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How to make your gaming setup look better

Like many gamers, you no doubt find that you can fall into discomfort as you play games. Especially if you are still in the process of building out your gaming setup, the whole thing can feel messy and confusing. With that in mind, then, you might want to know how to make your gaming setup look better. This can seem like a confusing and needlessly complex process, but it really is much easier to handle than it might first appear.

Want to make sure your setup looks the part? Then here are some ideas and things to consider that could make your setup appear fresher, comfier, and more organised.

How to make your gaming setup look better

Set a regular cleaning schedule

The most common reason for a gaming setup to look poor is the lack of care. If you do not give your set up a regular clean, it will look grungy and untidy. Stick to a regular dusting schedule, say every Sunday, and make sure that any spills or drops are dealt with immediately.

Do not wait until you finish a round; take pride in your gaming setup. Get it cleaned with a duster on a regular basis, and make sure any spills are handled as a priority to avoid staining your desk.

Invest in a proper desk and chair

It is so easy to settle for a basic little chair and a desk from an all-purpose store like a supermarket. And while they will absolutely do a job, the best ways to know how to make your gaming setup look better is to look at your desk and chair. These are the foundations of the gaming setup, after all.

Investing in a quality desk is a highly recommended choice, but what kind of desk? It depends. If you are primarily a keyboard and mouse gamer, then you probably want a large desk that is spacious, sits flush with your chair, and allows you to get a good position for clicking and typing away.

If you play with a pad mostly, though, we highly recommend you look into getting a standing desk. This can be great for making sure you can do more with your time and ensures you stop feeling so lethargic from sitting down all day.

Ergonomic gaming chairs might cost a fair amount of money, but they can provide the kind of cushioning you need for prolonged periods of seating. Try and find a chair that forces good posture, though; you will thank yourself down the line!

Buy a monitor stand

You should also look to get your monitor moved from its current position. Ideally, you want your monitor wall-mounted to minimise the space that is taken up on your desk. If this is not possible, then you could look for a monitor stand with a clamp. This keeps the monitor still within the remit of the desk but not actually sitting on the desk itself. This can make it easier for you to adjust the angle and the height of your monitor at the same time.

The more space you have on your desk, the more organised everything will look and the more space you will have when playing. You want as little clutter distracting you as you play, and you want as much room as you can have to move your hands around on the desk. So, yes, invest in a monitor stand ASAP!

Invest in some peripheral stands

The next tip we have is about organisation. If you play with gaming headphones, invest in a desk or an individual add-on stand that can hold your headphones. These look really cool, and they prevent the headphones from occupying space on the desk itself. At the same time, look for something with various little storage shelves. You can use this to store things like USB flash drives, gaming pads, and more.

These stands avoid needless mess lying around, and they tend to look pretty cool.

Find a way to hide all of those cords

Another common problem with a gaming setup is that it can look like someone has untangled about a hundred wires on top of one another. This is unsightly and untidy and tends to lead to entanglement at just the wrong time.

You can use things like zip ties and cable channels. This helps to keep all of your cables going from one place to the next. Some cables will be changed out from time to time, so having a few ‘free’ cables is not the end of the world. Do as much as you can, though, to hide those unsightly cables using ties and wraps. Keep as many wires as you can be tied up and away from your feet and hands to avoid tripping and getting tangled up.

Add a little touch of nature

Lastly, if you want a desk that looks really fresh, you should add in some natural insights. This means adding in things like plants. Anything that can remove the manmade look from your gaming setup makes it look a bit more homely and welcoming in general.

It’s a good idea to add in some plants, though if you are worried about things like water spillage from watering plants you could get some fake plants. These tend to look just as good to the naked eye and avoid you having to commit the same time to plant care.

Making the right choice

As you can see, then, there is a touch more to learning how to make your gaming setup look better than you might first assume. Some small changes and accents can make a big difference, though. The biggest difference, by far, is going to come from being able to simply add some organization and cleanliness to your gaming setup.

Clutter and, if you are perfectly honest, laziness can drive a lot of uncleanliness and debris around your gaming setup. Sticking to the above tips, though, you should find it much easier to get your gaming setup looking sharp, stylish, and very clean!