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How to measure laptop size for the right fit

If you choose to buy a laptop today, then it makes sense that you want to buy something suitable size-wise. Laptop sizing, though, can be a surprisingly confusing prospect to deal with. If you want to know how to measure laptop size so that you can buy the right carry case, for example, you might not be sure where to start. To help you make the right decision, this simple guide will break down everything you need to know so that you can get the correct size of laptop for yourself today.

The challenge that most can find is that they equate the screen size with the overall size of the laptop. If you read that a laptop has a 13.3” screen, for example, you might assume that this is the full size of the laptop. Most of the time, though, this is the list of the screen size, not the full size of the actual monitor section. So you need to find out if this is the screen size or whether this is the laptop size. It is important to note because you might buy a bag that is too small for your laptop otherwise.

To measure your laptop size, then, you should always look to measure it up properly. To do this, you take a measuring tape and start from the screen’s bottom left-hand side. Then, you measure upwards to the diagonal top-right laptop screen size. If you do this, you have your laptop screen size. Then, you can determine if the size listed is the screen size or the wider laptop size.

Remember, then, that if your screen size is listed, you likely need a larger bag to go with it. This is because you need to factor in the size of the bezel.

How to measure laptop size – finding the most common sizes

Typically, laptop sizes will range from around 11.6” to around 17”. Anything larger or smaller than this is usually either custom-built or made for a specific purpose. You should get used to looking at this in inches, though, as most list laptop size rankings by inches as opposed to centimetres. If need be, though, you can find out the laptop screen size in centimetres by using a size converter. For reference, though, your most common laptop sizes include:

·        13.3” or 33.78cm 

·        15” or 38.1cm

·        17” or 43.18cm

As such, you would need to then factor in the size of the bevel. Every laptop is different. Some come with thin and low-profile bevels, while others come with thick and sturdy bevels. You need to work out what you would prefer, but you also need to determine the laptop size based on this.

Measuring your laptop size in full

If you want to know the full size of the entire laptop, not just the screen size, you need to carry out the following measurements:

·   Finding out the width – start by measuring the laptop from left to right, going from one end of the bevel to the next. This is the width of your laptop

·   Finding out the depth – the depth is discovered by going vertically across a closed-over laptop from top to bottom. This is the depth of your laptop

·   Finding out the height – close over your laptop in full and then measure upwards from the bottom of your laptop to the top – this is the height of your laptop

These simple figures will give you everything you need to know about how to measure laptop size properly. Get the screen size and the other dimensions, and it can be much easier to buy a laptop and an accompanying bag without any confusion or frustration!