Dowinx gaming chair review

Dowinx Gaming Chair Review

You cannot make a better investment than a gaming chair, especially if you spend long, tiring hours in front of a computer screen. The benefit of getting a gaming chair is that its thoughtful design helps you correct your body posture. Once you start sitting in a gaming chair, you automatically train your body to sit in a more suitable posture. Apart from that, gaming chairs offer various health benefits as they help reduce back and neck pains. The smart designs of the chair offer extra back and neck support that maintains a healthy posture.

Most people who love to invest in gaming chairs look for chairs that go with their setup or look aesthetically pleasing. Sure, most gaming chairs are great to look at, but it does not mean they are comfortable to sit on. In addition, most gaming chairs aren’t designed to provide you with long-term relief. And that is simply a death sentence for your back. The Dowinx gaming chair solves this problem. It provides not only adjustable features, remarkable quality construction, and a beautiful design but also the comfort of correct posture your back needs.


The Dowinx company makes gaming chairs to offer people comfortability with the best quality chairs without having to pay massive amounts. Compared to the most over-priced gaming chairs, the Dowinx gaming chairs are affordable and have an ergonomic design. It ensures that the users stay comfortable for as long as they remain seated.

Currently, the company has launched four main gaming line series. Regarding price, the four chairs don’t differ as much except for a few notable features. However, the gaming chair that stands out is the LS-6689 series with its beautiful design, adjustable features, and durable build.

Adjustability Features

The adjustability of a gaming chair is the main feature that makes it stand out for its price. The Dowinx gaming chairs offer complete flexibility when discussing adjustability in a chair. Many other brands offering gaming chairs at a similar price have poor quality and minimum adjustable features.

The LS-6689 series offers reclining backs that allow its users to kick back and relax every now and then. In addition to that, the chair comes with a footrest. This option lets the user entirely lay down on the chair, especially when a break is overdue. On top of that, the chair also comes with adjustable armrests. The users can adjust the armrests according to the height of their desks. Additionally, the LS-6689 series comes with a rocker function. The chair’s design conforms to your movement while you are working. The chair adapts itself naturally, allowing for a more comfortable and restful experience.

Dowinx gaming chair review


Investing in a gaming chair is like investing in your long-term comfort and gives you the ability to work in front of a screen for hours. Dowinx gaming chairs are hard to beat in this aspect, especially with their price range. They are affordable and provide comfort that challenges the expensive brands. 

The LS-6689 series has black leather cushions that are carefully placed to support the back and neck. The armrests also come with larger padded and plusher cushions. When it comes to how well the chair supports your body, it is soft and keeps you comfortable for hours. Additionally, the company designed the chair to hug your body, reducing any chances of pain in your back or neck. To help straighten your posture more when resting, the chair comes with a retractable footrest. Apart from that, the chair’s design allows it to fit persons of any size.


Breathability in a chair is a feature that no one discusses as significantly as they should. When it comes to gaming chairs, the material of your chair must be good at regulating heat. For instance, chairs with a more fabric finish tend to be okay in typical environments. But, on hotter days, fabric cushions can heat up very fast as the fabric absorbs heat. However, it is not a big problem as it regulates the heat quickly too.

On the other hand, the LS-6689 series gaming chair faces a setback in the breathability department. The gaming chair comes with PU leather cushions. The leather finish can get heated on hot days and not regulate the heat fast enough. Similarly, the chair can feel significantly relaxed in an air-conditioned room, which depends on your room temperature. It’s definitely not a big problem, especially since most gaming chairs in this price range also have PU leather cushions.

Value for Money

Value is another important factor that should be kept in mind when investing in a gaming chair. With the Dowinx gaming chairs, you don’t have to worry about the value for the price. All of the gaming chairs offered by the company are in the affordable range while offering multiple valuable features. 

Just like the rest of the series by Dowinx gaming chairs, the LS-6689 series is durable and comfortable with many adjustable features. It is super easy to assemble and is perfect for anyone to use.

Dowinx Gaming Chair

Dowinx gaming chair
MaterialPU leather
Recline Degree90°-165°, 20° controllable rocking
Maximum Weight350 pounds
Warranty1 year

Features of the LS-6689 Series

The LS-6689 series by the Dowinx gaming chairs provides you with an extraordinary experience of comfort. It is everything you need in a chair. Besides blessing gamers with the cocoon of its cushions, it is just a blessing for non-gamers who spend their hours working on a screen. Here are some additional features of the LS-6689 series.

Thick Padded Cushions

The Dowinx gaming chair comes padded with a thickened cushion that makes it ideal not only for gamers but generally for anyone who spends hours looking at a computer screen. Just like most gaming chairs, the LS-6689 series has thick padding that wraps you in maximum comfort. The only problem is heat regulation which shouldn’t be much of a problem at average room temperature.

Extra Lumbar Support for Posture

The LS-6689 series comes with extra lumbar support. The cushion is wing-shaped and is extra wide, specifically designed to provide better backrest and resistant waist support. Apart from that, it also comes with a USB-powered massage function. It not only helps you relax but eliminates back pain as well as the numbness in your legs.

Wing-Back Support

The Dowinx gaming chairs are designed to provide long-term comfort solutions. Hence, the LS-6689 series comes with a specially designed wing-back support. This design is suitable for multiple seating postures. Aside from that, the design of the wing-back support helps the chair adapt to the movement of its user. It not only lets you sit comfortably but also helps adjust your posture.

Linkage Padded Armrests

The LS-6689 series comes with linkage armrests. These allow for suitable elbow support for all postures. The armrests prove to be comfortable even when lying down. In addition, the armrests are robust, durable, and built to endure weight for hours daily.

SGS Certified Gas Cylinder

The fantastic thing about the LS-6689 series is that it comes with a certified gas cylinder. With the help of this, you can adjust the height of the gaming chair according to yourself. You can also change it according to the size of your desk. The Dowinx gaming chairs come with reliable gas cylinders that efficiently manage your chair’s vertical movement.

Dowinx gaming chair revie2w

Multipurpose Tilt Base

The multifunctional tilt base allows the user to adjust the tilt of the gaming chair. It is a feature that helps the LS-6689 to provide additional comfort of lying down to its users. It is a reliable and sturdy tilt base that can support its user without breaking or slipping. Aside from that, the reclining range is between 90°-165°, which allows for a comfortable experience.

Durable Nylon Base

Dowinx is known for its durable gaming chairs, and there is no doubt when we say that the LS-6689 provides you value for its price. It has a robust nylon base that allows you to maneuver around the room while sitting down. In addition, it can easily support weight up to 120 kg. 

Heavy Duty Iron Frame

Lastly, the LS-6698 series is built with a robust metal alloy frame that can support weight effortlessly for hours. 

  • Firm and supportive seat cushions
  • Durable footrest
  • Comfortable recline
  • Padded armrests
  • Faux-leather with a weave pattern design
  • Well-balanced tilt base
  • The neck pillow allows comfortable upright posture
  • Neat stitching
  • 1-year warranty for chair parts
  • Non-adjustable armrests
  • No elastic mode (you have to adjust the back of the chair before you can lean on it)

The Takeaway

Dowinx gaming chairs are manufactured with a remarkable combination of aesthetics, luxury, and comfort standards. The company aims to offer its users an extraordinary experience of comfort at affordable prices.

The LS-6689 series proves to be one of a kind with its beautiful, thoughtful design, countless adjustable features, breathability, comfort that supports healthy body posture, and economical price. With the minor issues aside, the gaming chair is a total catch and unbeatable at this price. It is definitely a bonus that it promotes health and luxury at the same time.

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