Is beat saber free on oculus quest or Quest 2 in 2022?

If you recently purchased a VR headset then you might have got a question; Is beat saber free on oculus quest or Quest 2? Then this article will try to answer your question in detail.

The game has now acquired a badge of going “Double-Platinum”. It has sold more than two million copies across the world on all the platforms supporting virtual reality.

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It has not only proved itself to be a record smasher in terms of Virtual Reality gaming to its VR gaming fans. But Beat Saber has also proved to be a triumphant and a Victorious platform for all those artists who are all-time beat or music lovers.

This fact can easily be observed by the fact that Beat saber via the platform of downloadable content has sold more than approximately 10 million of its songs.

Is beat saber free on oculus quest or Quest 2?

Though the game is available on many different VR platforms such as Steam, Oculus, PlayStation Store, Humble Bundle any many more.

To answer your question in one word, No, it is not free on quest or quest 2 store. even if you’re using oculus link to use rift library, there it also cost around $30.

Beat Saber is observed to be available at its best price ranging from $ 20 to $ 30

At different platforms Like Steam Supporting VR headsets of HTC Vive and Windows mixed reality. Oculus being another platform, PlayStation 4 and other VR gaming platforms had a cost for the game between $ 20 and $ 30.

Beat Saber currently is available for direct download from the store of PlayStation worth $ 30. But if you have the handsets of Oculus Quest 2 available with you, you can easily find it at $ 20 on the Oculus store. Also for those using HTC Vive and WMR headsets, it will cost you $ 20 on Steam.

Beat Saber – An Introduction

Is beat saber free on oculus quest or Quest 2

Beat Saber is a high-In-demand and widely flourishing Virtual Reality game that gives a thrill to the gamers and fans of VR gaming by slashing the beats (glowing cubical blocks).

The crux of the game is slashing the approaching cubical beats of music in the direction pointed on the blocks through the corresponding colored saber analyzing the musical beats.

The game is available on different platforms supporting the particular VR headset Such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, PlayStation.

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus quest 2 image

Oculus Quest is a VR (Virtual Reality) headset which is made by Oculus and Oculus in itself is a big name and a brand of Facebook technologies. Quest 2 is a Successor of Oculus Quest.

Occulus Quest 2 is a revitalizing of Oculus Quest and has a near design to that of its Predecessor.

Quest 2 weighs even lighter than Oculus Quest with upgraded internal specifications, the upgraded display having a higher rate of refresh and modernize and upgraded controllers.

Beat Saber OST 4 is out now and available for free at Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest during Its Ist anniversary celebration which was celebrated for the entire week had declared a free update. It had announced the update for free with the original soundtrack and a beat map.

Standing at the promise made for the beat saber’s lovers and fans, Beat Saber on 18th March 2021 has released its fourth OST (original Soundtrack) installation free for all the platforms that support the VR Beat Saber game. This time, the update for beat saber is going to be free.

What is new in the update, Is it available for free?

Beat Saber has successfully launched the fourth OST which is free for all the Beat Saber’s music lovers on all the platforms.

The update consists of 4 new songs:

  1. “It takes me”, by Boom Kitty (ft. Waylon Reavis)
  2. “Spin Eternally”, by Camellia
  3. “Into the Dream”, by Jaroslav Beck (ft. Jakub Tirco), and,
  4. “Ludicrous+, by Jaroslav Beck

Beat Games has announced for the gaming fans, the news on March 16th, via Twitter. Though not much of the details are shared.

The announcement included only one teaser video which revealed the background in it when it shows the number 4 during the countdown process going on. Also cluing the twisting effects used in the environment.

From the sources, the information revealed that Beat Saber for the sake of You Tubers is again making the Content-ID for OST free, enabling them to upload full playthroughs, by not risking the demonetization.

Beat Saber’s new update of OST 4 is available on all major handsets supporting VR including, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, PSVR, and Steam VR.

Jaroslav Beck stated that With OST-4, he has focused on converging the electronic and rock music, which is a perfect environment set up for the more than expected intensified beat maps.

OST-4 has launched a hallucinating and a new kaleidoscopic environment different from the environment in the beat saber ever seen before.

Adding a piece of good news for streamers is that- all the songs being content ID-free in OST 4 will enable you to stream the Channels unaccompanied by limitations.

If you don’t find these songs enough for you, then you can dive to get a copy of the modified Beat Saber.

With this customizable feature of songs available at Beat Saber, one can enjoy customized songs that enable opening the flood-gates of additional and many new numerous tunes.

Beat Saber’s OST 4 at Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2, one of the biggest titles in Beat saber’s gaming has the most impressive headsets with a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Introduced by Facebook, the system software of Oculus Quest 2 provides an extra immersive refresh rate of 90 Hz and has enabled the developers as well to upgrade their apps enabling the running rate of 90 Hz.

It’s high time now, grabbing yourself, Beat saber’s update on Oculus Quest 2 as it is the perfect time to go get a slice and slash the new cubical blocks of music beat with newly released Original Sound Track 4 for free on your favorite Quest 2 headset.

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