How to Reboot a Dell Laptop

Dell laptops are a great investment for anyone seeking a reliable device that doesn’t break the bank. Available in various models, Dell laptops are suitable for many situations, whether you need a computer for studying or playing the latest video games.

However, because there are so many types of Dell laptops available, knowing each one’s functions is not always obvious! For instance, many people are unsure of how to restart their Dell laptops when dealing with minor technical issues, such as screen freezing.

Are you wondering how to reboot a Dell laptop but don’t quite know where to start? Then be sure to check out our handy guide below! It covers all the basic info you need to know for how to reboot a Dell laptop.

Of course, your Dell laptop might not want to reboot, depending on the issue! So, we’ve included several options for how to reboot a Dell laptop!

The Windows Method

If you want to know how to reboot a Dell laptop using a Windows operation system, it couldn’t be easier.

Simply select the start button on the bottom of the screen, then click the power symbol option, followed by ‘restart.’ This reboots the laptop, resolving most minor technical issues at the same time.

You can also opt for ‘power off’ to turn off the laptop power, then press the power button to reboot it manually.

The CRT ALT DLT Method

If you can access the start menu or the above method doesn’t appear to work, the laptop may have crashed.

To reboot from this situation, press the CRT, ALT, and DELETE buttons at the same time. Doing so brings up a small screen with the option to shut down or reboot the laptop. Simply choose restart or shut down to reboot the laptop.

The Power Button Method

If none of the above methods work, your Dell laptop may have crashed and required a hard restart using the power button.

Make sure to remove any devices plugged into the laptop before using this method. Remove any USBs, cables, and dongles connected to the laptop,

Look for the power button, usually on the top right section of the keyboard. Press and hold the power button on the Dell laptop for about 5-15 seconds. Once the laptop has shut down, press the power again to reboot it.

Battery Removal Method

If you’ve tried all the different methods for rebooting a Dell laptop and aren’t having any luck, then there is one final option. Manually removing the battery from the laptop will cause the device to shut off immediately.

Most Dell laptop models let you remove the battery, which is usually located on the base of the device. Look for some sort of release button or slider to remove the battery, popping it out of the laptop to power it off.

Wait a minute, then place the battery back into the laptop and press the power button. This should reboot the laptop if all the above methods fail.


As the guide above shows, rebooting a Dell laptop is quick and easy. There are various methods available, including the start menu, CRT, ALT, DLT, and pressing the power for a hard reset. In most cases, one of these methods will reboot your Dell laptop.