Do you Need a Powerful Computer for Coding

Do you Need a Powerful Computer for Coding?

Whether you’re looking for a Laptop or planning to build a PC for coding and wondering what would be the ideal power for my laptop then You’re at the right place. In this article, you’ll also understand, Do you need a powerful computer for coding?

Nowadays technology is advancing in each field and we are using so many gadgets which make our life easier, If you’re planning to pursue your carrier in understanding the backend of the gadgets and learn coding to program different things then you have to start by purchasing a suitable laptop or PC.

When we say coding, it’s a very wide area, You’ll have to choose a specific domain to understand the power you need in your computer for coding. generally, you can start most languages with very budget-friendly laptops or computers but as you advance in some powerful language like machine learning or AI, you’ll need some powerful computers to process a large amount of data.

Below I’ve listed some of the major areas and power that need to code in that field.

Do you Need a Powerful Computer for Coding in all fields and languages?

The short answer to this question is NO, You don’t need a powerful computer or laptop for most of the fields or languages, Entry-level budget-friendly laptop would do you work most of the time, however, when there is a large amount of data to be processed like in case of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning or learning game engines like Unity.

Computer requirement for Web designing and development

laptop power for website development

If your plan is to learn web designing and development and the languages related to this field then you don’t need any high-budget laptop or pc. the computing power is not high for these languages.

Whether you want to learn basics like HTML, CSS, JS, or backend languages like PHP, Node.js you can do pretty much everything with the budget laptop, and core i3 or Ryzen 3 laptop would be good to go. all the IDE would work fine for these languages.

However, I would suggest going with 8 GB of RAM and SSD storage to have maximum performance with the Core i3 or ryzen 3 processor.

Computer power needed for App development

App development is another area where you might be interested to become an experienced developer. Most of the time you will work on Java, Python, C++ and other languages and you can easily work on these languages on a budget laptop.

So again you don’t have to search for a very powerful laptop for App development, you can start with a Core i3 Processor but if you think that you may eventually go into Artificial intelligence or games development then you may need to choose a better processor. like Core i5 or Ryzen 5.

Computer requirement for ML and AI

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are gaining momentum in the technology advancement field and there is lots of potential and expectation from this field. so if you’re looking to make your carrier in this field then you’ll have to have a laptop that can support a large amount of data, You will need to feed your program to train them and then you’ll need powerful CPU and graphics.

Generally speaking to support your large amount of data and images you should have a minimum of Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 latest generation and to process the images you should have a Graphics card with a minimum of 4GB of video RAM.

I’ve prepared a list of the cheapest laptops for python programming, these laptops are very budget-friendly so if you’re a student or a working professional these may be suitable for you.

Computer requirement For Virtual Reality and games

VR development computer power

VR, AR or MR is gaining popularity in terms of solving the problem with these techs so naturally demand for the developers in these areas is also becoming popular. many tech startups or companies are looking for developers who are good in these areas.

Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, or Mixed Reality, all these are very graphics-intensive work and here you need power in the laptop to process a large amount of graphics in the game or VR app. so if you’re one who is looking to build a career in VR development then I would suggest you check this article of best VR development laptops.

On the other hand, games are becoming every house’s favorite entertainment alternative so if you’re interested in diving deep into this field then you would definitely have to learn one of these two powerful software Unity, or Unreal engines these two are famous for making video games.

These engines require a laptop with good power to process the graphics, you should at least look for Intel Core i5 or its equivalent AMD Ryzen 5 and above processor with a graphics card having 4GB of VRAM. also, make sure have you’ve RAM of 8GB and Storage of 512Gb minimum. When you’ll learn to build games then it’s obvious you’ll also play games so any laptop having this specification would run games quite efficiently.

Anyway if you want me to list some laptops and PC with good gaming performance there here is the laptop for World of Warcraft and PC for Total war games

In the end, I’ll conclude this article by saying that you don’t need a very powerful computer at the beginning and for most of the languages but if you’re looking for a specific skillset like building games, VR, Or ML apps then you’ll need a decent PC with a good graphics card.