not block the fans of a gaming laptop

How to not block the fans of a gaming laptop? Prevent Overheating

Are You looking for the answer How to not block the fans of a gaming laptop? and let your laptop cool itself properly? Then This article is for you.

People who not only want to buy one of the best gaming laptops but also want to get the best performance from it so you should be knowing that laptop fans get blocked or cause problems.

A blocked fan will reduce the cooling efficiency of the laptop and such a problem occurs due to a build-up of dust and dirt on the cooling fins of the laptop.

To make your laptop fans work properly and effectively, you need a tool that can remove dirt and dust in a few simple steps. This is a how-to guide in a few easy steps to make sure you can clean a laptop.

This is supposed to help with the laptop looking sleeker. But at what cost? 

The laptop is not only used for professional work, it also has a function as a computer for playing games, if you love to play games. As a gamer, you should think about the thermal management of the laptop.

 That will affect the performance of the laptop and the laptop’s thermal condition is very important for the safety and protection of your laptop.

This blog will discuss why you should not block the fans of your gaming laptop and the effect of the laptop’s thermal management on the gaming laptops.


1 Regularly check fan Vent for Dust and Clean

In order to make sure that the laptop is not blocked by dust, you should regularly check the fan vent for dust and clean it. 

Also pay attention to whether the cooling fan is working properly, if the laptop is blocked by dust, the cooling fan may not be able to rotate, resulting in the laptop being overheated.

 If the laptop is too hot, the CPU will automatically throttle, and the CPU life will be shortened, and the CPU may even burn out, so you should pay attention to the cleaning of the fan.

2 Don’t Use the laptop on Bed as Fan Vents are mostly under the laptop

Laptops are best used when you’re on the go. Don’t use them on your bed or couch when you’re just doing some work or watching a movie. 

The fans are usually placed underneath the laptop, so when you’re on your bed, the laptop is basically covering the fan vents. 

This can cause your laptop to overheat and even cause long-term damage. 

If you want to use your laptop on your bed, make sure to keep it away from your body or use a pillow or blanket underneath it. This will ensure that the fans are not blocked and your laptop doesn’t overheat.

3 Use Cooling Stand for Extra cooling

Due to the configuration of the gaming laptop, the heat dissipation is very poor, the temperature of the CPU and GPU will increase a lot during a long time working, especially after a long time playing games, the temperature of the chassis will be very high, and the temperature of the fan will also be high, which will damage the life of the fan. Therefore, the cooling stand is very important for the gaming laptop.

4 Replace Faulty Fans

A laptop fan is a small motor that uses a series of blades to push air through the laptop. A laptop is a small computer that can be portable and light. Laptops are designed for portability and performance. Most laptop fans operate at a very fast speed to keep the laptop cool.

 Laptop fans can be damaged by foreign objects, liquid drops, and other factors. The laptop fan is an important part of the laptop. The laptop fan keeps the laptop stable by cooling the motherboard and other components.

So Make Sure to check your fan is working properly and change if you find any issue with the fan.

5 Adjust the FAN Setting of the Gaming Laptop

Now, a Days laptop companies are providing dedicated software for the fan control, so make sure you’re using the right setting for the Fan and not blocking the fan from the setting.

You may have noticed that when you play games or do any heavy task then the GPU and CPU produce maximum heat so to deal with it some laptop also comes with the turbo boost feature for maximum cooling effect while gaming or doing any heavy task, So you can play your games uninterrupted.


So in the end, Let me remind you of the importance of a properly working fan. So I hope you understood How to not block the fans of a gaming laptop and what steps are there to make it work.