Our Take on Are Phone VR Headsets worth it with Pros and Cons

Are Phone VR Headsets worth it

Two types of VR headsets that are standing out are called Tethered VR and Phone VR. In this blog we will keep our focus on Phone VR while providing pros and cons for people looking for the answer to the question- “Are phone VR headsets worth it”?

The market is experiencing the coming of new VR headsets of various types on regular basis. As the number increases, the market is getting diversified with more innovative technology, experience-driven design, comfortability, and more.

Pros of Phone VR

These VR headsets are a sort of encaged lenses where you put your phone for viewing VR content. Once you rightly position the phone, the content gets split into two parts one for each eye.

You put on the Phone VR headset and get an immersive visual experience just in front of you.  No doubt, this way of experience VR might sounds interesting to you. However, it is not without any cons. Pros are here.


Mobile is made from the word mobility and that’s the main USP for that. Literally, you can take your VR headset anywhere without worrying much about anything. Take it to a playground or the beach; it does its works in the best way.


Who does not want to explore VR at low prices? The good tethered headsets come at a price above $400 whereas some phone VR headsets such as Google cardboard starts with just around $15. These relatively inexpensive features attract beginners to explore VR through mobile. 

Easy to use

Google cardboard allows easy assembly
Google Cardboard Which Allows you to fold and unfold the setup with ease.

Technology makes our life both easy and hard. If you have know-how about that, it helps in elevating your experience else it becomes a nightmare for you. Tethered VR headset comes with camera trackers, movement sensors, high-end PCs requirement, unwieldy cables, and much more.

Just opposite to that, a phone VR headset is simple to use as it involves less technology. For those having little technological knowledge, Phone VR is bliss. Are phone VR headsets worth it for the person with little technical knowledge? Surely-   Yes.

Less susceptibility towards VR nausea

VR nausea leads to vomiting, pallor, fatigue, disorientation, headache, discomfort, drowsiness, and other minor and major health issues. It happens because you immerse yourself in the VR for long hours especially while using tethered VR headsets.

Indeed, the phone VR headset is not that immersive as the other one but that’s works in your favor and you remain less susceptible to VR nausea. 

Easy setting up

What if, you have just a few minutes and you feel the urge to watch some VR content? Phone VR headsets consume less time in setting up as you just open VR App on your device, place the VR headset, and it’s time for VR exploration.

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Limitations of Phone VR headset

No interaction with surroundings

Price plays a vital role in the omission and inclusion of features. So when you pay less, it typically leads to fewer features so be ready for that. Are phone VR headsets worth it?  Yes, But you get what you pay for.

Here, you cannot interact with surroundings as it is made to process FPRs (fixed point renderings). You can see all angles from a fixed point but cannot move anything except your line of sight. 

No walking around

Tethered VR headset gives full motion that is also called 6-degree of freedom. However, a Phone VR headset only gives 3-degree of freedom so you cannot walk around the scene. It is also because you do not get any motion sensors to use with Phone VR.

Phone is not made for VR

It’s surprising for many but truth is truth. Most smartphones are not designed to keep the VR experience in mind. The battery gets drained out quickly and there is a lack of VR content too.

Image quality is not at par with the tethered VR headset. Furthermore, the backside of the phone gets scratches or old in less time as you have to put your phone inside and take it outside every time for use. 

Final verdict On Are Phone VR Headsets worth it?

The kind of VR sets you to use depending on your technical needs, budget, preference, and of course, the duration.  No doubt, Tethered VR headsets bring immersive experience, 

If you have not tried VR as of the date and do not have financial backing and inclination towards much investment in tethered VR headsets, go for a phone VR headset. They are cheap and you can enjoy simple VR content on your phone.

When we compare quality, price, experience, content availability, and other parameters, the answer to the question- “Are phone VR headsets worth it” is positive.

Yes, it’s big yes from our side. Go for it.