How To Play Tales Of Glory VR On Oculus Quest 2?

So if youre the person looking for the answer to the question How to play Tales of Glory VR on Oculus Quest 2? Be with us. Well raise the curtain from this question right here.

Who doesn’t love history? However, what if, you are those types of person who are curious to go into medieval era then this game may give your some experience of that.

Tales of Glory is a game that takes you to medieval era combat with its staggering 200 characters on screen? Were talking about the Tales of Glory game that comes with tons of combat and gameplay.

The game is available on Steam that is a major reason for gamers to disappoint with this game. They feel difficulties in playing Tales of Glory on their preferred VR headset that is Oculus Quest 2.


Wired Method To Play Tales Of Glory On Quest 2

This method requires you to purchase an oculus supported USB cable which will be used to connect your headset with PC to play the game. Oculus launched their own official cable which you can check its price here.

If you think the price of the original cable is costly then you also have third-party cables which you can also use to connect. I’ve listed some of the supported cables below. Check it on amazon from here

Steps to Play Tales of Glory on quest 2

If youre looking for, Can I play Tales of Glory VR on Oculus Quest 2 without PC, stick with us. Weve outlined step by step wired method as follows.

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Step 1

First of all download Oculus quest software from its official website and install it on your gaming PC or laptop.


Connect your headset with your laptop using link cable that you’ve purchased from the above link.


Once you connect the cable go to the Device and select Oculus Quest 2, after this you would be able to go to next page for the initial procedure.

Connect to Play Tales Of Glory VR On Oculus Quest

Step 4-

Once you are done with the setup and your pc recognised your headset, Open your headset there you’ll see a pop up to enable the oculus link feature of the headset. If you have not received any message just go to Settings < Device and enable the option of Oculus link.

Now You’re ready to play rift’s store game.

But as we know current Tales of Glory is not on rift store but it is on STEAM platfrom, so we have to connect steam with our headset so just follow few more steps to get it done.

Step 5-

Download Steam software on your PC and the install it. Once you’ve installed it open and then search for an application in Steam Search form called “SteamVR” and download it.


Now open your quest 2 headset and Then you’ll have to enable “Unknown source” option under filter to see your laptop using steamVR.

Play Tales Of Glory VR On Oculus Quest 2 enabling

After this you’ll see a option of virtual desktop on the homepage of headset at the bottom of the screen, click on that and now you should see your PC screen there. so now you can see your PC you can download Tales of Glory game on the steam platform and then play it on your headset.

Thats it. Now youre ready to play Tales of Glory on Oculus Quest 2.

Now it’s time to decode the second method for Can I play Tales of Glory on Oculus Quest 2 without PC.

Wireless Method To Play Tales Of Glory On Oculus Quest 2

For a wireless connection, youve got two options that are via Air Link or Virtual Desktop (VD).

Air Link Method

  • Make yourself ready for wirelessly playing Tales of Glory with a VR-ready PC, Oculus Quest 2, router with Ethernet cable, and required software.
  • Install the Oculus application on your PC and visit settings to turn on Air Link from the Beta tab.
  • Once the Air Link is turned on, it’s time to enable Air Link in your headset.
  • Go to the Experimental features tab and flip the Air Link option.
  • Once you follow above mentioned two steps, both PC and Oculus Quest 2 get connected.
  • Now follow same step from the wired method from Step 5.

After connection, you are all set to play Tales of Glory on Oculus Quest 2

Requirements For How To Play Tales Of Glory VR On Oculus Quest 2?

A VR-Ready PC

Having an Oculus Quest 2 is not enough, you need a VR-ready PC. But you might ask, how can I be sure that my PC is  VR-ready or not?

There is a way out: Visit the official Oculus Link compatibility page to know the minimum requirements. Also, ensure the PC hardware is matching with the requirements. 

Furthermore, PC compatibility varies based on the game as well. Check your PC configuration and Tales of Glory requirements, to double-check whether you can play it or not on the Oculus Quest 2.

Still,  if you are curious to know Can I play Tales of Glory VR on Oculus Quest 2 Without PC, The answer is No. It’s not possible to play a steam game like Tales of Glory without a PC. If you have a PC, follow the steps mentioned above to experience the game.

Oculus Cable (only for wired method)

It is a type – C cable that connects your Quest 2 with the VR-ready computer.  The Oculus link cable is a thin and flexible cable that ensures a high grade of reliability for playing the Tales of Glory.

You also get the flexibility to use any other Type C cable with at least 2.0 specifications, but that doesn’t deliver the constant and fast connection with the PC. 

Software Requirements

You need to download the official Oculus app on your VR-ready PC. The software creates a link between the PC and your headset. Visit the official website to download Quest software. 

For playing steam games like Tales of Glory, you are also required to download Steam and Steam VR on your PC. 

Router, Ethernet cable & strong internet connection (Only for wireless method)

Buy any good quality router with an ethernet cable from any reputed online store. Please note, the internet connection speed largely impacts your gaming performance.


Oculus Quest 2: An Overview

Facebook does not need any formal introduction among tech-savvy gamers. Oculus Quest 2 is another fantastic standalone headset from the company for VR gaming lovers. It has loads of native games that you can explore but the problem starts when you wish to play steam games like Tales of Glory. To your utter happiness, there is a way to play steam games on Oculus Quest 2.

Final Word

If you’ve read the whole article, you must have got the answer to your question: How to play Tales of Glory VR on Oculus Quest 2?  You must have got that about the requirements of a PC to play the game.