How to reset Oculus PIN codes for easier access

If you use an Oculus virtual reality (VR) system, you will know just how much fun they can be to use. VR gaming and experiences are improving all the time, and it is tools like the Oculus that fuel this improvement. However, to use your Oculus, when setting it up you need to put in a PIN code. This is a code that you use to access your Oculus devices, such as the Oculus Quest 2. Wondering how to reset Oculus PIN codes? It is actually pretty simple!

What is my Oculus PIN?

Your Oculus PIN is a 5-digit code that you use to identify yourself as the owner and user of that device. It is much the same as the access PIN you use for your mobile devices, or even in your workplace. it is a number identified with you specifically, and your PIN is connected to all of your most essential user data.

Your personal data, your purchase history, and your settings are all archived behind your PIN. Therefore, if you want to access your Oculus account, you likely need to have that PIN. If you have lost or misremembered that PIN code, you naturally might worry that you are locked out of using your Oculus. Thankfully, that is not the case – you can easily reset Oculus PIN codes!

The only way to get your PIN is to keep a note of that PIN somewhere. You cannot really find your PIN anywhere outside of your account – and if you are locked out, you cannot access your PIN anyway!

So, the simplest solution is to instead reset your PIN code. To do this, you need to follow a very simple process.

How to reset Oculus PIN codes

Thankfully, the process to reset Oculus PINs is pretty simple. To do this, all you need to do is:

1.      First off, head on over to the official Oculus website – from there, log into your Oculus Account

2.      Once you are logged into your account, head on over to the section listed as Security

3.      Within Security, there is a tab for PIN – click this tab, and then choose the Edit button there

4.      Here you can click the Forgot PIN button, and then the Request PIN Reset button

5.      The email address associated with your Oculus account will then receive an email

6.      If your email does not receive this message, be sure to check your ‘Spam’ folder as well

7.      Wait for the email to come through, and then follow the steps given within the email

Follow these steps, and you will soon have fully reset your Oculus PIN. It really is that easy for you to make sure you can swap out your PIN for something new. Whether you have forgotten or otherwise confused the PIN number, it does not matter; you can quickly get it to reset by using the simple steps above.

If you want to make sure you can always access your Oculus account and history, try to keep note of your Oculus PIN. We recommend using a password manager or similar, somewhere that you can store the PIN number without worrying about it being accessed by others.

Now, though, you know that if you do lose your PIN you can easily replace it without delay.