The best gaming router for ps4

The Top 7 Best Gaming Router for PS4

As a gamer, one of the things that would frustrate you the most is not having a seamless gaming experience. When it boils down to it, you want to be able to enjoy playing online games on your PS4 without experiencing lags and unnecessary pauses. If you have decent internet with good bandwidth but still can’t manage to get a lag-free experience on your PS4, chances are that your ISP is not the one to blame here. The primary culprit is your gaming router.

That is why it is essential to get the best gaming router for PS4. When you do this, you can kiss your lagging problems goodbye, have a seamless online gaming experience, and finally, beat that high score or crush your enemies online.

How Was This List Compiled?

This is not a random list of products. If you go on Google, you will see a lot of product roundups that did not do their homework. Before putting this list together, so many gaming routers were considered. We compiled the list of the best gaming routers for PS4 and did thorough research to narrow them down to the seven you have on this list now. 

We considered features like the router’s speed, compatibility with various ISPs, security, number of Ethernet ports, and availability of MU-MIMO. And after those considerations, this list was put together. So what you have on the list is the best of the best. It is not just a random list of products but the top seven you can find on the gaming market.  

Best Gaming Router for PS4 (Full Review)

1. TP-Link Archer C5400X TriBand WiFi Gaming Router

TP-Link Archer C5400X TriBand WiFi Gaming Router
Processor1.8 GHz 64-bit quad-core processor + 3 co-processors
Ports8x gigabit ethernet ports
Data Transfer Rate5334Mbps
VPNYes (built in)

This gaming router has a high WiFi speed that is good for gaming, plus it comes with a wide port selection, which makes it an excellent option for gamers who like to connect wired devices to their routers. 

The Archer C5400X is arguably the best gaming router. It is powered by a 1.8 GHz 64-bit quad-core processor, which is responsible for its speed. It also has eight Gigabit LAN ports to enable wired connectivity and also comes with two USB ports for other devices that are non-WiFi. Moving on, it has a data transfer rate of 5334 Mbps. It comes with built-in Beamforming technology which allows you to lock in on the devices connected. This means that you can move around, and your connection is still strong and working correctly. However, there are a few concerns about their customer support system.

The company does not offer the same quality of customer support as some of its competitors. In that regard, they can certainly do better. However, because of the ease of use of the router, you may not need customer support that often.

To wrap up, the router has eight external antennas that allow for extended coverage throughout the house and support link aggregation. This allows for faster transfer rates between the router and other network storage devices attached to it. Finally, it comes with a HomeCare subscription that helps to protect all the devices connected to it from cyber-attacks. The built-in VPN server makes the security system more effective, which helps encrypt the connection between the Archer C5400X and the internet. The Archer C5400X is perfect. It is the best router you can use to enjoy a seamless gaming experience on your PS4.

  • Fast data transfer between devices
  • Availability of a wide range of port selections
  • Free HomeCare Subscription for increased security
  • Inbuilt Beamforming technology
  • Customer support is not so great

2. Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 WiFi Router

Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 WiFi Router
Data Transfer Rate2600Mbps
VPNYes (built in)

The Nighthawk XR500 is the first gaming router from Netgear. One of the first things that stand out is the hardware power and design. It comes in an all-black design with powerful hardware and robust software, making it very unique for gamers. The router comes with a dual-band, quad-steam (4×4) WiFi 5. This can simultaneously deliver 1733 MBps on the 5 Ghz and 800 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz. This may sound impossible because it is a 5GHz, and they usually have a lower range. But the Nighthawk XR500 does not lack in that aspect. It offers both range and speed. 

Setting up the Nighthawk XR500 is pretty easy. It is like setting up any other router: you need to connect your computer to the router’s LAN port or via the WiFi network and connect the router’s WAN port to your internet source. This gets you up and running pretty quickly. The router has a few other tricks up its sleeve. Specifically, it comes with sophisticated features that enable you to assign bandwidth by devices, alot more bandwidth to your PS4 and reduce lag during your gaming sessions. Plus it has an excellent geo-filter that assists with limiting the distance to servers or other players.

It has four LAN ports, but it is essential to point out that the geo-filter feature is not perfect. There is a VPN within the router that does an excellent job encrypting the internet connection among clients. It equally has a customizable dashboard that provides live updates on how many devices are connected. Finally, you can manage it remotely using the Nighthawk app.

  • It has a wide range and fast internet speed.
  • User-friendly and easy to set up.
  • Sophisticated remote management feature.
  • Inbuilt VPN feature to encrypt internet connection
  • The geo-filter feature has some limitations.
  • It does not have a lot of apps available in the store

3. Asus AC 2900 RT-AC86U WiFi Gaming Router

Asus AC 2900 RT-AC86U WiFi Gaming Router
Data Transfer Rate2900Mbps
VPNYes (built in)

The Asus AC 2900 comes with a high speed, making it the perfect router for a lag-free multiplayer gaming experience. Put together, its data transfer speed is about 2900 Mbps with five Ethernet ports and two USB ports. Its stable and sturdy stand allows you to balance it properly on a range of surfaces with three antennas for connection. These features make it one of the fastest gaming routers. If your primary concern is speed, you should look at this router.

This router has a WTFast game accelerator. This helps the router take the most efficient route to connect to your game servers. But, some customers have complained that the router tends to drops the WiFi signal at times and the only solution is a hard restart. However, this issue isn’t that common and the router is still an extremely reliable choice.

Like many routers, it comes with a beamforming technology that allows it to focus its WiFi signals on one device. This means you can lock the WiFi signal to your PS4 and enjoy a seamless gaming experience without interruption from anyone else on the network. Also, you get support via voice control using Alexa, and you can remotely operate the router through the Asus Router app. Finally, the router comes with an MU-MIMO technology that allows multiple devices to connect without affecting the WiFi speed. Also, it has AI Protection, which protects all the devices connected from cyber attacks or hackers. 

The Asus AC 2900 is a complete package and a great router for you if you want speed, efficiency, and durability.

  • Fast data transfer rates.
  • Remote management using the Asus Router App.
  • Can have multiple device connections with no negative impact on overall speed
  • Voice support through Alexa.
  • WiFi signals drops sometimes

4. Speedefy AX1800 Smart WiFi Router

Speedefy AX1800 Smart WiFi Router
Processor1.5GHz quad core
Data Transfer Rate1800Mbps
VPNYes (built in)

This router is very popular for people who want a strong home WiFi connection and gamers who need high-speed networks. It fits into both territories perfectly and gives you a seamless experience that you would love. The Speedefy AX 1800 Smart WiFi Router has a dual-band frequency class and comes with a speed of 1800 Mbps. It can be connected to up to 40 devices simultaneously and has five Ethernet ports to facilitate wired connections. You may think having so many connections will affect the internet quality, but that is not the case. 

Installing and setting up this router is no problem at all and its 2500 sq ft coverage is an equally attractive feature. But there is a complaint about its durability, which a few users have just experienced. It may not last forever, no router does, but overall it is a router you can use for up to 3 years without experiencing any problems if you use it well. The router maximizes the MU-MIMO technology to help with multiple WiFi connections and also has a parental control that allows you to limit what the kids can access. As a parent, you want to control what your kids can access, and this router helps you do that. It comes with Beamforming technology to let you lock a connection to one device. This allows you to move around freely without losing speed. You can operate the router remotely using the Speedefy app. 

The Speedefy AX1800 Smart WiFi Router is known for its durability, user-friendliness, and flexibility. It is a choice router for any gamer that wants to enjoy their PS4. 

  • Quick installation process
  • You can control it remotely using the Speedefy app
  • It can connect to multiple devices without losing its efficiency
  • Some users complained about its durability

5. D-Link DIR-X5460-US AX5400 WiFi 6 Router

D-Link DIR-X5460-US AX5400 WiFi 6 Router
Processor3x core 1.5Ghz
Data Transfer Rate5400Mbps

As a tri-band router, the D-Link DIR X5460 has an impressive data transfer speed of up to 5400 Mbps, making it absolutely wonderful for most gamers and streamers looking for breakneck WiFi speeds. The router comes with two USB ports and five more for Ethernet connections. One of its significant features is that it uses OFDMA, which means that it can transmit data efficiently, especially for heavy data activities requiring more bandwidth. You can do so much with this router as a gamer and the plethora of features that it provides right out of the box.

Furthermore, the route works perfectly with both Alexa and Google Home. It also features the MU-MIMO technology, which means that every device connected can experience the same high-speed connectivity without any lapses or lags. Managing the router remotely is possible with the D-Link app and also comes with parental control so you can manage what kids can access using the connection. The D-link router is easy to use and is a router that you can rely on for your gaming activities, and know that it will not disappoint you in any way. 

  • It boasts of high-speed data transfer of 5400 Mbps
  • Several ports to aid connectivity
  • It has MU-MIMO technology to enable multiple connections
  • You can remotely manage it using the D-Link app
  • Parental control
  • Limited firmware

6. RockSpace AX 1800 WiFi Router

RockSpace AX 1800 WiFi Router
Data Transfer Rate1800Mbps
VPNYes (built in)

The RockSpace AX1800 WiFi router is a fast gaming router with a speed of 1800Mbps and a good range of about 2500 Sq ft. This router is compatible with a lot of WiFi standards, and it comes with inbuilt support for WiFi 6 technology. This makes it possible to provide lag-free connections to all the devices connected to it. Furthermore, the router has a processor with four cores and an 8 x 8 MU-MIMO technology. In essence, every device hooked up to the router can enjoy equal levels of high speed. One little drawback is that this router does not have an app, so it does not come with remote management. 

Also, the router is highly secure. It comes with encryption that helps keep hackers at bay and also features parental control that allows parents to limit access for their kids. It supports almost 35 simultaneous connections, making it perfect for home use and places with a few people who use the WiFi. Finally, its WiFi 6 technology is perfect for heavy streaming or online gaming activities. It helps to put the power back to you, the user. 

  • It supports up to 35 connections at the same time
  • It features the WiFi 6 technology, which makes it better
  • USB 3.0 port
  • It comes with good security encryption and parental control
  • It has high-speed internet connectivity
  • Remote management from an app is not available

7. TP-Link Archer AC 1750 Smart WiFI Router

TP-Link Archer AC 1750 Smart WiFI Router
Data Transfer Rate1750Mbps
VPNYes (built in)

TP-Link has consistently proven that you do not need to break the bank to get a good gaming router. They have a product line-up with many fantastic routers to help you get the job done and enjoy your gaming experience. The Archer AC 1750 is arguably the most affordable gaming router available. This, however, does not diminish its quality or efficiency. 

The router is easy to install and manage, and once you set it up, you get access to many management settings that help you get a better experience overall. But because of its price tag, you may have to make some sacrifices. One of the drawbacks of this router is the user interface which is not very ‘user friendly’, and the transfer speed is not the fastest. But when it comes to gaming, you can still enjoy a seamless gaming experience with this router. 

  • Affordable and you do not have to break the bank
  • It has a good performance overall and speed
  • The router is easy to install and set up
  • Offers access to several management settings that help you enjoy the router
  • It only comes with 2.0 USB ports

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a PS4 Gaming Router

Owing to the vast number of gaming routers available these days, it can be a hassle choosing the best one for you. But you do not have to be confused because, in this guide, you will see the essential things to consider before buying a PS4 router. This guide will help you escape the trap of going for routers that have sleek and futuristic designs but are not worth it. 

It helps you narrow down the essential features of the best PS4 gaming router and what it should not. 

1. Compatibility With Your ISP

All PS4 gaming routers are not compatible with your ISP. This is very important to note because many gamers have made this mistake in the past and have had to return a gaming router. You have to look at your ISP specifications and see what it requires. This way, you get a router that works well with your gaming console and gives you the gaming experience you desire. 

2. The Speed of the Gaming Router

This is very important; you need a gaming router that gives you access to high-speed internet connectivity. This allows you to be able to play online games without hitches or lags. After all, you want to stream and enjoy the whole experience. This will not be possible unless your router has a fast internet speed. Always confirm the internet speed before you purchase any router. 

3. Number of Ethernet Ports Available

You will need Ethernet ports to connect some heavy-duty devices to your router. If the router does not have enough ports, you will struggle to do this, making your whole experience terrible. So before you get any router, ensure it has enough ports or will serve you. If the ports are not enough for you, find another with more ports because if you get a router with minimal Ethernet ports, you will regret it in the long run. 

4. In-Built Beamforming Support

Beamforming is a feature that allows one of your heavy-duty devices to have a dedicated signal through one of the antennas on your router. It lets you lock the device in and experience a fast internet connection throughout the process. This comes in handy when you cannot connect those devices via an Ethernet port. Most gaming routers come with Beamforming support, but not all of them. Going for a router with this feature is always a great idea. 

5. Offers MU-MIMO

Gaming routers are expensive, and it would be a waste of money if the router you buy does not offer MU-MIMO. This feature enables all the users connected to the router to enjoy the same level of internet speed. This essentially means that regardless of the number of devices hooked up to the router, they all experience the same speed. Other users are not punished because one user is playing an internet-intensive online game on their PS4.

6. Ease of Use

This may not seem important because many people want to set up their router and use it. But as a gamer, you need to get a router that is user-friendly. Beyond just setting up your router password, there are several other things you have to do. Things like adjusting the QoS settings, configuring the ports, using a special VPN, and other technical stuff. You will need to get a gaming router that makes doing these things more accessible and not challenging. If you need I.T support every time you want to change a setting, this is a bad sign.

7. Security

Security is a big issue in the world today generally. With multinational companies being hacked and experiencing cyber attacks, you must be careful. It would help if you got a gaming router with a solid security system that enables encryption and helps you avoid cyber attacks. This is immensely imperative because your cybersecurity is essential. But you also need to understand that getting a gaming router that is appropriately encrypted is not enough. You also need to adhere to some security measures to ensure you do not expose yourself to attacks. 

These are some characteristics you should keep an eye out for in a PS4 gaming router. If you do not find these things, you should not go for that router because it will give you a lousy user experience, and you will regret that you ever bought it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should you look out for in a gaming router?

The first and most important feature is fast internet speed. If you are a serious gamer, this is a no-brainer because you will need that speed for your heavy-duty online games. If you do not have high speed, you will experience lags, defeating the purpose of getting a gaming router in the first place. So it would be best if you had a fast router. You also need it to have enough Ethernet ports to serve your purpose. Other necessary features include MU-MIMO, inbuilt beamforming, and VPN for security and encryption. 

2. How do you make your PS4 stop lagging? 

The first thing to do is ensure that the PS4 is up to date and all the firmware has been updated. Usually, outdated software on your PS4 can make it lag. Also, ensure that your PS4 is connected to a router with good internet speed. Usually, the culprit can be the router. Check if the PS4 is on the 5GHz band of the network. This helps to reduce congestion and deal with lagging. You can connect directly to the Ethernet port to make your experience better. Finally, ensure that the PS4 is not overheating as too much heat makes it lag. To avoid overheating, keep it in an open space. 

3. Are gaming routers worth buying for PS4?

The answer is yes; the standard model router will not serve your purposes for the PS4. You may use it and manage it as it is, but when you start doing the heavy-duty activities of the PS4, your network will lag and will affect your gaming experience. So if you are involved in playing cloud-based games on your PS4, and your PS4 also doubles as your entertainment center, then a gaming router is compulsory for you.

Because the regular router will not serve that purpose, it will mess up your experience. Also, gaming routers are not just for gamers or PS4 owners. If you are a heavy internet user, you will need a gaming router to do a lot of work. Because when you get deep into using the internet, your regular router will no longer work for you. Getting a gaming router for your PS4 is worth it.

4. What is a good connection speed for a PS4 gaming router? 

The minimum download speed should be 16Mbps, and the minimum upload speed should be 4 Mbps. Those speeds will help you enjoy a better gaming experience, but many routers already offer more than these, so if you get a good gaming router, you should be covered. 

5. Why is a gaming router better than a regular router?

A gaming router is better than your standard model router because it has better performance because of its increased RAM and processor capabilities. This gives it an edge over the standard model routers and makes them perfect for gaming. Also, the gaming routers use the Quality of Service (QoS) protocol to prioritize gaming activities on your home network. That way, you can get the best out of your network. So that is why a gaming router is better for gamers than a regular router. 

6. What is better for gaming: wired or wireless connection?

Wireless connections have become very popular these days, which is no surprise. Everything is going in that direction with the way the world is moving. However, when it comes to gaming, a wired connection to an Ethernet port is still better than a wireless connection. It gives you better internet connectivity and better speed. It also allows you to lock to the 5GHz band of the router. 

7. When should you upgrade your router?

No router, no matter how good, was built to last forever. As such, on average, you should upgrade your router every three to five years. There are so many reasons for this, but honestly, as your router ages, its effectiveness dwindles, affecting your whole gaming experience. 


Choosing the best gaming router for PS4 can be a very daunting task. Because of the myriad of available alternatives, you can get confused as to which one to pick. But, with this article, you are now equipped with the right tools to choose the right gaming router for your PS4. Any routers you decide to pick from this list will serve the purpose and give you a great gaming experience. 

That said, we’ll also advise you to do your own research and decide which of these would be the best for you in your situation. Because what may be the best for you won’t apply to everyone else. Nevertheless, this list has reduced the work you will need to do to find the best gaming router for PS4. So you can now go out and shop for your gaming router confident that you can make the right decision. 

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