014. This mouse remains one of Logitech’s most popular products. Most people have nicknamed Logitech’s mouse the “world’s fastest gaming mouse” for its speed and accuracy. Interestingly, the device lives up to its nickname by precisely and instantly tracking your mouse’s movements. Hence, you can execute commands quickly and with ease.

The high-sensitivity laser sensors help detect movement faster than lower-quality gaming mice. Furthermore, the device contains other features that distinguish it from other gaming mice on the market. The G402 Hyperion is the definition of comfort and class. Its unique design allows you to rest your hand on the entire device. Thus, you can play games for more extended periods without experiencing discomfort.

Unlike the Redragon M901, this device comes with only eight programmable buttons. However, the device is just as effective with two DPI sensitivity controls, left and right buttons, and an effortless scroll wheel. You will also find a “sniper button” on the thumb rest for gamers who love action/shooting games. Moreover, the design incorporates two thumb buttons for easy accessibility.

The mildly coarse texture on the G402 gives it a pleasant feel and ensures a tighter grip. Thus, you will not experience any slippage after long hours of usage. Although the glowing “G” logo may look out of place, some users still love and appreciate the design.


One major highlight of this mouse is its speed. The G402 has a rate of 500 inches per second (IPS), faster than several high-budget mice. Due to its speed, you can easily use this mouse to play first-person shooter games without hassle. Since most first-person shooter games require speed, you will outperform other gamers. The device attains high speed by combining a gyroscope and accelerometer with a susceptible laser sensor.

Another excellent feature conveyed by this device is the 32-bit ARM processor and onboard memory chip. The specification ensures the mouse picks up reports at one-millisecond intervals due to its 4,000 DPI rating. While the DPI may not be as competitive as our first pick, which has up to 12,000, it is considerable for the price.

One good thing about this mouse is the plug-and-play feature it spots. You can even use it directly on your Mac OS X without issue. However, the Logitech Gaming Software is not yet available for Mac OS and other operating systems. You can only find the software on Windows.

In addition, you can enjoy the flawless tracking performance of this mouse. While the device does not perform up to many gamers’ standards, it is still an excellent place to start with a budget. Due to its ergonomic design, you can enjoy games such as Watch Dogs, Call of Duty, Heart of the Swarm, Titanfall, and more.

For gamers looking for a good FPS mouse under $30, you must consider the G402 Hyperion gaming mouse. This user-friendly device comes with software and other features that ensure easy usage.

  • Excellent value
  • Easy DPI adjustment
  • Programmable buttons
  • Great gaming software
  • Comfortable and innovative design
  • Perfect button positioning and response time
  • No weight system

3. VicTsing 2.4 GHz – Most Efficient Wireless Mouse

VicTsing 2.4 GHz – Most Efficient Wireless Mouse
DPI Level800-2400
Connecting TypeWireless
Buttons6 buttons

This VicTsing mouse is a specialized gaming mouse designed to give the user the best comfort possible during gaming sessions. The mouse operates on a 2.4 GHz technology range for an excellent gaming experience. Moreover, this mouse has an impressive data speed.

In addition, this VicTsing mouse has up to 15 meters of working distance. You might expect the rate of speed to dampen, but the reception is fast. Furthermore, the mouse is precise across any surface. Delays, interference, and dropouts aren’t experiences you’ll face when using this device.


This VicTsing mouse is one of the most affordable gaming mice on the market. The excellent gaming experience is mainly due to its five DPI settings. With these settings, you can switch your DPI from 800 to 2400. The range is a little lower than our previous picks, but it’s of excellent value for the price point.

The mouse’s design ensures that users can use it for long periods without experiencing discomfort in their wrist or fingers. The mouse has two default buttons that act forward and backward, respectively. Despite the already customized usage of these buttons, users can configure them to perform whatever function they want. You can do this using VicTsing’s gaming software.

The VicTsing wireless gaming mouse grants users the freedom to leave their desks while remaining connected to their computer. Since its range stretches up to 30 meters, you can still operate your PC while attending to someone or something else. Additionally, if you step away for a bit, you don’t need to worry about unintentionally draining the battery. After eight minutes of idling, the mouse will go to sleep.

  • Wireless
  • Comfortable rubber scroll wheel
  • 15 meters of wireless distance
  • Multi-stage power-saving mode
  • Stable connectivity
  • Five adjustable DPI settings
  • Programmable features not compatible with Mac OS X

4. Steelseries Rival 100 – Good for Competition

Steelseries Rival 100 – Good for Competition
DPI LevelUp to 4000
Connecting TypeWired
Buttons6 buttons

The SteelSeries Rival 110 is one of the most formidable gaming mice on the market and is considered by many to be an excellent gaming mouse under $30. The mouse is a product of one of the biggest gaming gear manufacturers in the world. A competition-ready mouse like this one provides the user with a seamless gaming experience. Furthermore, the construction of this gaming mouse is solid, and as such, it is expected to last quite a long time.

The SteelSeries Rival 110 is designed to accommodate the user’s gaming needs. It doesn’t matter which grip style you prefer — the mouse is custom-designed to fit all grip styles. The mouse offers the most natural and accurate mouse movements, all thanks to one unique component: the TrueMove1 sensor. The sensor is always active to detect even the slightest of movements and has a fantastic response time. The TrueMove1 component helps the mouse navigate through all surfaces without dragging.

The mouse weighs only 87.5 g due to its lightweight yet durable materials. Furthermore, you can get over 30 million clicks from the mouse’s right and left buttons. This estimation ensures the durability of the mouse. With these factors in mind, this gaming mouse meets the rigorous standards of the gaming industry and qualifies as a professional gaming component. The mouse also comes with six programmable buttons.


The mouse boasts high-speed flicks and DPI levels of 7200, which is a steal at this price tag. In addition, it is ideal for gamers who need optimum accuracy and balanced speeds in games such as MMOs and RPGs.

Another exciting feature of this mouse is its PRISM RGB lighting, allowing users to choose from 16.8 million colors. This experience provides the users with an immersive experience while playing video games. Moreover, you can enjoy this feature without paying extra for the RGB lighting because it is inbuilt.

Another great feature about this mouse is that you can save your settings within the mouse’s internal storage. You won’t have to fiddle with game and lighting settings before each gaming session. Thus, this mouse is the best for LAN events.

  • Six ergonomic and programmable buttons
  • Lightweight construct
  • 30 million click guarantee
  • Multiple grip options
  • Includes TrueMove1, a highly accurate optical sensor
  • Can be uncomfortable for individuals with larger hands

Buying Guide

Getting a good gaming mouse under $30 can prove tricky even for gaming professionals. One of the difficulties of buying a gaming mouse for this price point is the potential to be scammed by illegitimate companies. In addition, you could end up with a gaming mouse that performs way below expectations. Our team has compiled a list of factors to consider before buying any gaming mouse below $30.

Type of Games You’ll Be Playing

You can buy your gaming mouse depending on what game you want to play. There are several types of mice for different kinds of games. If you enjoy first-person shooter games, using a first-person shooter (FPS) mouse is your best option. You can use this type of mouse for shooter games like Borderlands 2, Halo 3, and Call of Duty. An FPS mouse has a separate “sniper” button you can use to enjoy your gaming experience. The sniper button, usually situated under your thumb, can help you fire difficult shots without hassle. Also, the button prevents your DPI from slowing down. If you love FPS games, we recommend a mouse like the Logitech G402 to enjoy the best gaming output.

Real-Time Strategy (RTS) gamers will have difficulty finding a single gaming mouse that fits their specifications. If you want to enjoy your RTS game, it is better to use a general-purpose mouse that does not have extra buttons. On the other hand, you can use an MMO mouse for online multiplayer games like Final Fantasy. These mice have several programmable buttons that allow you to enjoy the complete gaming package. You will also find other types of mice, such as customizable and all-purpose gaming mice. Always buy a mouse considering the games you want to play for the best value.


It would help to consider the cost when scouting for a gaming mouse. You can find gaming mice as expensive as $200. However, you can find cheaper gaming mice under $30 to add quality and precision to your gaming experience. Although, professional gamers may prefer higher-end mice for top-tier quality gaming. In this case, you could get an excellent mouse for under $100.

Our guide has compiled some of the best gaming mice for under $30 that can offer a near-perfect gaming experience. These mice meet several requirements and can help you enjoy your gaming experience. Thus, if you have a budget of $30 or less, you can choose any of the mice we’ve included in our list and be set for success.

Brand Reputation

It is always wise to patronize brands that have built a legacy in the gaming world. These brands gain trust over time and deliver the best products to their customers. To avoid scams and inferior products, you can choose from the products in our roundup. These mice come from trustworthy brands with excellent reputations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is a gaming mouse?

A gaming mouse has the characteristics of a regular mouse, only which more gaming-oriented characteristics than your standard mouse. You enjoy better sensors, buttons, and designs with a gaming mouse. In addition, gaming mice have extra features that make gaming more enjoyable.

2. Which is the best gaming mouse under $30?

There are several fantastic gaming mice under $30, a handful of which we’ve included in this article. We have reviewed each product in detail so you can decide based on your preferences and needs. We recommend the Redragon M901 wired gaming mouse, which has adjustable DPI settings and over 18 programmable buttons.

3. Where can I buy the best gaming mouse?

You can buy the best gaming mice from reputable brands using their official websites. You can also use several trusted merchant sites such as Amazon to get the best gaming mouse under $30.


Our roundup has considered some of the best gaming mice under $30. Although we found several gaming mice under $30, the ones on our list had the best features. These mice come from some of the best manufacturers and have gained the trust of many gamers. Before you pick any gaming mouse, always ensure to do some research. You need to consider the mouse specifications concerning your needs. If the mouse matches your desired features, you can purchase it. If not, you may have to look for another mouse.

While these mice may help you enjoy your game, it is advisable not to expect the same performance that you would get from a $200 mouse. However, you will get the best value if you buy any of the products on our list. If you still have concerns, you can always consult the reviews of your desired product for more information.

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