discord using too much bandwidth

Discord using too much bandwidth, How to reduce it?

Are you a Discord user but do not go on exploring various aspects of the Application just because you believe Discord using too much bandwidth. If yes, You are at the right place. We will find out ways to reduce Discord bandwidth in this article.

Discord using too much bandwidth:- Ways to reduce it on Mobile application

The data consumption largely depends on setting and preference, which means, you have a way to control the usages.  Keep reading.

#1:- Ways To Reduce Discord Bandwidth 

Discord is accessible through mobile phones, as well as other digital devices. If you are not happy with the data consumption of applications on mobile, here are the ways. 

  1. Look for a Discord application on your mobile device.
  2. Open the application, and look for the Discord Logo that you will find on the right side/extreme down.
  3. If your profile is online, the Discord logo will have a green dot symbol. Click on that.
  4. It will open the user settings for your Discord account, 
  5. Scroll it down and go to “APP SETTINGS “. Under that setting, you will find “Text & Images”.
  6. Under that menu, you will find another menu that reads “Display image, videos, and lolcats”.
  7. There, look for “When posted as links to chat” and “When uploaded directly to the Discord”.
  8. Disable both the settings.

#2:- Discord Using Too Much Bandwidth- Apply This Settings.

Under the user settings, Scroll down a little downside, and look for  Image Compression. If it’s disabled, enable it as it saves the data consumption on image sharing. 

#3: Third Way To Reduce Discord Bandwidth

  1. Under user, settings look for link preview.
  2. Ensure that “Show website preview info from links pasted into chat” is disabled. 
  3. In discord servers, many users share an irrelevant and heavy number of web links. The weblink preview consumes that. After you disable it, you do not see the preview.

#4:- Way To Reduce Discord Bandwidth

  1. This is another way that serves the dual purpose. First, it saves the data, and secondly, you do not get distracted while using mobile for other purposes rather than Discord.
  2. Visit the Discord mobile application and look for notifications under user settings.
  3. Ensure that “System Notification “is disabled. You will not get any system notification from the app, however, you may check those notifications after visiting the app.

#5:- Discord Lower Bandwidth Usage

Under the user settings, visit the accessibility section. Further, look for “Stickers” and choose “Never animate” for stickers.
Discord using too much bandwidth on PC, How To Reduce It?

If you are a Discord user on PC, you will find all these settings except turning off the notification from Discord.

Follow the steps after logging into your Discord account on PC. It will save data for another purpose.

Is There Any Other Way To Reduce Discord Data Usages?

Yes, these general steps save data for you.  

  1. Try to limit your presence on fewer servers. Users have a habit of unnecessarily joining various servers that leads to heavy consumption of data. Only enter the server that is relevant to you.
  • Many smartphones come with the option to turn off background refresh settings. You can turn it on or off based on your preference. Once you turn it off, you reduce discord bandwidth.
  • You have to make sure that screen sharing is not turned on when you are not using it. Make the minimum use of screen sharing as it consumes data a lot. 
  • Discord applications use data in the background. So if you are not active the whole day, or you have planned a break from Discord, check the background data settings in your phone. Turn off those settings and discord lower bandwidth usage gets reduced.
  • Video and audio call on Discord is a great feature, but most of the users keep the video/audio call turned on even when they are not using it. Video calls consume data the most so keep it turned off.
  • We all indeed install many applications on our phones irrespective of their utility. So when you save data from other applications, obviously, you can use the saved data on Discord. Do not keep unnecessary mobile applications on your phone.
  • Set a limit of data usages for various applications on your phone. You may consume more data on YouTube and you are wrongly saying discord using too much bandwidth
  • When using any browser, always use data compression. In this way, you save a substantial amount of data that can be used on Discord. 
  • Keep looking for free internet or Wi-Fi connection. Make optimal use of that free data by updating the applications on your phone. 
  1. Tapping the use of streaming services is another tried and tested way for less data consumption. Do not remain glued to YouTube, Netflix, and other applications where data consumption is high. 
  1. Optimize account sync setting and also ensures services like Google Maps, Google Music, and others are not running without any use. 


Discord keeps taking proactive steps to increase user experience and to reduce discord bandwidth usages. Since its inception, it has made many changes for smooth and customizable texting and voice calling. 

But the changes come at a cost that is the use of high bandwidth. Data consumption by Discord has increased and the users started searching for discord lower bandwidth usage guide.  Try above mentioned methods and we are sure you will not complain about “Discord using too much bandwidth” afterward.