How To Play Swords Of Gurrah On Oculus Quest 2

How To Play Swords Of Gurrah On Oculus Quest 2?

Do you know Swords of Gurrah is playable on Oculus Quest 2? Yes, it’s possible. Be with us where we explore the answer to the question- How to play Swords of Gurrah on Oculus Quest 2?

If you have not played the Swords of Gurrah, you’re probably missing a bit of sandbox experience in gaming. The game offers multiple modes for the player to explore with as high as 12 players.  The majority of players feel difficulties in playing this game, as it is available on Steam and playing with Oculus Quest 2 is a problem. 

But no more as weve come up with alternate solutions to play this awesome game on Oculus Quest 2.

Brief About Swords of Gurrah

One of the best games on Steam, this one is a gamer paradise for VR lovers. It’s a fantastic online melee combat game where up to 12 players can participate. 

The intense yet causal VR experience in the game seems simple to many. With so many strategies and weapons, the game is truly incredible. VR is best in class but that you can only experience when you have the best headsets for VR games.  Dont miss exploring our other pages for the best VR headsets. 

Play Swords Of Gurrah On Oculus Quest 2 In Simple Ways

Swords of Gurrah is on the Oculus Rift library and not on the oculus standalone library so you’ll have to use a feature of the quest 2 headset to connect with the rift library.

You can connect with the rift library in 2 ways:

  • Oculus Link (Wired Method)
  • Air Link(Wireless Method)

The gamers feel an inability to explore this best game through super-fine VR headsets: Oculus Quest 2, but the issue is resolved now. You get two methods to play Swords of Gurrah on Oculus Quest 2 that is without wire and with wire.

First, well explore the pros and cons of wired and without wire methods before giving you the answer to your questions: Can I play Swords of Gurrah on Oculus Quest 2 without PC?

Swords of Quest 2 On Oculus Quest 2 Using Wire Method:


  • This is one of the simplest ways to play this game on Oculus Quest 2. Not much technical knowledge is required by the gamers. 
  • It comes at prices that are far less than the without wire methods. 
  • Once you get connected, you experience constant touch with Swords of Gurrah and Oculus Quest 2.


  • It demands the gamers to stick to one place. The length of Oculus Quest 2 is approximately 5M, so you need to remain within that length.
  • Sometimes, connection takes time and you need to search for solutions to your questions- Oculus Quest 2 cable not working. 

Steps to follow to setup Oculus Link

Oculus link requires a first-time setup, which is a one-time activity unless you remove the cable or there is any technical issue with any of the gaming components.  This wired method is the best answer to your question?

Step 1- First steps would be to get an official Oculus link cable, Official cable is a bit costly which you can check its price here. but if you want to have the best experience go for it, one more thing is that your laptop should have a USB type C port to connect as this cable has both end with type C connector or you can use type C to type A adaptor

or if you’re looking for an alternative option that is more affordable and does the job then I’ve also listed some of the best oculus supported cable below.

Step2- Visit the Oculus official PC app and and download oculus software on your PC. If you already have downloaded it make sure to update it so you’ve the latest version and you don’t face any issues.

Step 3- Once you download, open the software and connect your headset with the PC using the Oculus link cable which you purchased from the above link.

connect Swords Of Gurrah On Oculus Quest 2

Step 4– Open your software after connecting with the headset and go to Device < Oculus Quest 2 and click on the button to connect with the headset.

Step 5- After that Open your headset and see if you’ve got any message to enable the oculus link on the headset. If you have not got any message just head to Settings in the headset and click on devices and there should be an option to enable the oculus link.

Thats it. Once set up, the connection remains available when you turn on the headset for playing. 

Every time, you connect the PC with Oculus Quest 2, the PC shows a prompt message- asking about enabling the link. Click on the YES every time and you are GET SET GO for playing Swords of Gurrah on Oculus Quest 2.

This is one of the methods for your question:- How to play Swords of Gurrah on Oculus Quest 2? After that, you can launch any Rift game in your headset.

Wireless Method To Connect Oculus Quest 2

There is two way to play Swords of Gurrah in wireless methods.

By Air Link

  • Buy a router with a 5Ghz network or wifi 6. 
  • Buy an Ethernet cable to create a connection between PC and router.
  • Enable Air Link on PC in the Beta tab Under Settings.
  • On your headset You can enable it from the Oculus app settings under the Experimental features tab.
  • Once you’re connected, your headset will pop a notification to “Allow Access to Data” so click on Allow.
  • Now Just head to pc software and download the game and play it on your headset.

Feeling difficulties in setting up the Air Link, explore our other articles to get the answer.

Swords Of Gurrah On Oculus Quest 2 Wireless Methods:


  • This is the best method for serious gamers who don’t want to compromise on their gaming experience. Once connected, you can play the Swords of Gurrah within the wireless range. 
  • The connection method is fast and does not require any physical connection between the game and headsets. 


  • Wireless methods are costly as compared to wired methods.

Final Verdict

Were hopeful that, you must have got the answer to your first question: How to play Swords of Gurrah on Oculus Quest 2? Weve covered both wired and wireless methods to play the game.

Now the second question: Can I play Swords of Gurrah on Oculus Quest 2 without PC?. The answer is No. You need a VR-ready PC to play this game.

If you have a PC, we emphasize that you either use Oculus Link cable or Air Link based on your budget and preference. If these two methods are not working, you may try your hands on the Virtual Desktop method.