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How to beat Subnautica game in 2022? – Walkthrough

Are You curious to know how to beat Subnautica? and How long does it takes to beat Subnautica?

Well, In this article we will look into these two question. I’ll guide you through all the stages in the games that you’ll go through in order to complete the game.

In order to complete the game, You’ll have to understand the gameplay and its plot. so You can understand what you have to do in the game.

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What is Subnautica Game? Understand its Plot

Subnautica is a very popular game in the gaming world. having 10 out of 10 on the steam platform. It is one of the coolest adventures and survival games.

Here the player has to survive alone on a remote planet Called “4546B”. after his rocket has been crashed on this planet.

The Player has to explore the Ocean, built different tools to survive and do exploration, and ultimately gather different resources for making rockets for coming back home.

In this game, you will get 4 different difficulty levels. which you can choose according to your interest and strength.

  • Survival Mode – In this mode, the player will feel more like a real-life situation, because he will have to manage all the survival essential that human needs like the Food, Water, Oxygen, and Health. If the player dies because of any reason he will reappear but his collected resource/items will get lost.
  • Freedom Mode- You’ll have to survive by managing health and oxygen. but you’ll get the freedom of food and water.
  • Hardcore Mode- In this mode, if the player dies he will not reappear mean he lost his game and all saving will permanently lose.
  • Creative Mode- All things will be disabled. (O2, water, food, and health). You’ll get pre-provided resources which means a player is skipping the initial struggle to build submersibles, Seaglide, a mobile vehicle bay, propulsion cannon, and a stasis rifle.

Briefly understand the game’s Plot

When a deep space vessel called “Aurora” try to approach an interstellar planet for exploration and colonization of human being. the defense system of that planet “4546B” shoot down the Aurora. and it crashlands on the planet.

Some People of Aurora jumped into the life pods while they were landing, but all of them except the player dies. thus the player is alone on the planet.

On this planet, a long time before there were alien species called “Precursors”. They were conducting research about the Kharaa Bacterium.

They started studying different species and bought sea dragon leviathan eggs for the experiment. But the mother Sea dragon attacked the facility and the bacterium escaped in this accident.

after finding it impossible to control the bacterium, they Quarantined the whole planet and installed a platform to shoot any spacecraft that tries to enter into the planet’s atmosphere. or tries to leave the planet.

So that they can protect the other planets from getting infected in space. and this was the reason that crashed the “Aurora”.

After the crashed signal reached the control room of the Aurora. They send a rescue vessel but as it tries to enter into Planet 4546B. The Quarantine platform shoots down the rescue vessel also. thus the player loses all the hope to get any rescue.

Now, the player has to disable the platform so that they can launch their own build rocket. but because the player gets infected they are not allowed to disable the platform and quarantine the planet.

So for eradicating the bacterium from the planet, the player has to go deep into a past aliens research centers to find the Sea Emperor.

This Sea emperor has been managing to keep the flora and fauna alive by producing cure “Enzyme 42”, but this enzyme is not sufficient to remove all the bacterium of the planet.

The player will disinfect themselves and the planet from the infection by releasing and hatching the Sea emperor’s eggs. because it produces the purer cure

Once planet and the player gets cured, Player can disable the  Quarantine Platform so that they can safely launch from the rocket.

Player then build a Rocket “Neptune” and escape the planet. Game ends

How to beat Subnautica? – Stages in Subnautica

Stage 1

How to beat Subnautica stage one

After starting the Game First You’ll have to arrange the resources for making tools for surviving. and fulfill your thirst, food, and oxygen requirement.

At the beginning of the game, you only have to think about these because without fulfilling your basic requirement you can not explore the ocean.

Things You should Build in 1st stage

Before going for deep exploration first you should make some of the important tools that will help you in the process.

Scanner Tool – The scanner tool is very helpful throughout the game. It will help you in identifying different resources as well as taking a blueprint of the fragments.

Building an O2 tank- Without having an O2 tank You’ll not be able to go deep into the ocean thus you’ll not be able to gather many important resources. Without having any additional tank can hold your breath for 45 seconds. but an O2 tank will give you the benefit of 75 seconds. there is also high capacity tank which gives you 135 seconds of breathing freedom. although initially, you may not need a high capacity tank.

Make a swimming fins– Making fins is quite easy and it helps you in increasing your swimming speed by +1.85m/s

Repair Tool- Repair tool is also important as it will help you in repairing lifepod(Radio and secondary system) and other tools though-out the journey. It will also require using seamoth.

Seaglide – For Creating Seaglide you’ll have to take a blueprint of 2 fragments scattered in the ocean. This Seaglide helps you in moving faster.

Extra water and Food- You should keep extra water and food prepared so that you can fed yourself when your calories is getting low. Bladderfish and peepers can be used to meet your food and even water requirements.

and keeping some water and food for a long journey will be helpful but also don’t keep too much otherwise you’ll not have enough space for collecting other material in the journey.

 Cooked fish also can not be kept for a longer duration as it will get spoiled. although you can cure fish for an indefinite time using salt but using salted fish will increase your thirst so you’ll need extra water if you’re using salted fish.

Although there are other tools also which you can make but that is not much required initially and also these also don’t give many advantages in leveling up in the game. you can use these for your own interest and curiosity.

  • Habitat builder
  • Air Bladder
  • Rebreather

After fulfilling these you’re more secure and ready to build little bigger tools.

Stage 2 of How to beat Subnautica?

Building Seamoth- Now you should start focusing on building Seamoth. For this, you have to search for fragments for the blueprint. for this you can go to a biome called Grassy Plateaus here you’ll see a Rocky pillar and lots of Red glass. this area is also deep-underwater so you must keep your sea glider for fast swimming.

initially, you can not go deeper than 200m using Seamoth otherwise it will start to break and once at reaches the 0 health then it will explode and it will hurt you. So for going further down to 200 you’ll need to upgrade it.

For upgrading, you’ll have to explore the ocean and search for the fragment of the moonpools and databoxes so you can take a blueprint of the vehicle upgrade.

Building extra storage – Once you get your sea moth you can now explore more longer-range thus you’ll have to gather more resources and you’ll need storage to keep those. so if you can make 2 extra storage, then it will help in building different tools.

and you’ll not need to go away in search of material each time you make something. because you’ll have some materials in the storage.

Things you should explore in 2nd stage

Once You have seamoth you’re are ready to do a little exploration, as Seamoth can solve your both deep-underwater (unless you’ve not upgraded your vehicle it has a limitation of 200m)and oxygen problem.

The first place you should visit is “Degasi bases” you can go toward the southwest from the lifepod. it’s an island where you’ll get 3 different base structures. you can listen to the PDA data once you reach there to understand the story.

Before going to Degasi bases you should empty your storage and fill your hunger and water requirement. You won’t need extra water and food for this trip. because you’ll get a flora  Bulbo Tree which you can eat. and it helps in both hunger and thirst.

Before Leaving the Island make sure to scan these fragments

  • Indoor Growbed/Outdoor Growbed– This is helpful in growing your plant nearby or inside you permanent base.
  • Multipurpose Room– This is helpful in creating your base where you can install different component for your convenience.
  • Bulkhead.
  • Spotlight.
  • Ultra Glide Fins.
  • Composite Plant Pot. 
  • Purple Tablet

You can harvest these plants using your knife, which you can grow in your new base

  • Bulbo Tree.– This increase your food and water rating so it’ll be very handy when you’re going out of food or water.
  • Marblemelon– It also increases food rating, you’ll get 4 seeds once you’ll harvest it
  • Lantern Fruit– You can plant this as whole as it doesn’t have seed

Building Base- Now You can build a base for your convenience, It will help you in having a bigger area to set up different for both surviving and exploring.

You should choose the base location where you often have to go and different base location needs different power sources. like if you are near any heating area you’ll need a thermal plant as your power source.

So choosing a correct power source on correct loaction is also important. similarly if your base gets enough sunlight then you can use solar panel.

One thing you also keep in mind that you’ll need your reinforcement to protect from leakage. it depends on how in depth your base is from the sea level because the higher the depth, will be higher pressure. so you’ll have to keep on the hull integrity.

Things you should use in New Base.

  1. Reinforcement – This is essential to keep your base up and running. it will protect your base from leakage and flooding. Once you install your reinforcement you can mount different object on the wall.
  2. Medical Kit, radio and fabricator – If your base is far from these tools then you should install these too. and it will help your time and you can use it whenever you’ll need.
  3. Battery Charger/ Power Cell charger – As you know all your tools you are using for different purposes are using battery on power cell, So if you’ll install it, you’ll easily able to charge your dried cell. thus you won’t need to create new cell all the time.
  4. Moonpool-Moonpool gives you extra advantage to charge your seamoth while you are ding other stuff on the base.
  5. Modification station – This section is important,it helps you to upgrade your different things like ultra high capacity tank and the seamoth depth module.
  6. Water Filternation – If you install it you’ll always be benefitter, it will help you in you’re far behind of water source.

The Sunbeam

If you were continuously following the Radio, initially you could litent about the sunbeam backup were being sent. After some radion message you came to know sun beam is approaching to the land.

You gets a timer of 45 minutes on your top right side of screen.

Basically this message tells you to reach landing site withing 45 minutes, so this is quite a long time to wait meanwhile you explore some places.

but you should reach the landing site at least 5 min before and keep yourself on the surface, you’ll experience something cool.

Once the event is over don’t forget to check nearby locations, you’ll find purple tablet. so you don’t need to make this one.

Stage 3 of How to Enter the Aurora

So Aurora is the spacecraft you used to land on the planet but it’s been crashed from so long time but you were not able to enter into the Aurora or those where not the right time to enter.

But Now you’re ready to enter into the it and see what you find useful for building your own rocket.

So before Entring to the Aurora Please make sure you keep these tools which will help you in going inside for exploring the ship.

  • Seaglide
  • Propulsion cannon
  • Scanner
  • Radiation suit
  • Laser cutter
  • Repair tool

Below are the Optional Thing if you feel you may need, I’m saying optional because you’ll get these things on Aurora itself so you don’t have to full your bag here now

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Food
  • Water

Now you’re Ready to Enter into the Aurora, and start the searching.

If you find any blocked door use different tools like Laser Cutter, Propulsion cannon, Try to scan different different fragments.

And also don’t forget to scan Prawn Suits. And if you find any locked door that is asking for password then use PDA data, you’ll find password in it.

You may also need to Enter captains cabin, but the password for captain cabin actually can be retrieved from the radio signal. although things inside the cabin is not necessary in the middle of the game, so if you’ve not received a radio signal yet, just explore the map. (You can come here later)

Prepairing for the Final Stage

Once You have the Prawn suit, You need to build it. This actually don’t swim instead it help you in exploring larger area, also it will protect you from different sea Animals.

This suit has also a different attachment so if you can find a blueprint for its attachment that would be good. You can use equip it will drill Arm, It will help you in drilling bigger ores which you can’t do anything without it.

This Prawn can go deep down to 1700m, where our most of the resource are so if can help you in easily finding them.

As I said this can not swim so it you need something to go down to that deep. and here Cyclops comes into play.

If you’ve not build the Cyclops yet then I highly recommend it to build, You’ll need to scan three different fragments which you can find in different locations.

  • Cyclops Hull Fragments – This is one of the fragments which you’ll need and if you’ve not found till now then you can find it somewhere in Mushroom Forests or Sea Treader’s Path.
  • Engine Fragments – So if you also don’t have this fragment then you can search somewhere in Underwater Islands, Mushroom Forests, or Crash Site.
  •  Bridge Fragments – This can be also found in the area of  Mushroom Forests, Sea Treader’s Path, or Crash Site.

After building your cyclopes, first, start by exploring its cabinet and component inside, which will help in accessing different things when needed.

You can install different components to support your journey and life for a longer duration, as You’re going deep down and may take a longer period.

You can grow bulbo tree so it gives you food and water, also install fabricator and Modification station, It will also good to keep resources for making moonpool and vehicle upgrade console so that you’re always ready to explore and bring resources.

Also, don’t forget to make enough Power cells because you’re going to spend a longer time so you should have extra material to make a battery if needed.

Also, bring material for beacons so it will help you in guiding your location otherwise you will go round and round.

Also, bring materials for two purple Tablets it will help later on. If you also have Extra resources/material bring it on board. the more material for the different-different components you have, the more it would be convenient.

Final Stage of How to beat Subnautica?

final stage to beat subnautica

Okay, Once you are prepared for the last adventure, Head toward the northwestern Blood Kelp Zone you’ll find a large cave entrance, so start going into it. You’ll see large predators moving here and there.

So just keep going you’ll see lights becoming greener and brighter, also be careful from the bottom surface because that can damage the vehicle.

This is the place you’ll find nickel for the first time. so collect it and use it to upgrade the depth module Cyclopes so it will increase your depth capacity more than 900m (But you have to explore in more than 1000m). Also upgrade your Prawn suit’s depth module.

Just after going for sometimes, you’ll see blue pools and Very different tree, just explore this area and gather whatsoever you can find.

Now found a mountain look like structure somewhere there. It will lead to a further down portion where you’ll find the treatment of your infection. You may not able to use Cyclope but you can use your Prawn Suit.

After going inside you’ll need to your purple tablet to open the 2 doors, One will lead to Blue tablet and another to Ion Battery and Ion battery power cell.

Please Pick both of them. And now go to cyclopes and change the power cells of your prawn suit(this will increase the working time of the suit). also, you’ll need one more blue tablet so use one of your Ion cube to make it.

Once you have done these things go back to a deeper place and you’ll find pit which will lead to new place. You’ll see new leviathan and the alien base, you’re at the right place.

I’ll give you brief details for the sake of exicetment, Here you’ll have to activate the aliens door using your blue tablet and Ion Cube. then you’ll see Sea Emperor.

So what here you’ve to do is to hatch the egg of the Sea Emperor in order to cure the planet, because the baby sea emperor has the Enzyme 42 for the cure of the planet.

Once you find the cure and you make yourself infection free then you can now prepare to exit the planet. Now go to the alien facility to disable that blast gun.

Preparation to Exit the Planet

Now when coming back to the base, store some nickel and Kyanite with the Ion Cube, go to your cyclopes, and head toward your original base.

After that, you once again have to go to the Aurora’s Captain’s Cabin to scan the Neptune blueprint. this is very necessary.(if you still don’t get the code via radio use 2679)

Now you’ve to start building your Rocket Neptune, so back to your base and go to the mobile vehicle bay to start constructing the first part of the Neptune.

Once you build your first part, now make other parts on top of that. and this way you’ll make whole rocket.

Once rocket Neptune is complete, you’re ready to leave the planet just say the final goodbye. Well done!! This is how to beat the Subnautica.

And it may take time up to 7-10 days for completing the game depending on how much time your give to Subnautica

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