How to Convert a Laptop into a Gaming PC

How to Convert a Laptop into a Gaming PC?

While PCs have been the obvious choice for a majority of gaming enthusiasts to build their Gaming Setup. There are people who are looking for an answer about How to Convert a Laptop into a Gaming PC? to use or convert their existing laptops into gaming beasts to experience the high-end gaming world.

It is simple and easy to build a gaming setup for users who already own a laptop that is specifically designed to run high-performance and graphics demanding games as their hardware are built with powerful GPU and CPU components but for the ones who want to use their normal laptop into gaming PC or turn gaming laptop into desktop here is what they can do.

 How to Convert a Laptop into Gaming PC : Answered

With the advent of latest technologies and advancements in the tech industry, many companies have come forward with devices in which the external graphic cards are being integrated and then connecting these devices into a monitor/computer using various cords enables the users to take their gaming experience to next level.

Here is how you can turn gaming laptop into desktop, firstly one needs to enhance your laptop’s graphic power, for which you can use an external GPU enclosure, also called eGPUs like Alienware Graphics Amplifier, Razer Core V2, or Asus ROG XG Station 2.

The setup process of these eGPUs is also easy; all you need to do is plug in the eGPU by using the USB cord, which enables your laptop to detect it and this is where with the introduction of Thunderbolt 3 the process of adding graphic power to your laptops has become less daunting as it enables high transfer speeds up to 40Gbps per second of data and 100 Watts of power which is more than enough to push video to multiple 4k displays.

when an external monitor is used while still providing enough power to run your laptop. After connecting the external eGPU, one has to download the graphic drivers and install them.

Although this seems an easy and simple solution to enhance the performance, they come with certain caveats while having a high price tag. Users must be extremely careful while building such setups as there will be problems and limitations in terms of compatibility.

Key aspects to consider before getting an eGPU :

Accessibility to high power: Highly intensive games demand a significant amount of power to work at their best. Some of the best eGPUs run at a power range from 100W to 650W, and anything above 400W is highly recommended.

Cooling systems: It’s important to cool the system as it increases the efficiency of the components so there is two way to cool the system either you use external fans or laptop stand which has a cooling fan or internal cooling fans in order to cool the processor and ensure that the eGPU internal mechanism doesn’t burn out.

Compatibility with Laptop and Graphic Card: One has to make sure that their laptop is compatible with eGPU and choose a graphic card as per the games which the user intends to play.

Now that the graphic requirements have been sorted, the next main component required to turn the gaming laptop into the desktop is “Monitor”. These monitors enable the user to display the action without compromising the quality of the picture and not being worried about blurred images, flickering, and tearing issues.

Things to remember before choosing a monitor for your gaming setup:

Size of the Panel and Resolution: Having a large screen display indeed enhances the immersive experience of gaming, and having a display size around 24- 27 inches would be the ideal size to go beyond FHD standards with resolutions of 1920 by 1080.

For a better experience, one can choose WQHD (Quad High-definition), which has a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels or UHD monitors displays with 3840 by 2160 resolution with a panel size of 30-34 inches. Additionally, you have the option to choose from ultra-wide monitors or curved panels, depending upon your requirements. Thus, helping the users to turn gaming a laptop into desktop.

Display Technology: Monitors come with a wide range of display technologies such as fast pixel response rates and high variable refresh rates. While on the one hand, low pixel response will help eliminate the smears on moving objects, thus providing smooth picture quality.

on the other hand, high refresh rate monitors with 120Hz or higher will reduce image blur and eliminate tearing of the picture. Additionally, synchronization technologies such as G-sync and free sync will help in reducing the input lag and other motion artifacts. Samsung Odyssey G7 32-Inch, MSI Optix MAG272CQR, Acer Predator X35 are some of the best gaming monitors available on the internet.

 Having an external eGPU to increase the graphics power, performance and an external monitor capable of displaying high-quality pictures with high fps and low input lag is basically addresses the question.

And everything you add on top of it is like adding a cherry on the cake. The majority of gamers love to play their desired games with the help of a mechanical keyboard, and having the right keyboard is vital to achieving a top-notch gaming experience.

Popular Monitors

Here are some of the factors you need to consider before getting a Mechanical Keyboard:

  • Do you need Tactile or Linear Keyboards?
  • What kind of Cherry MX switches do you like?
  • Do you want a customized keyboard with integrated RGB Backlit?
  • What is your ideal Actuation force and distance?
  • Finally, cost and durability.

Hence it is highly suggested to get a keyboard as per your specific requirements of both gaming experience and how much you can afford. Additionally, you can add a gaming mouse to your setup to increase the sensitivity and accuracy of your movements in the game, and having a high DPI and polling rate will help this cause.

Finally, having extra customizable buttons and RGB lights to your mouse will not only increase productivity but also enhances the aesthetics of your gaming setup.

That being said and done, overall, one can firmly say that to turn gaming laptop into a desktop having a good CPU, GPU, good enough RAM, high and fast storage capacity, strong power supply unit, and gaming peripherals are the key essentials to build your desired gaming setup.

Thus, for someone who wants to have PC experience even with Laptop they can consider the above possibilities to extend the laptop. they must be aware of the fact that one needs to get a rightly compatible eGPU with cooling systems, monitors of good size and technology specifically designed to play games, a comfortable low latency keyboard, and a mouse to achieve the goal of turning your laptop into a gaming pc.

With ever-growing demand and opportunities in the gaming industry, witnessing developments and advancements of highly optimized technologies and devices is inevitable.

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