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How to Play Blade and Sorcery On Oculus Quest 2 VR? – GameVR

Many of you would be wondering, Is blade and sorcery on Oculus Quest or Quest 2? Or How to Play Blade and Sorcery on Oculus Quest/Quest 2?

Yes! You heard right, As you know blade and sorcery is on Rift Library so the question is how we connect the rift library with our quest or quest 2?

A Few Months ago it was very technical and complicated to play blade and sorcery on Oculus Quest. But after Oculus announced two features Oculus Link and Air Link everything seems very easy.(I’ll explain to you below how you can use Oculus Link)

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Is Blade And Sorcery on Oculus Quest 2?

When We analyze the availability of Blade and Sorcery we find that it is available on the Rift library and not the Headset itself. So we have to find ways to connect the Rift library with the Oculus Quest 2.

And Oculus has introduced two services called “Oculus Link” and recently “Oculus Airlink”. This option allows you to connect your oculus quest to the Oculus Rift library. thus you can Play all the Rift’s games including blade and sorcery.

This means your stand-alone headset can now also work as a VR headset (Rendering VR graphics) and all the processing will be done on your gaming PC.

What Is Oculus Link?

As I said Oculus link has been released by Oculus very recently, In the month of November 2019. So If you have a Gaming laptop then you can use the Oculus link.

Although it is currently in beta version and it has limited support with GPU, but the company has said it will support more and more GPU gradually.

Make Sure you have a good laptop/PC with a decent GPU because all the gaming processing will happen on your PC/laptop. You can check how to convert your laptop for gaming here.

It connects your quest with a gaming laptop where Oculus software is installed using a wire.

Compatible Oculus Link Cable You’ll Need

Official Oculus link Cable

If You want to experience fast performance and want to be on a better end, You can go with an official cable. As You notice Official cable has C to C port so Make sure your laptop has a “C” port. otherwise, you’ll need an adapter that can convert C to A port. You can Check adaptor on amazon.

Official Cable is a little costly and You can have almost the same experience with some other cables available in the market at a cheaper price. although not all cable works. but Some cables do works, It maybe not be as efficient as official, because it can be some millisecond slower than the official cable. (You won’t even be able to differentiate the speed though)

Some alternative cables are:

How to Connect Oculus Link to Oculus Quest 2 for Blade and Sorcery?

For Connecting Oculus link, first, you’ll have to download Oculus software on your PC.

  • Download Oculus Quest software on your PC from Oculus Website
  • Update your Oculus headset’s software
  • After downloading software install it and Open the software and click on “Add Quest”.
  • And also make sure to “Enable Link” setting on both PC software and Your headset’s setting
  • Connect a compatible USB cable to your PC’s 3.0 USB port and another side with the headset
  • Once you connect you’ll get a message in your headset “Allow Access to data” you have to allow this

that’s it you will now able to use this feature. however, in case you don’t see the “Enable Link” option for some reason just log out from PC software and login again. and in case of the headset not showing “Enable Link” then restart your headset

Once You connect your Cable with your Headset and PC, You will see your headset under “Devices” in Oculus software.

how to connect oculus link with oculus headset

Once you’re connected, You’re good to go. just download the rift games whichever you want to play. You can also download Blade and sorcery.

You may also be interested in the Best third Party accessories for Oculus quest 2 to further boost your gaming experience.

What is Oculus Air Link? (Play Blade and Sorcery on oculus quest 2 wirelessly)

If you’re not liking cable being connect with your PC and have a question Can I play blade and sorcery on the oculus quest without oculus link?

So the short answer is YES, Oculus has also launched the Oculus air link to wirelessly connect the quest 2 headset with the Pc and then you can play any game from the rift library.

This feature is live after the software version 28 so if you’ve not updated your software please go and update your software

Pre-Setup Check you should make sure.

Before We go to the process on how to setup Air link. these are some recommendations you should check to get optimum results.

  • The software version on both PC and headset should be above v28
  • Both should be connected to a secured network. (example: WPA/WPA2 PSK)
  • Connect headset on 5GHz band and PC with directly  Ethernet cable for maximum network smoothness
  • Keep the router in the same room and if possible in the same line you’re facing.

Here are the steps to connect the Oculus Air link with your PC

  • Download the official app on your PC from Oculus Website
  • After you download the app, Install it and go to its App setting and click on “Beta” tab and activate ‘Air Link’
  • On your quest 2 headset open Oculus universal menu by pressing oculus button.
  • after that select Setting and go to Experimental feature menu.
  • There you’ll see “Air Link” option just activate it.
  • then you’ll see air link requirement information please select continue
  • then you’ll see your PC in the link to pair it with your headset. so pair your pc here
  • Once it’s paired with your PC Click on launch. That’s it

As this process is for first-time pairing with your PC after this you can easily open this section from the quick action menu under the setting.

Blade and sorcery oculus quest game: an enthralling experience

The blade and sorcery is so popular among VR players that it makes to the top of the players list. This game comprises of a combat system that is physics-driven and that makes it more realistic.

In addition to that, it has swords and weapons which are common in VR games, as well as it also has a fascinating name.

It also creates a great illusion of slowing down the time when you don’t move in the game. It is offering an enthralling experience of gaming with high-resolution graphics and high-quality sound.

And when you will play these games on the oculus quest headset, you will be thrilled because it has some amazing features that go so well with these games. Now we will discuss all these features in detail.

Blade and sorcery oculus quest Game screenshot

Virtual reality is a strange thing. You can be at various places by actually standing in the same place. This is what makes it revolutionary.

And this is what you can feel with the combination of these games with the oculus quest headset. This farrago will lead you to the fantasy world of virtual reality and experience is like carrying the whole world in a small bag. This combination is something like no gamer wants to miss on.

There will be endless levels with endless ways to beat them. Smashing your way to conquer is exciting with quest headset especially when you become dexterous at movement and dodging bullets.

Blade and sorcery is a game with hand-to-hand combat with enemies inside of virtual reality. To make the game worthwhile, you can use a sword and a great deal of magic.

The oculus quest headset is best for this game, as the mapping is perfectly done for the controller and the tracking stays undamaged in the entire experience. The experience will be like never before.

Introduction to oculus quest 2 headset:-


Oculus quest headset is the best thing you can try this year. You can put on your oculus quest headset and can dive into the magical world of gaming. No matter where you are roaming in your house, you can still enjoy the game with this headset on.

Also after the launch of the Oculus link, This headset gonna be much more flexible than any other headset in the market. It can be either used standalone or with a Gaming PC. so it’s just Combo in itself.

The feeling with this VR headset is amazing. Unlike PC-connected Rift S, the oculus quest does not need any PC or mobile to work with. With this you’ll get two headphone jack on each side. The oculus quest has either 64 GB or 128 GB of storage.

The 64GB version seems like to enough for many, although there are small to large apps available, ranging from megabyte to gigabyte and there is no micro SD card slot available. It uses four in-headset cameras to track the movement around the room like leaning, walking, or anything else.

The more you work with the oculus quest headset, the more you will be impressed. It is an amazing way to feel virtual reality without fishing around wires. You can make plenty of active spaces in your home with quest headsets like Beat Saber, racket fury, and table tennis game that is so convincing.

With this headset, you can draw your boundaries in your guardian space. You will realize the awesomeness of this headset when the boring surroundings of your house will change to fantasy virtual reality.

As with any growing trend, there are some benefits and drawbacks:

  • Full positional tracking and amazing controlnIt can work both without Gaming PC or With Gaming PCnCreates immersive virtual reality on a standalone headsetnPassthrough cameras enable easy setup and surrounding viewnDoes not require additional hardwarenConvenient tetherless designnCompatible with some of the best VR gamesnYou can do a quick set up.n
  • Not meant to be used outdoorsnMobile processor means it is not always as good as a PC, Although for bigger game you can play using oculus linknMore expensive than non- VR consolenBattery life could have been bettern

Check its price

Blade and sorcery oculus quest game can be the best VR game you can play:-

Blade and sorcery into picture

Blade and sorcery oculus quest game is the medieval fantasy sandbox from developer WrapFrog that is aiming to bring more realism to VR fighting.

This game includes physics-driven fighting actions, magic-based fighting against a plethora of mushy, stab-friendly non-player characters (NPCs) and the player can expect to master combat. The game includes:-

  • Eight weapons (Swords, spear, axes, bow, shield, and dagger )
  • Three maps (Home, arena, and ruins)
  • Three enemy archetype (rangers, fighters, and mages)
  • Three spells (Lightning, slowing time and telekinesis)
  • Two enemy styles (Cult and gladiator)
  • Free locomotion
  • Avatar customization
  • Jumping, kicking and running
  • Modding game data

Blade and sorcery end the era of VR weightless swords, wiggle-sword combat, little to no feedback while hitting an enemy, and loose hitboxes.

This is why Blade and sorcery is the best. This is the fantasy sandbox like no other and completely focuses on ranged and magic combat that wholly makes use of unique and realistic physics-driven interaction and combat system.

This game is exclusively built for VR and the objects have weight, not only that it follows the laws of physics at a certain degree, collisions are dictated by fine hitboxes, creatures in the game have a full presence and they respond to a reaction accordingly.

In addition to that, blades can penetrate through squishy material or deflect magic. If you saw a weapon on the ground you can push it along with your weapon on the ground and all the weapons can be thrown to cause damage.

These are the features that make Blades and the sorcery one of the best games. In this game, you can do whatever you can imagine.

Choose your sword, choose your spear, choose your combating style, and be the warrior you always wanted to be. You can hold the weapon from any point to change the fighting style. Just don’t limit your imagination and you have no idea how much you wanted it until you have tried it.

Conclusion on how to play blade and sorcery game:-

Just to recap, you’ve got the answer to the question like can you play blade and sorcery on oculus quest 2? then yes, You can now Play Blade and sorcery games using the Rift library with the help of Oculus link or wirelessly using Oculus Air Link.

Just you Need an additional Cable either you can use official or alternatives for the Oculus Link feature. Coming to the oculus quest 2 headset, they are getting better and lighter. And future is for Oculus Quest 2.

It’s a sign of where things are leading fast. There will be VR that connects to things everywhere, streaming from digital gadgets. Voice interactions will improve, eye tracking will get better that will stir the real world into virtual reality even more.

So grab your Oculus quest headset and get ready for having the whale of a time experience with these brilliantly amazing VR games.

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