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How Many Joules For Gaming PC For Surge Protector – Details

Are you looking for a surge protector or power strip and wondering How Many Joules For Gaming PC required? then this article will help you in it.

When we connect our Gaming PC to the main power supply, the current steadily flows into the PC and its components. It’s the upper and lower capacity limits of these components that determine how much power that your Gaming PC can draw in.

When the power is flown into the PC under these limit ranges, all the components will work as per intended, but the actual problem arises when power either raises above this upper limit or drops below the lower limit.

These sudden spikes also known as power surges can lead to damage to your gaming pc as it could burn out the entire wiring system inside your PC.

So, one has to get a good surge protector only after knowing about how many joules for gaming pc of their gaming setup to protect their Gaming PC from power surges.

What is a Joule?

The Joule is the measure of the amount of energy released at a certain time period, while scientifically speaking it is the energy released in one second by a current of one ampere through a resistance of one ohm.

In situations like lightning, a high amount of joules energy is released in a fraction of a second and it is the surge protector’s joule rating (no of joules) is that actually determines the amount of energy that can be absorbed before it gets failed and what eventually could damage your PC.

Hence you need a surge protector to protect your Gaming PC against a power surge

What is a Power surge and How Surge Protectors Protect your Gaming PC?

 A Power Surge is a sub-cycle overvoltage that lasts for a small duration of time which is less than that of a half-cycle of a usual voltage waveform.

It could be of either a positive or negative polarity or could be a subtractive or additive waveform from a normal voltage waveform, and it decays over time. These surges or also known as transients, can either damage or degrade the components of your Gaming PC.

Every component in the PC has a specified nominal voltage limit, such as 120VAC, 240VAC, 480VAC, etc., and it is when the voltage crosses these limits of the devices a power surge would be occurring. 

The Surge Protector is an electrical device that is used to protect various equipment and electronic systems such as a Gaming PC against power surges and voltage spikes by blocking voltage when the safe threshold of your Gaming PC is reached.

Even for a small spike over the threshold limit of your Gaming PC, a considerable amount of damage can be happening.

How many Joules for a Gaming PC

 For most Gaming PCs it is ideal to get a surge protector which has a joule rating anywhere between 2000-4000 joules, preferably close to 4000 joules, thus ensuring that you have maximum protection to your Gaming PC.

While there are many surge protectors available in the market, getting a surge protector which has around 3000 joules with at least 6 outlets and a six-foot cable is advisable.

Some surge protectors do come with dual protectors in which one would be adding a protection that comes from redundancy, and if it reaches the limit, the second surge protector will be present to keep the power strip working without dropping the protection.

Thus, even if one protector fails, the other one would be present to protect your gaming PC. Again, it not like you will get any random surge protector which has high joules capacity.

you need to know how many joules for gaming PC requires, and also have to first check the upper and lower limits of your gaming PC and find a surge protector which falls under this range

Here are the things to look for while getting a Surge Protector for Gaming PC:

Clamping Voltage: A clamping voltage is what actually determines at what voltage the MOVs to conduct electricity into the ground, and it is the amount of voltage that it takes to get a power surge. Typically lower the clamping voltage better the protection against the surge.

There are three levels of protection in UL rating—330V,400V,500V, and ideally, the clamping voltage should not be more than 400V. Getting a surge protector with a clamping voltage of 330V is ideal for gaming PC

Absorption and dissipation of energy (Joule rating): The ratings which are given in terms of joules is the amount of energy that the surge protector can absorb before it gets failed or damaged. Hence, after knowing how many joules for Gaming PC having a surge protector of a high rating of 3000-4000 joules is good.

Response Time: The surge protector doesn’t start acting immediately after a power surge; it takes a bit of time for them to start working. So, choosing the surge protector which has a low response time is ideal to get protection against power surges.

Indicating light: Even if the MOVs burn out after multiple power surges, the surge protector will still work as a power strip and gives a false impression that the device is still working. Hence getting a surge protector which has an indicator light is advisable.

No of Outlets and USB support: If you’re considering to get a new surge protector, try to get a protector which has as many outlets as possible and ensure that your surge protector also has the option of USB outlets and finally, do not forget to check the amps of these outlets as you do not want to have a slower one, generally an outlet with 2 amps is good to go.

Hence it is extremely important to consider all the factors such as how many joules for Gaming PC, clamping voltage, ergonomics, and price as well before buying a surge protector for your gaming PC.

As the technology gets more advanced, we could be witnessing devices that might no longer need a surge protector, or the current methods of power supply might get improved to a level where regardless of the situation, your outlet will always dissipate the required voltage only, and there would be no spikes or drops at all. Well, all these things are to the future, but until then, do get a surge protector to protect your valuable devices from getting damaged. 

FAQs on Surge Protectors:

Are Surge Protectors worth buying for a Gaming PC?

Yes, surge projectors are absolutely worth buying, they provide protection to your Gaming PC against power surges that occur due to increased spikes in voltage.

Getting a surge protector which low clamping voltage and high joules capacity can protect your PC for a longer period of time.

What are the different types of surge protectors for Gaming PC?

In general, there are four kinds of surge protectors namely basic power strips, better power strips, surge stations, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) strips. You can get any one of them depending upon your requirement and usage.

Will the surge protector of my Gaming PC provide protection for other devices?

Yes, as the surge protector that you get for your Gaming Pc come with multiple sockets, all devices which are connected to the surge protector such as a router, LED lights, additional cooling system, etc will get the same level of protection

Are all power Strips and surge protectors same?

No, although they look quite similar, they are different and most power strips are merely extension cords.

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