How to Turn on a Dell Laptop

Are you wondering how to turn on a dell laptop? It’s a more common question than many people think, especially when there are so many Dell laptops available!

In fact, Dell laptops are some of the most popular on the market, with dozens of models available. Some people use their laptops for school and college, while others invest in high-quality gaming laptops to play the latest video games.

Plus, we’re not all tech-savvy, so it’s now always clear how to turn on a Dell laptop. The below guide will cover all the different ways that you turn on a Dell laptop, including some common issues you might run into.

How to Turn on a Dell Laptop – All the Ways to Turn on Your New Laptop

In most instances, all Dell laptops are turned on using the same method:

Plug the Laptop Charger In

Start by plugging the power cable into the laptop charging port. If your Dell laptop is brand-new, chances are it needs charging before it will turn on.

Many people assume that their laptop will come with some battery, only to find out it won’t turn because the charge is dead!

 So, make sure to plug in the laptop charger before you do anything else!

Open the Laptop

Once you have plugged into the laptop charger and are confident it has enough battery, simply open the top of the laptop and search for the power button.

Press the Power Button

After locating the power button, simply press the button for a second and wait for the laptop to turn on. Most Dell laptops take a few moments to power on, so it shouldn’t take long for the screen to power up!

Locating the Power Button on a Dell Laptop

One common issue that users have when trying to turn on a Dell laptop is finding the power button. With so many different Dell laptop designs, the power button is not always located in the same position.

Some Dell laptop power buttons are larger than others, while some are placed in subtle locations that aren’t always obvious. So, it’s not uncommon to struggle to find a Dell laptop power button!

In most instances, a Dell laptop power button is located on the upper right side of the keyboard below the screen. Sometimes it’s positioned more centrally, although most times, the button remains above the keyboard and below the screen.

The laptop button is usually circular, although some are also square or rectangular. It often depends on the style of the keyboard, as most laptop power buttons are designed to match the keyboard.

While this blended design does produce a sleek aesthetic, it also means it is often difficult to spot the laptop power button at first glance!

However, there are instances where the power button is in less common spots, such as along the side edge of the device. Just make sure to look for the power symbol on a larger button, and you should be fine!


As the above guide shows, turning on a Dell laptop is easy enough. Make sure the charger is plugged in, open the laptop, and push the power button! If you’re struggling to find the power button, look along the upper section of the keyboard and below the screen.