Get Hellsplit Arena On Oculus Quest 2

How To Get Hellsplit Arena On Oculus Quest 2 With Wire Or Without Wire?

If you’re looking to play a sword game like Hellspit:Arena and wonder how to get hellsplit:Arena on Oculus Quest 2? then this article is going to cover this topic and way to connect your headset with the steam library to play the game.

Steam is undoubtedly a great online platform for gamers to buy, play, create and discuss thousands of games in one place. The platform is a gaming paradise but playing steam games like Hellsplit Arena on Oculus Quest 2 is a problem for most gamers.

Gamers keep searching for answers to their questions like can you get Hellsplit Arena on Oculus Quest 2 with no clear answer. Isn’t it problematic to not be able to play steam games like Hellsplit Arena on Oculus Quest 2? But the problem is solved here.

The question of playing Hellsplit also arises when you already own it on steam and don’t want to buy it again just for Oculus Quest 2. No need to buy it again as you can play that awesome game on your oculus quest 2.

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How to Play Hellplit:Arena on oculus Quest 2?

As of now, Hell split Arena is not available on the oculus library so you can not directly buy it from the store. Currently, it is available on the Steam library which is why we have to find a way to connect our headset with the steam library.

One more thing is that to open the steam platform you’ll need a gaming laptop, without it you won’t be able to play it. so Before we delve deep into it, here is a recap on Hellsplit Arena, There are two ways to play Hellsplit Arena on Quest 2:

  • Wired Methord (More smoother way)
  • Wireless Method (using router)

1- Wired Method To Play

Under this methodology, you need to buy an Oculus link cable that is the oculus official link cable. The price might sound expensive but the level of performance and stability it delivers is phenomenal.

You don’t want to invest this much? no issue we also have some third-party oculus supported link cable which you can buy from amazon.

Steps To follow

  1. First Step is to download both Oculus library and Steam libary on your computer.
  2. Connect the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset with the PC through the link cable.
  3. After connection, the Oculus App automatically recognizes the headset and does a performance test. Here comes the problem, when you don’t use the supported Oculus link cable. it does not get recognition or fast recognition from your PC. So use only the Oculus supported cable with a faster adapter.
  4. After the performance test, the PC displays a pop-up with the title “Enable Oculus Link”. Click on the “Enable” button. 
  5. The PC also gives a pop-up titled “Allow access to Data”.  Here click on “Allow” for establishing connection. 
connect to Get Hellsplit Arena On Oculus Quest 2

Further steps to follow:

after the connection between the oculus library and headset open the Steam library, and search for “SteamVR” in the search box

Install the SteamVR and then go to your headset, Under the filter setting Enable the option to recognize “unknown sources”.

unknown source activate to connect steam

and then go to the bottom icon of the home screen and click on “virtual desktop” and you would be able to see your computer screen on your headset, so to play the game open the steamvr app and purchase the game Hellsplit: Arena

That’s it.

2 Wireless Method To Connect Your Headset with Steam

The desktop not only enables you to play Hellsplit Arena but also you can use it for playing many other steam games on your Oculus Quest 2. It comes at around $20, which is far lower than the official USB cable from Oculus. 

However, you need some additional accessories for playing wirelessly like a router to connect both pc and headset on the same network. Please note, the wireless connection does not perform as good as the wired connection. The mileage also varies depending on various factors.

Can You Get Hellsplit Arena On Oculus Quest 2 Without Wire? Yes- Follow These Steps

A wireless connection requires a constant link among the various components of the game.  You need a powerful computer, one Ethernet cable, router, and Oculus App

Connect your computer with the router firstly through an Ethernet cable. Afterward, connect the headset to a minimum 5 GHz Wi-Fi network. 

That’s it but you need to know that the closer the router to you, the better the connection will be. 

Steps To Be  Followed For How To Get Hellsplit Arena On Oculus Quest 2- Wireless Method

Steps On PC

  • Install the Oculus PC app in the system. 
  • Look for the “Beta” menu under “Setting”.
  • If it’s already turned on, it’s Okay, otherwise turn it on. 

Steps To Perform On Oculus 2

  • Go to the “Setting” under the “Menu” bar.
  • On the left side, you’ll get “Experimental features”.
  • Look for Airlink or Wireless Connection and enable it. 

Why Hellsplit Arena is That Much Famous

This game is one of the finest on Steam that challenges your physical as well as mental strength. A plethora of weapons and a variety of enemies with tons of combating strategies make the game highly lovable among gamers.  Its physic system is best in VR and gamers get an outstanding gaming experience.

Final Word On Can You Get Hellsplit Arena On Oculus Quest 2

Steam holds a great user base and the vast majority of game libraries. Once you have the Oculus Quest 2, you can be able to play the steam game without much hassle.

You must be wondering “how much is Hellsplit Arena on Oculus Quest 2”? The answer is $20 to $80 depending on which methods you choose for connection.  Whether it’s a wired method or a wireless one, you surely need a robust computer for playing VR games like Hellsplit Arena. Install Steam, Steam VR, and Oculus App on your computer to GET SET GO on Hellsplit playing.