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The Six Best VR Games You Can Play Without a Controller

Virtual reality (VR) gaming is more popular than ever. As devices such as Oculus and PlayStation VR become more affordable, an increasing number of gamers are trying their hand at VR gaming.

These VR headsets offer an immerse experience, unlike any previous video game. Place on the headset, and you’re taken into a completely new world with all kinds of incredible designs and features.

In most instances, they need some sort of controller to interact with these incredible VR games. From shooting enemies to controlling vehicles, VR games typically require gamers to invest in expensive controllers to get the most of these virtual realities.

However, as VR gaming becomes more popular, there are many VR games without a controller! You get to explore new worlds with just a VR headset, saving them the time and effort needed to master VR controllers.

The Top Six VR Games That are Playable Without a Controller

As mentioned, there are many new VR games that are playable without a controller. In fact, most of these games don’t even need an expensive VR headset. Many VR games are compatible with smartphone devices, so you only need a basic VR headset to play.

Better still, these VR headsets are inexpensive, often made from basic materials like cardboard. For example, Google Cardboard is a simple and affordable VR headset made from cardboard. Simply build the cardboard headset, insert your smartphone, and start playing VR games without a controller!

Let’s check out some of the best VR games without a controller – there are more than most people think!

VR Roller Coaster

Available on Android and iOS devices, VR Roller Coaster is one of the most popular VR games to play without a controller.

As the name suggests, VR Roller Coast is a roller coaster simulator that takes you on a white-knuckle ride across various roller coaster tracks. You don’t need any controller; instead, use the headset to control things like the speed of the coaster.

It’s an immersive experience that takes you on a thrill ride across various unique coaster tracks. Go at high speeds, take sharp turns, and even ride upside down at high speeds! There are over 60 roller coaster tracks available, each one offering a unique and exciting ride.

Deep Space Battle VR

Fans of classic space flight combat simulators like Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: TIE Fighter should check out this VR game!

Deep Space Battle VR is a modern space combat simulator where the player takes control of their own spaceship. Players can fly and shoot other spaceships without a VR controller, with the game using head motions to control the ship.

Simply take a look at your enemy spaceships to start shooting them down to defend Earth from invasion!

Deep Space Battle VR is compatible with Android devices using the Google Cardboard headset.

End Space VR

If you own an iPhone and want to enjoy a space combat simulator, then End Space VR is worth checking out. The game features many similarities with Deep Space Battle VR but is compatible with iOS devices.

However, End Space VR has much better graphics, offering an incredibly immersive space flight experience. The graphics are seriously impressive, resembling something you’d get from a console device – but on your iPhone!

While designed for use with a trigger controller, the game also has a non-controller option. Simply disable the controller option in the game to use the headset as the main controller. With this option, you just use the headset to fly the ship and shoot down your enemies!

Trooper 2

Trooper 2 is a first-person shooter (FPS) VR game without any controller requirements, available on Android devices. Simply place on the headset, and you’re ready for ground warfare against your enemies!

The game gives you control of a soldier that is tasked with taking down another soldier in a linear battleground. It features standard shooter gameplay, arming you with various guns to shoot down your opponent.

Trooper 2 has incredible 3D audio and a 360-degree field of view, making it feel like you are right there on the battlefield. Plus, you don’t need insane aiming abilities like many online FPS games, making it a good choice for more casual players too.

VR Racer

Looking to get behind the wheel in a VR game without a controller? Then be sure to check out the amazing VR Racer, available on Android devices.

VR Racer is a street racing simulator with the immersion of a VR setting. The game doesn’t require any controller; instead, using the gyroscope from the Android device to steer the vehicle as you drive through the streets.

The game has great graphics and has various unlockable features, rewarding you with upgrades as you win races. It has a solid framerate, staying smooth and fluid even as you accelerate into high-speed races.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a popular VR puzzle game without a controller. You’re a large marble dropped inside of a cool 3D world with the objective of breaking various glass structures with a limited number of marbles.

The main challenge is destroying the glass structures with the correct precision as you fly through the level. You only have a set number of marbles for each level, so you need to carefully choose where you shoot them to destroy enough structures to finish the level.

It’s a fun, laid-back VR game without any controller requirements. The relaxing music and cool level designs offer a unique and enjoyable VR game that’s well worth trying out!

Play Some Great VR Games Without a Controller

Be sure to check out our top six VR games to play without using a controller! There are all sorts of amazing VR games across various genres that don’t need a controller to play. Whether you love racing or shooting, there are all kinds of fun games that offer an immersive VR experience without needing a controller.

If you’re interested in VR gaming, consider trying out some of the above games. Most of them are free to play and require a basic setup, such as a DIY headset and smartphone device. If you like what you see, maybe you can invest in some more advanced VR hardware!