Best Sword Games On Oculus Quest 2

Best Sword Games On Oculus Quest 2 in 2022

If you own a VR headset like Oculus Quest 2 or Rift and looking for the Best Sword Games on Oculus Quest 2 then This article is for you. I’ve listed some popular Sword games which you can play on the Quest 2 headset.

After innovation in VR headset, the gaming experience that we get in it is really awesome and also it lets us do some physical workout, unlike conventional video games.

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Sword games are being liked for many reasons, for some users it may seem more realistic and ask for more involvement than other types of games. Another benefit is that you unknowingly do physical exercise while playing which in my opinion is the best benefit of sword games.

So without doing any further delay here is the list of the best Sword Games On Oculus Quest 2.


Best Sword Games On Oculus Quest 2

This game allows you to add up to 3 friends to fight with your opponent mighty Gargantua and its Army. While most games only have a single-player option whereas this game has the extra edge on this front, and you can enjoy this game with your friends.

This game provides you realistic physics and experience with 100 weapons and shields which you and your friends can use to kill the enemies. also, it has the option to upgrade the weapon to become more lethal.

To reach the main villain of the game you’ll have to pass through 101 levels of enemies which gives the real thrill. but when you and your friends fight together then you can eventually reach 101 level and then you’ll have to find the main enemy.

Until You Fall

Until you fall is Best Sword Games On Oculus Quest 2

This game has been developed by Schell Games LLC and it’s a sword-based game where the player kills the corrupted humanoid robots and creatures. you’ll get a really horrifying Neon environment in the game which increases the excitement of the player.

This game allows you to master your own style of the fight and have kinetic fun, So get ready to fight for your life. While playing the game you will have some synthwave soundtrack and enjoy the game.

If you’re interested in a fighting game this is a sword-based fighting game in oculus quest may be an ideal game for you to have fun and also burn some calories.


Ironlight sword in the arena

Ironlights game has been developed by E McNeill in 2020 and in this game, you can combat with your opponent and show your combating Skill with your many physics-based weapons.

In this game weapons will break after impact so you’ll have to reload each time by moving your hand behind So you have to wisely choose your attaching tactics and not randomly attaching will give you an advantage in the game

In a present scenario, without multiplayer you just feel alone while gaming but now in this game, you have the option of your friends to play with you. don’t worry if you don’t have any friends to play with at that moment it also has an auto Match feature to choose the best friends for you.

You’ll play your matches in the Stadium so will also hear the roar and applause of the crowd. So get ready to experience how it feels being a champion. It also has the option to check your match and share the video of your fight with the world.

Sword lover game: Blade and Sorcery

Trending sword game on quest 2

Blade and Sorcery is the most popular medieval game among users. and it’s been recently launched on quest 2. It has one of the best graphics and physical interaction with the object of the game.

It has the feature to stab, cut, and even throw the enemy the coolest thing about the game is that you’ll get Slow Motion effects after killing the enemies which gives the Cinematic feel. There was time when it wasn’t available on the Oculus quest 2 but now It is one of the best sword games on Oculus Quest 2.

As the name suggests this game has most of the weapons you can think of that had existed during the medieval period. This game may be violent in nature for some users as you’ll see so much blood in the fight.

One thing that is disappointing about the game is that it doesn’t have any mission to follow so you may lose interest in gaming if you play for some. but the pros with the game is that you workout while gaming and actually you move your whole body in the game from arms, leg, core, and shoulder.

You’ll get options to Find treasure in the caverns which will enhance the excitement of the player though you’ll have to fight in between with unknown Enemies.

Bloody game: Gorn

Blody game gorn

GORN has been released on Quest 2 in January 2021, though this game is old which was published in 2017 but don’t know why it tool to release so late on the oculus platform. Anyway now it’s available on quest 2.

GORN is a very entertaining physics-based VR game that makes you Bloodthirsty of course in the game. It offers you some moment to have some fun and release your tension and frustration of the day.

This game also offers a multiplayer option with up to 3 players so now you can call your friends to play with you and have some bloody fun. There are some of the most violent features like you can chop off hands, remove eyes and heart even if you hit so hard the body part gets burst. so we can give it a title of the brilliant silly murdering game.

This game is full of different weapons to kill your enemies like Swords to directly cut the parts of the body, maces, and bows, and even you can use a knife through it and kill enemies at distance. If you’re looking for the most bloody fun game then this would be the best sword game On Oculus Quest 2.

Hellsplit: Arena

Hell split arena

Hellsplit: Arena was released in September 2019 this was the time when most of the VR games were launched in the market from Blade sorcery to Bonework. Hellsplit is a combat game that features lots of Arms to kill enemies.

If you are the type of person who thinks about the Medieval age and the costumes of the soldiers then this game will give you a glimpse of the medieval age fight. it is a horror dark fantasy game filled with Realistic movement and body tracking.

Great Graphics and sound will make you the king of the medieval age with the option of Stabbing, Grabbing, kicking, or other movements to defeat your enemies.

If you’re interested in this game this you can learn here how you can play Hellsplit:arena on Oculus quest 2.

Skyrim VR

Skyrim VR

Skyrim is a very old game that was released way back in 2011. but its VR version was launched in 2016 on Playstation 4 and Xbox. Its latest launch was on the steam platform in 2018 by award-winning developers Bethesda Game Studios.

Skyrim can be considered unparalleled in terms of its scale, depth, and immersive experience it has. when we talk about its scale you can literally do everything from fighting with ancient creatures like dragons, or you can explore the beautiful scenery of locations like mountains.

Graphics may be not up to mark at some places but the physics and controls are very well handled. You’ll feel real while aiming your bow to the enemies or while shielding yourself the best part is you have the control setting if it’s not the way you want. this all increases the level of immersion in the game.

Conclustion of the Best Sword Games On Oculus Quest 2

The best part about the sword game is that you also do physical activity while gaming, so it’s a fun way to burn your calories as well. The above list shows you the best sword game for oculus quest 2 which you can play on your headset.