The best ethernet cable for gaming

The Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Even though online gaming is rapidly becoming wireless, choosing an Ethernet cable may offer you the best chance for a seamless gaming experience. An Ethernet cable is a wired end-to-end chord that connects your computer to the router. 

You know the importance of an uninterrupted internet connection as an online gamer, which is why it is essential to use to have stable internet. WiFi connections are usually stable; nevertheless, they are not exempt from glitches. Using an Ethernet cable solves this problem for you. Connecting your computer to the router with an Ethernet cable guarantees a fast and uninterrupted internet connection while gaming. 

Additionally, Ethernet cable connections ensure that you do not encounter connection lags during gaming. As a gamer, every second is essential, and you do not want to take the risk of being slowed down due to internet connection lags while facing an opponent. 

Besides, WiFi connection uses electromagnetic waves, which can be interfered with easily. Everyday gadgets and appliances like a Bluetooth device or microwave around your WiFi may cause some sort of interference that affects your gaming experience. On the other hand, you do not need to worry about electromagnetic interference when using an Ethernet cable connection. 

Even though most people prefer wireless connection because of mobility, using an Ethernet cable for gaming has a lot of advantages. Here are the best Ethernet cables for gaming that you should try for a better gaming experience. 

A Complete Review of the 8 Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming 

Check out the eight best Ethernet cables for gaming in no particular order. These cables are reliable and guarantee a better gaming experience. 

1. Jadaol Ethernet Cable

Jadaol Ethernet Cable
Length50 feet
Material4 shielded foiled twisted pair of copper wires and UV-resistant PVC jacket
SpeedUp to 40Gbps 2000MHz high speed

This Ethernet cable is one of the best sellers out there, and that is because of its features and build, making it a must-have for gamers. The Ethernet cable is Cat5e and Cat6, which means that it is super reliable, and you can get a transmission speed of up to 10GBps. 

Additionally, this Ethernet cable is flat-shaped, enabling you to install it easily around the house. This Ethernet cable comes in different lengths, and for people who need to run it through separate rooms it comes up to 200ft. Another great benefit of using this Ethernet cable is the universal connectivity feature. You can connect this Ethernet cable to your router, PC, printers, smart TV, etc. The package also comes with 20 cable clips for installation. 

The end of this Ethernet cable is an unshielded twisted pair made of copper to ensure no interference and minimal noise when in use.

  • Made of copper
  • Up to 200ft in length
  • Flat shaped
  • 12 months warranty
  • Up to 10GBps internet speed
  • Included cable clips are not enough for installation
  • Placing an object on the cable can affect the connection

2. Dbillionda Cat-8 Ethernet Cable

Dbillionda Cat-8 Ethernet Cable
Length6 feet feet
Material4 shielded foiled twisted pair (S/FTP) and single strand OFC wires (26AWG)
Warranty18 months

This heavy-duty Ethernet cable guarantees a super-fast internet connection of up to 40GBps. The ends are double shielded with RJ45 connectors and are compatible with Cat7, Cat5, Cat6, Cat5e, and Cat6e. Although the cable is 6ft long, it is super efficient for long-distance connections. 

This Cat8 Ethernet cable is durable, doesn’t take damage easily, is waterproof, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can install it easily in the house or bury it underground for outdoor use. 

Furthermore, this cable is thick, round, and super-fast, making it reliable and suitable for gaming, streaming, and performing other functions requiring a high-speed network. With this cable, you can stream music and videos and play games incredibly faster without worrying about lagging. 

The extra shielding on this Ethernet cable provides additional protection against noise and interference, giving you a seamless connection. You also get an 18-month warranty when you purchase this cable. 

  • Reliable
  • Super fast
  • Made of aluminum
  • Double shielded for better protection
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Up to 40GBps speed
  • Cable is short

3. Vabogu Cat8 Ethernet Cable 

Vabogu Cat8 Ethernet Cable
Length100 feet
Material100% oxygen-free copper inside, aluminum foil shield, UV-resistant PVC jacket
Warranty1 year

The Vabogu Ethernet cable is the second Cat8 indoor and outdoor cable on our list. Although it has similar features to the Dbillionda Cat8 cable, like their heavy-duty build, it stands out in a few ways. One of them is the length; the Vabogu Ethernet cable can be as short as 1.5ft and long as 150ft. 

This cable uses the RJ45 connector type like most Ethernet cables and can connect your router to your television, printer, server, and laptop. It is durable, reliable, and guarantees a hyper internet connection. 

You can get up to 40GBps speed using the Vabogu Cat8 Ethernet cable. The connecting end has aluminum foil shielding, and the wires are made of copper, all of which ensure durability and anti-aging.

  • Up to 150ft in length
  • Anti-aging
  • Capable of speeds up to 40GBps
  • Superior performance
  • The cable end may slip off the port easily

4. Dacrown Cat8 Ethernet Cable

Dacrown Cat8 Ethernet Cable
Length30 feet
MaterialPure copper core, aluminum foil shield, woven mesh shield, PVC outer cover
Speed40Gbps 2GHz

The Dacrown Cat8 Ethernet cable is one of the most commonly used high-speed internet transmission cables. This cable provides a top-speed, interruption-free connection making it a top pick for gamers. It uses the gold-plated RJ45 connector type and is widely compatible with many devices, so it is useful even when you are not gaming. 

The Dacrown Cat8 Ethernet cable is weatherproof and suitable for heavy-duty indoor and outdoor use. Like all Cat8 cables, you can get up to 40GBps internet connection speed with this cable and will not experience lagging or avoidable interruptions. 

The cable is round with a sturdy PVC jacket and aluminum foil shield to ensure durability. Expect uninterrupted internet speed and a long-lasting cable when you purchase Dacrown Cat8 Ethernet cables.

  • Weatherproof
  • Highly durable
  • 2000MHz frequency
  • Up to 150ft length
  • Quite expensive
  • Cables over 45ft may experience speed loss

5. Danyee Cat7 Braided Ethernet Cable

Danyee Cat7 Braided Ethernet Cable
Length3 feet
Material‎Nylon braided, GND, PVC, aluminum foil, bare copper conductors
Speed10Gbps 600MHz

If you are looking for a stylish cable, you should consider the Danyee Cat7 Ethernet cable. This cable is nylon braided, making it more pleasing to the eye than round and plain cables. 

Danyee offers a series of nylon braided Cat7 cables. These cables are flat and available in different patterns and colors including black, black and white, blue, blue and black, grey and gold. It is easy to run them through a door or under the carpet, and the nylon weave ensures that the cables don’t slide around, unlike other Ethernet cable types. You can’t find a better-braided Ethernet cable on the market. 

Although there are reports of the nylon fraying from repeated handling, it helps the cable keep dirt away and keep strong and elegant. The connecting ends have four shields to prevent noise or interference with your internet connection. Therefore, be rest assured of a seamless internet transmission when you use the Danyee Ethernet cable.

  • Up to 10GBps internet speed
  • Dirt proof
  • Better signal quality
  • Special design
  • High performance
  • Cable is stiff

6. Shinekee Outdoor Ethernet Cable

Shinekee Outdoor Ethernet Cable
Length200 feet
Material4 shielded twisted pair by copper wires with two RJ45 connectors
Speed10Gbps 600MHz

Gaming is not always an indoor activity. On a warm summer day, while your friends and family are playing outside, you may want to take your gaming outdoor. One worry you may have is rerunning your Ethernet cable. If this is you, the Shinekee outdoor Ethernet cable is what you should purchase. 

Although most Ethernet cable brands design their cables for indoor and outdoor use, Shinekee designs them specifically for outdoor purposes. It is preferable to have one handy for days when you need a fast internet speed outside your home. If you have a cabin in the woods or a shelter in a place with harsh weather conditions, the Shinekee outdoor Ethernet cable has you covered. 

The internal components of the Shinekee cable are relatively the same as other products on our list. It uses RJ45 gold connectors and shielded twisted copper cable; however, this Ethernet cable has extra layers of PVC protection. If you bury it underground, it will last for years, working perfectly without any visible depletion.

  • Highly resistant to harsh outdoor conditions
  • Up to 250ft in length
  • 10GBps internet speed
  • Does not come with cable routing clips

7. Amazon Basics RJ45 Ethernet Cable

Amazon Basics RJ45 Ethernet Cable
Length3 feet
MaterialGold plating for accurate data transfer and corrosion-free connectivity
Speed1 Gigabit per second

Amazon basics RJ45 cables are available in Cat6 and Cat7, ensuring optimal internet speed for gaming at a fair price. Like all products within the Amazon basics range, this Ethernet cable is high quality and made specifically for gaming. 

Cat6 and Cat7 Ethernet cables have gigabit connection speeds, and this one is no exception. The RJ45 connectors allow precise data transfer and reduce interference, and they are also goldplated, making them corrosion-free. 

Amazon basics Ethernet cables are more durable than the enhanced PVC jacked, which keeps the internal wires secure. These cables are available in varying lengths from 3ft to 50ft, and this may be a slight disadvantage as most brands make longer Ethernet cables. Nevertheless, if you do not need to be far away from your router, the Amazon basics Ethernet cable is the most suitable for you.

  • Compatible with TV, PC, printer, and more
  • Capable of speeds up to 10GBps
  • Great for indoor use
  • Affordable
  • Limited cable length

8. Mediabridge Ethernet Cable

Mediabridge Ethernet Cable
MaterialEach of the 4 twisted pairs are separated by PE cross insulation to prevent crosstalk
Speed10 Gbps

The Mediabridge Ethernet cable supports Cat5e and Cat6 ports. It guarantees a high internet speed of 10GBps and bandwidth up to 550MHz. The cable is widely used, and customers are happy with the quality, price, and performance. 

Additionally, the Mediabridge Ethernet cable is available in white, red, blue, grey, and black colors. However, it is shorter compared to all the products on this list, and therefore it is more suitable for short-distance connectivity. This Ethernet cable is compatible with PCs, smart TVs, routers, printers, and other Ethernet devices. 

The internal wiring is also secure, and the RJ45 connectors are shielded and goldplated to ensure accurate data transfer. 

  • Affordable
  • High performance
  • Good quality
  • 10Gbps speed
  • Limited length of only 25ft

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Ethernet Cable

Although buying an Ethernet cable is not rocket science, you still have to know the essential factors to consider to avoid future problems. We made a list of factors to consider so you can buy only the best Ethernet cable for a quality gaming experience. 

Cable Type/Category

Your Ethernet cable’s type determines your internet connection’s speed. Therefore, the most critical factor a gamer should consider is the category of the cable they are buying. Ethernet cables have categories 1 to 8, written as Cat1 through Cat8. Cat1 to Cat4 cables are outdated and less used, while cat-5 to cat-8 are widely used and more in demand. 

Cat5 has a subcategory called Cat5e, the “e” stands for enhanced, and the cables in this category have good transmission speed. However, the higher the category of your Ethernet cable, the faster the transmission speed. Ethernet cables from Cat6 to Cat8 can have transmission speeds of GBps instead of the standard MBps. 

Cable Length

Once you decide on a category to pick from for your Ethernet cable, the next thing to consider is the length of the cable. Ethernet cables come in different sizes, and if you do not want to sit next to your router, you have to consider buying a longer cable. 

The best way to determine the length to purchase is to do a rough distance calculation of where you will be sitting and the location of your router. The longer the distance, the longer the Ethernet cable to buy. 

Cable Size and Shape

Ethernet cables are not always round. If you look around enough, you will find flat ones that are good for laying under the carpet or door. Round Ethernet cables are more common, however, and are slightly cheaper than flat ones. 

One disadvantage of wired connections is mobility. It is not always easy to move around with a laptop connected to another device with a wire. As a result, it is common for gamers to have longer cables that can lay under the door or carpet, especially when the router is not in their gaming room. 

Besides, laying long round cables through the door and around the house is difficult; anyone could trip and fall easily. Therefore, investing in flat-shaped Ethernet cables solves this problem since they are slimmer and less visible. 


Before buying an Ethernet cable, you should look at the internal and external specifications. These will be important in determining how long the cables will last, mainly if you use them indoors and outdoors. 

You should only go for shielded RJ45 connector-type cables and ensure that the PVC jacket has an extra layer of protection. If the connecting ends are shielded, it helps secure them to your ports and prevents them from getting loose from overuse. Additionally, the wiring of the Ethernet cable should be protected to ensure durability. Least protected PVCs are prone to snagging, which can affect the overall performance of the Ethernet cable. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I connect an Ethernet cable to my gaming PC?

Connecting an Ethernet cable to your PC is a straightforward process. Your Ethernet cable has two ends; one goes into your router while the other into your computer. You will find an Ethernet port at the back of your router, while the port for your PC can be on either side. 

It is not unusual if you notice that your laptop doesnt have an Ethernet port, and newer laptop models are thinner and therefore have fewer ports. Therefore, if you fall into this category, you may have to buy a USB to Ethernet adapter while buying an Ethernet cable. 

To connect the USB to the Ethernet adapter, you go through the same process as connecting directly to your laptop. First, you plug one cable end into the router and the other end into the Ethernet port on your adapter. Afterward, you connect the adapter to your laptop with the USB. 

Once the connection is complete, you should be able to use the internet. You may have to reset your router or restart the computer if you can’t. 

2. How do I know when to use an Ethernet cable?

If you are comfortable with your gaming PC’s internet speed and don’t mind interruption and lagging, you may not need to use an Ethernet cable. However, if you want a better and faster connection with no interruption whatsoever, then it is advisable to use an Ethernet cable. 

3. Do gaming PCs need an Ethernet cable connection?

Gaming PCs usually have better graphics, faster processing speeds, and massive memory. Nevertheless, these features don’t necessarily mean these PCs will have a better internet speed. Your device’s internet speed is dependent on your WiFi or whatever internet source you are using. 

Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the internet speed of your gaming PC, you can boost it with an Ethernet cable connection. 

4. Is Ethernet faster than WiFi?

Yes, Ethernet is faster and more reliable than a WiFi connection. When you use the internet directly from your WiFi, you get the regular speed expected; if you share the WiFi with others, it is even slower. However, when you use an Ethernet cable for an internet connection, you get more speed because your internet doesn’t transmit through a wireless signal, and you are wired directly to the WiFi. 

5. What is the fastest Ethernet cable for gaming?

It is best to use cat5 upwards as a gamer if you want a faster internet connection. Although Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6e are the most commonly used Ethernet cable types, you can upgrade to Cat7 or Cat8 for a better experience. 

However, using Cat7 or Cat8 Ethernet cables may not significantly differ from your Cat5 and Cat6 if you do not increase your WiFi quota with your service provider. Additionally, Cat7 and Cat8 are mostly suited for industrial use; therefore, it is advisable to buy them if you want similar internet speeds. 

6. What are the cons of using an Ethernet cable for gaming?

Ethernet cables are great, but their only shortcoming is the wired connection. Unlike WiFi, which transmits internet connection over wireless signals, Ethernet connection uses cables for the transmission. The presence of cables means you have to be at a certain distance from your router, which may not be ideal for most people. 

However, you can solve this problem using a lengthy Ethernet cable. You can opt for Ethernet cables that are twice as long as the distance between you and the router. This enables you to move around freely, but you should not forget the wired connection to avoid accidents. Another solution is buying a lengthier Ethernet cable and laying it under your carpet or through the wall. Ethernet cables with a flat shape are advisable as they are easier to lay and less likely to cause an accident. 

7. Should I buy a round or flat Ethernet cable?

Both types are great, and the performance depends on the wiring and specifications rather than the shape. Nevertheless, round Ethernet cables are more popular because of their durability. Although it is not easy to run the round cables around the house, especially through doors and carpet, as they tend to bulge, they can withstand a lot of pressure without snagging. 

On the other hand, flat Ethernet cables are easy to run around the house and are hardly noticeable because of their shape. However, flat cables snag easily, and a little outer pressure can affect the data transfer and performance of the transmission. 

Therefore, you should pick the shape of your Ethernet cable based on the location of use. Since round cables are more durable, you can use them outdoors or indoors where you can’t hide them entirely after running them. If you can run your cables perfectly and hide them easily, then you may consider using flat Ethernet cables. Additionally, If you intend to bury the cable for outdoor use, it is best to use round Ethernet cables. 


WiFi connections are wireless and are every gamer’s favorite source of internet. However, a WiFi connection is not entirely reliable, especially when you are heated up in a game and set to win. Several things could go wrong; other WiFi signals or electromagnetic waves can leave your connection in disarray. If that doesn’t happen, your connection may lag or become interrupted consistently. 

The best way to avoid or solve these problems is to invest in an Ethernet cable for gaming. These cables are designed purposefully for gamers; they do not require passwords and increase internet speed. You also don’t have to worry about interference while gaming using an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cables are also efficient for outdoor gaming, and you won’t have a problem with length since most products have up to 200ft available. 

However, not all Ethernet cable providers that claim to be good for gaming fulfill that promise. Some of them become shaky after some time and worsen your gaming experience, and others do not have a good transmission speed to keep up with your needs. Hence, you should pick any of the best Ethernet cables for gaming that we reviewed in this article. These cables are reliable, durable, and conform to IEEE standards. 

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