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GameVR respect and understand one’s privacy. We understand our visitor’s privacy is as important as our own.

Here we cover how we manage our visitor’s privacy

Personal Identifiable information

Such information that can potentially be used to track and locate one’s identity and their details, It everyone concerns These are Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Fax Number, Finacial detail, Credit Card details. He on GameVR we use this information for customizing our website and doing selling offers. We also use this information to answer and respond to the queries they asked for.

We store all the valuable information on gameVR and share with only authorized service providers of this website which is very secure and we do not sell or share with any other third party.

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Cookies Policy

We use cookies for visitors’ reference on this website, it helps in better-analyzing visitors behaviors, website performance and secures authorized customers which helps them to use the backend of the website.

Redirecting to Other website

We also redirect visitors to other website and we assume and encourage you to go through there Terms too.