Best PS4 Controller Charger Cable Original Alternative in 2022

Do you know that getting the best ps4 controller charger cable for gaming controllers can ensure that your long gaming sessions go on smoothly without any interruption?

So have you ordered one yet? Well, if you are struggling with buying the best one, then keep on reading to clear all your doubts. Gaming controller chargers are high on demand because more people are getting involved in long hour sessions playing their favorite games online.

Since gaming is prevalent around the world and global tournaments taking place along with the live streaming, charging the gaming controller is now inevitably essential. Therefore buying the best charger cable for gaming controllers is not something that a gaming enthusiast can overlook. 

If you too are in the hunt for these gaming controller charging cables, I am reviewing the best one for you. I have listed the best ones that you can get for an ecstatic gaming experience.




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PowerA USB Charging Cable

CorpCo Power Cord

PS4 Controller Charger

Syncwire Super-Durable

Lifestyle PS4 Controller Charging Cable

1. PowerA USB Charging Cable for PlayStation 4

Best PS4 Controller Charger Cable Original Alternative

If you are always indulged in long hours of playing video games, getting this excellent quality charging cable for your gaming controller is the best purchase.

It is a 6.5 foot USB cable with a Ferrite coil. Offered from the digital gaming world, this product goes well with your PlayStation controllers and direct plug and play without the requirements of any software. Going from a cable used for charging to this charging station has been innovative.

It stops you from having to plug your wireless controllers into charge. You can get relieved of the irritating cord draped over your lap. It looks sleek while also being so useful. 

  • Controller light bar will pulse a gentle yellow/orange while charging and you will know it’s workingnIt looks good next to the PS4nIt charges your controller within an hour or two and lets you get back to gaming quicklynThere’s a slight divot in each cradle that indicates where the ‘PS’ button will go to make lining up easynHas a notch on the bottom for the cable so it sits evenly on the table
  • Relatively inferior materialnDoesn’t have an additional hook for headphone storagen

2. CorpCo Power Cord for Sony Playstation 4

Best PS4 Controller Charger Cable

Get this high performing charging cable for a gaming controller from Corpco electronics and engage in long gaming sessions without any interruption.

This product offers you to make a smooth connection and charge efficiently. This gaming controller cable is compatible with PS4 and many other gaming systems. And the 6 Ft. long cord makes it easy to put your PlayStation where you want.

Now you can easily run PS4 around your house without having to remove any cords from its normal place. And if your PS4 kept shutting down and makes you wonder what is wrong, then you should try this cord. This cord can fix this problem in the blink of an eye.

And you can continue to relish the game without any interruption. Because your OEM power adapter might be prone to dying, making it look like the PS4 blew out. 

If you have not upgraded from PS3 to PS4, then don’t worry, this cable is compatible with both, leaving you with no option, but buying it.


  • Charge your controller in quickly, so you can get to gaming in no time.nThe design is good and you can plug the cable into the socket without any hassle.nThe wire is long enough, so you can place your PS4 wherever you want.n
  • The design is not so great but the performance is good.

3-PS4 Controller Charger Cable 10ft

Best PS4 Controller Charger Cable

You can’t miss out on this gaming controller charging cable that is ideal for PS4 gamers. This is the best ps4 controller charger cable and comeswith universal compatibility. It is a micro-USB cable specially designed for PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 pro controllers, Xbox One X, Xbox elite, and many other devices with micro-USB ports.

The best thing about this controller charging cable that lures me to buy it, is its length. It is 10 ft. long and you can comfortably at a distance without feeling restricted. The long cable offers extreme convenience while you lay on a bed or couch while playing. Moreover, the well-made heads plug in the controller easily and firmly.

They fit supremely snug on both sides and won’t wobble or fall out, make it easy to stay in the game. What’s more? It quickly charges your controller and doesn’t make you wait for hours. These PS4 controller cables support a maximum of 2.0 Amp current. And it conveys data up to 480 Mbits via USB 2.0. And these PS4 charger cords are made with 24 AWG high gauge low Impedance wires.

It enables the USB cable to charge 20% faster than regular charging cables. The PS4 charger cable with a magnetic ring gives the best signal clarity and shielding to reduce interference. It can sustain full-speed charging and synchronization even with extra-long length. This USB cable enables you to play your PlayStation 4 while it is charging without stopping and waiting for the charging process.

  • Perfect connection design that strengthened stress points to prevent splitting and don’t get loose while playing.nThe controller charger is compatible with every device which has a USB port.n You can play games sitting on the bed and couch as its long wire offers you complete convenience.nOffers the best design. The charger has a strain relief boot that protects the connector and durable shell.nThe conductive ferrite core makes data transfer more stable.nThe cord effortlessly withstands every tug, twist, and bend.n
  • Miss the notch on the bottom.

4- Syncwire Super-Durable Nylon Braided Fast Sync&Charging Cord

Best PS4 Controller Charger Cable Original Alternative

The sync wire presents this exquisite charging cable that is available in a pack of two pieces. It provides super-quick charging. It is built with 23 AWG high gauge low impedance wires.

It allows Sync wire USB cable to charge 7% faster than regular USB cables. It supports a maximum of 2.4 amp current. Besides, it transfers data up to 480 Mbits via USB 2. 0. The cable is simply built to last. The cable is made of triple-braided nylon covering, strong military fiber wire, and laser-welded aluminum connectors.

This material makes this cable differentiated from the common USB cables. The normal cables may have weak, clumsy, splitting, breaking problems. It has a nylon fiber cloth jacket that encases the Sync wire Micro USB charger firmly, which makes it have excellent anti-twisting & abrasion-proof property.

This cable can resist thousands of cycles of a 90-degree bend test. And this makes it ideal for your heavy daily use.

  • Fit tightly and won’t get a loose connectionnIt ensures superior functionality under heavy usagenTangle-free and more durable than standard cablesnCompatible with various devicesnOffers super-fast charging and quick data transfern

    5-Lifestyle PS4 Controller Charging Cable

    Best PS4 Controller Charger Cable Original Alternative

    This 10ft Micro USB Charger Cable is specially made for PS4/PS4 Slim/ PS4 Pro Controller. It is designed with a conductivity ferrite core to filter out signal noise and reduce transmission errors.

    It is also compatible with multiple devices including Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One Elite, and devices with a micro USB port. There’s nothing more irritating than your controller dying in the middle of hunting a Thunderjaw. This controller charger cable allows you to play games and charge your controllers simultaneously.

    It implies that no need to stop and recharge. The small connector heads easily and firmly slot in your PS4 controllers. In this way, they won’t get loose during playing. With this, you can enjoy an enthralling gaming experience.

    • 10 Ft. long cable allows you to be more convenientnHigh Flexural endurance designnAlso perfect for PS4 gamepadnCharge and data transfer simultaneouslynWide range of compatibilityn 15% faster than regular USB cablesn
    • Durability can be improved


    The best ps4 controller charger cable adds to the convenience and helps you be ready when it is time to play. Rather than leaving your console every time you need to charge controllers, these controller charger cables let you charge the controllers and have them ready whenever you are willing to play.

    With a plethora of features built to protect the controllers from overheating and overcharging, you can even leave them charging overnight or at any time during the day when you are not around and playing.

    As it is with any gadget or accessory, do not let just one feature be the purchasing factor. I have covered every perspective of the top five products to help you make the right purchase.

    Use this information to figure out what the best PlayStation 4 charging cable would be best for you. This will help you get value for your money in the form of a gaming accessory that will last for years with enthralling performance.

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