Two Different Internet Providers in One Apartment

Can You Have Two Different Internet Providers in One Apartment?

People ask “Can you have two different internet providers in one apartment”. Yes, it is possible to have more than one connection in one home but that requires some thought and extra money. Instead, opt for the network provider with the highest coverage and good customer service as well as a technical support team. 

It has become virtually impossible to remain productive without availing the communication channels like the internet, phone, and more. Out of all these, we are more dependent on the internet for everything from shopping to earning, learning, working, entertainment and much more. 

Internet connection uses coax, copper, or fiber for bringing the connection to your home. Getting two different internet connections depends on various factors. 

When dependence increases, ways to get fast internet becomes one of the most searched things. People keep looking for internet upgrades in multiple ways including opting for two different internet providers in their homes.

In this detailed article, we will walk through some important aspects of the internet and will answer the question “Can you have two different internet providers in one apartment”. Stay with us.


Benefits of having two ISPs in one home

Having more than two ISPs in a home decreases the downtime that might happen due to the failure of single ISPs. Let’s say, you only have one ISP and that’s failed due to any technical or administrative reasons. You have an urgent meeting to attend to or urgent work to complete; it will surely create a problem for you.

What if you have two different ISPs, one for your phone and one for your PCs? You will save your day by somehow interconnecting them. Can I have two different internet providers in one house? Yes, it’s an efficient way to get good network coverage, reduced dependency on one ISP, and gives you ample peace of mind. 

Ways to have multiple internet connections in one house

There are three ways for having multiple internet connections.

Multi-homing router

Under this methodology, you can choose two high-speed internet connections for your home. Install a strong router especially made for delivering a fast internet connection.

It is advisable to use a router that has multi-homing features. This special router gives multiple interfaces through LAN, WAN, or others for internet links. 

The router does the load balancing work and switches the internet connection automatically in case one interface is down. Choosing this type of setup is costly and requires some sort of technical knowledge for better use. If your purpose for using the internet is to work, you can choose this option by considering all other factors. 

Opting for two ISPs in your home

This is by far the easiest and most simple way if you look for “Can I have two different internet providers in one house.” Most of the localities get network coverage from more than one network provider. So take a connection from company “A” as well as “B” and remain connected to the world 24 x 7. 

Upgrade your internet connection through double bandwidth that gives you the option to easily monitor your internet connection in your home. Install two or more broadband network routers with a separate subscription.

This way you can use both the established connection at one time in your home. But you can only use them on different computers. So in case one is down you may use the second one. 

Through Hotspot

Under hotspot data sharing, you require two devices one each for sharing data and using the data.

Sharing hotspot in iPhone

  • Go to settings then proceed to the personal hotspot.
  • Set the password if it is not already set.
  • Slide the switch on and share your hotspot name and password to anyone you trust for use.

Sharing hotspot in Android

  • Android version 2.2 and more gives hotspot tethering options stably.
  • Look for settings and then visit mobile hotspot & tethering
  • Turn the mobile hotspot and share the credentials for anyone to use.

Sharing hotspot in other devices like Laptop, Tablet, Notebook

In these devices, you first need to check the availability of hotspot or teetering features.  Depending on the availability, you may create the hotspot in the same way by going to the settings.

In case the features are not available, still you may create a hotspot. Download any third-party trusted software available on the internet for that purpose.

Connecting device through Wi-Fi hotspot

  • Can I have two different internet providers in one house? Yes, once the hotspot is created, connection establishment is the next step before you use it for online activities.
  • Look for Wi-Fi or wireless network in your device. Most android phones give this option in the drop-down section above the top.
  • Click on Wi-Fi and search for nearby connections.
  • You will get to see multiple connections. Tap on the name for which you know the password.
  • Enter the password and that’s it. Your second device is ready for data use.

What are the different types of internet connections?

  1. Fiber connection
  2. Wireless
  3. Cable
  4. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
  5. Satellite
  6. Broadband over Powerline (BPL)

But in current times, most people use DSL, fiber, and cable line for accessing faster internet. DSL is considered the cheapest whereas fiber is expensive. 

Fiber connection–  It gives faster download and upload speed up to 250-1000 Mbps as it uses optic lines made with tiny glass fiber. Heavy internet users like gamers, video streamers, binge-watchers, and coders prefer this connection for its high speed. 

DSL- If a stable internet connection is the blood and soul of your daily life, then this is for you. Can you have two ISPs in one house? Yes. Choose one DSL connection and one fiber connection. DSL provides low download speed in the range of 25-500 MBPS but it remains more stable and consistent. It uses telephone lines and ideally suits remote and rural areas.

Cable connection- It also provides low download and upload speed as DSL. It is ideal for places where fiber connection is not available. Here, data transmit over copper TV lines making it ideal for TV viewers. 

Follow these points so that you did not have to look for “Can you have two different internet providers in one apartment?

Internet connection is crucial for everyone so giving time and effort while choosing the ideal one is a prerequisite. Once you look for some factors, you choose the best internet service, providers. 


Not everyone can afford costly internet for speed and reliability. It’s better to opt for a service that promises value for money. Consider your bandwidth use, nature of use, and other factors, and then make a wise decision. 

Internet Speed

What if your online meeting starts buffering when you are about to speak? Off-course, it will create a bad impression and you may have to face some humiliation. So internet speed is important for smooth functioning. 

Consider good bandwidth that denotes the data transmission capability of your internet connection. Let your nature of work be known to the providers, and choose the best one. Fiber is good but it is not available everywhere and comes with added cost. 

Service Provider Availability

The Internet is not a universal thing; you get high speed in some areas and low speed in others. It’s better to enquire in your neighborhood about the presence of a fast internet provider. Consider the availability of their customer service and technical team. Choose satellite, fiber, broadband, or any other type of internet connection of your choice. 

Reliability of ISP

Your internet connection is not that useful when it is not reliable. No one wants disruption in their work and once the internet is gone, you need to wait for sure. Besides fast connection, you need reliability too. Ask for the Service Level Agreement (SLA) of your ISP to know better about their reliability level. Prompt customer service is also important. 


  • Is a mobile hotspot is safe to use?
  • A mobile hotspot is the most convenient way to share and get a data connection on the go. It is secure to some extent but you require choosing strong encryption as well as a robust password. Use the difficult password and keep changing frequently to avoid misuse. Do not share the password with someone with bad habits to heavy use of data on someone else network.

  • Can I use Cable and DSL at a time on a computer?
  • Yes, you can have this but there are some complexity and meaninglessness. First, your PC requires two NICs else you might need to buy a loan balancing router. The main point is, you can have them together but both will not work simultaneously.
    So if DSL has a download speed of 50 MBPS and Cable has 50 MBPS, your computer will not become capable of getting 100 MBPS download speed. It’s helpful when one connection goes down, the other provides support for uninterrupted internet.

  • What is the major difference between 4G and 5G networks?
  • Most of the countries in the world have not witnessed 5G still; People have a great craze about it. It is expected that 5G will be smart, fast, efficient, reliable, and capable of delivering speeds up to 100 gigabits per second.
    Can you have two different internet providers in one apartment? Yes- Keep using your 4G device and opt for 5G when it comes to your locality.

  • What if, I put 2 Wi-Fi nearby in a home?
  • It is a little problematic performance-wise to put two Wi-Fi devices together. They might be using the same frequency (2.4 GHZ or 5 GHZ) that interfere in the working of each other. Furthermore, the wireless router sends a signal through the set channel between 1 to 11, or 13 based on router type, model, and other specifications. This may also create a performance issue for you.

  • What is considered as good Wi-Fi signal strength?
  • Most people can enjoy their online activity when strength is between -60 dBm to -50 dBm range.

    Can you have two different internet providers in one apartment?

    Yes, you can have two ISPs in one house without any issue but you require paying more for that.

  • Do two ISPs in a home interfere with each other?
  • No, two ISPs in a home do not interfere with each other. However, the router and switch do interfere if not properly configured.

  • How can I know the download and upload speed of my home internet network?
  • Most of the ISPs provide ways to get the download and upload speed. You may also call their executives in the case facing some speed issue. It’s easier to do it yourself through many speed testing software and websites available free of cost. Look for internet speed testing online and you will get various links.


    So Now you get the answer for how to have two different internet providers in one apartment, For me easiest and better option would be just to install two router and you would be good to go.