How to clean Oculus lenses

If you have invested in an Oculus gaming headset, you have bought a premium Virtual Reality (VR) device. These can be extremely useful for anyone looking for something a little bit different. VR gaming feels far more immersive, far more hands-on, and thus far more enjoyable at the same time. However, one thing that you need to keep an eye on is the condition of your Oculus lenses. If you do not clean the lensing enough, they can become less responsive and less impactful. Wondering how to clean Oculus lenses? Then use this simple guide below.

How to clean your Oculus lenses and keep them clean

The first thing that you need to think about and work on is the lenses on your Rift headset. This is typically going to be cleaned by using a dry optical lens microfiber cloth. These can be bought online, or you can find them in many gaming stores. These are designed to make sure that your lenses are not damaged in any way, shape, or form during the cleaning process.

Use the wrong kind of cleaning agent, and you could damage the lenses. Use the wrong material, and you could scratch the lenses. So, use a microfibre cloth as it is more than good enough to clean the material without scratching or otherwise negatively impacting the lens itself.

We highly recommend you use a lens cleaner that is dry. Using liquid or chemical cleaning agents is NOT needed if you want to properly clean out your Oculus lenses. 

Instead, you simply start from the central point of the lens and then clean outwards. Go for a circular motion, working your way out slowly whilst thoroughly cleaning and wiping the lens as you go. Make sure you have some form of lighting so that you can see the difference in cleanliness from the start until the end.

Do this, and you should find it much easier to get the lenses nice and freshened up. We highly recommend you do this as and when you can as it will keep the lenses clean and fresh.

How often should I clean my Oculus lenses?

There is no hard rule here, but we typically recommend that you look to clean your Oculus lenses after each use. At the very least, if you use them daily, clean the once every three to four days. If you only use your Oculus Rift every now and then, then weekly cleaning should suffice.

Again, just make sure you use a simple dry lens microfibre cloth. This will ensure the end results are clean and fresh without any risk of anything being worn down, damaged, or scuffed. You can find a suitable cleaning cloth online, with brands like Edison & King doing high-quality, Oculus lens-suitable cleaning cloths.

Keeping your Oculus lenses clean is essential

Do not put off cleaning your Oculus lenses. The time that it takes to properly clean them is minimal, and a simple cloth can be just what you need. Just make sure you avoid using anything other than an optical lens microfibre cloth, though. Kitchen and paper towels are made from rougher materials and can scratch the lens. Other materials can be too rough, too, while others can produce smudges and other headaches.

One thing we highly recommend you do, though, is to make a habit of cleaning the lenses as often as possible. Since you do not need any of the usual add-ons and accessories like cleaning chemicals, this is a cheap and simple cleaning solution.

Keep this in mind, and your Oculus lenses should last for much longer and avoid irritating visual scarring and damage.