7 Best Oculus Rift Accessories in 2022 For Extra Comfort and Flexibility

Do You want to take full advantage of Oculus Rift? Here are some of the best Oculus Rift Accessories you can use to increase Comfortability and extra flexibility.

There are many accessories in the market which really give a new level of comfort and flexibility. whether you think about managing messy wires around your room and tracking your motions correctly.

so if you’ve also purchased the oculus rift headset or you’re still planning to get Oculus rift you should look at the list, maybe you find something useful.


List of Best Oculus rift Accessories.

Below I’ve listed some of the accessories that are very helpful in giving you more comfort and Flexibility.

AMVR VR Facial Interface & Foam Cover Pad

As you would have experienced sweating while using Rift. and because of sweating you experience bad smell, that case This extendable foam pad helps in maintaining hygiene as well as giving comfort.

This is Sweatproof made with leather thus you don’t have to worry about washing. but in case it gets dirty you can wipe using a cloth.

It comes with 2 PU leather cover so You’ve the option to change the cover in case of 1st get damaged. Its soft foam and wide edge decrease the pressure on your face, thus you’ll also experience negligible marks on your face that are usually caused by rift pad.

It has also an Anti Leakage Nose to prevent light from coming inside the headset because of the increase in padding of the screen.

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VR Cable Management

While using Rift one of the most concerning and irritating things happen with Cable, It spreads all around the room and sometimes mess up while playing games.

So It’s a good idea to keep Cable in a more organized way, so You’ve more smooth experience while playing games. And here Cable management accessories come into play.

This Particular Ceiling Pulley System helps you in hanging cables at the top of the floor which gives you the freedom to move around in the room without worrying about the cable.

It also has 360 retractable design and retractable pulley that can move any direction in case of weight and pressure applies to the wires. this makes wire and computer safer if accidentally wire gets pulled in.

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Just Add Water Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray

Fogging on the lense is very normal and you’ll have to continuously clean using the cloth. but you’ll start feeling irritated if you use the headset for a long time. You don’t want to clean your lense on every 10-20 minutes.

So Here Antifog spray Comes into play, Using this spray you can pretty much prevent fogging from happening. though it’s not possible to permanently prevent it but it will certainly improve the time thus save your time that goes into cleaning the lenses

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Oculus Rift Earphones

By Default You get Headphones with the Oculus rift but Oculus Does Offer many great accessories that you can use to improve your experience.

One of the best Oculus rift accessories is the Earphone that is offers. If you feel uncomfortable and to increase your gaming experience for long-hour gaming then This Earphone will definitely help.

Some of the benefits of this earphone are:

You can easily install this earphone in the headset by just remove the original headset and using its hook. You’ll easily do this in 2-3 minutes.

It reduces pressure on the ear compared to the headphone thus you’ll able to easily use the headset for long sessions.

You get much better sound quality than the headphone, because it reduces the noise from outside.

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Extra Oculus Sensor

By default, you get two sensors to track your movement, But You’ll not have a better experience with these two sensors, especially during gameplay. It will interrupt or will fail to track your movement.

So To prevent this issue and immerse yourself into it you’ll need at least one more sensor. So you can place your two sensors in front of you and one behind in a corner.

This way you’ll have uninterrupted sessions, and the gaming experience will immensely increase.

And If you’re using this 3rd sensor you will be able to capture 360-degree movement as Oculus Official website also claims. You can connect this 3rd sensor using 2.0 USB port.

You can mount it on the wall or you can purchase a separate standing tripod, but it’s more effective when you install it in litter higher location so you’ll need a taller tripod of 4-5 feet at least.

Sensor Wall Mount

This Wall mount can be very useful in installing sensors on your room walls. If you’re also struggling to mount the sensor properly this is what will make your job done.

This is made of quality mental and on top of it, it’s coated so you’ll not feel any issue of rusting. Also, it is much more stable than any other thing, so once you set the proper angle of your sensor you’ll not have fix that again and again.

It is also very easy to adjust because of the moveable head, you just can point in any direction after fixing it on the wall. so you just don’t have to worry about anything.

One other advantage I think is that you can mount it easily on a higher location compare to a tripod and it’s much cheaper than that.

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VR Protector Bag

Do You often go outside? If yes you would have experienced how hard it is to travel with your VR Headset and protect it from happening any damage.

You just have to keep your eyes on the headset, this can be more annoying if you go on any adventures tour. but even if you normally go to the office or college with the headset this bag will be much more convenient.

This bag comes with extra padding to protect your headsets and accessories which are made of Foam. also, it has divided its compartment in

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