What are some of the best scary VR games on PS4?

If you have a PlayStation 4, then you can connect it to the PlayStation VR (PSVR) and have a wonderful time. VR allows us to interact with games in ways we likely thought we never could. It’s an immersive, enjoyable experience that can add real enjoyment to the whole experience. That being said, for some people, the main aim of VR gaming is the scare factor. With that in mind, then, what are some of the finest scary VR games on PS4? Where can you get your scares virtually?


To start off this list, we thought we would go a touch abstract. Transference ranks high among the best scary VR games on PS4 because it is so different. Its use of a live-action setting and a more psychological fear as opposed to jump-scares helps to create a thrilling but fun VR experience.

It’s tremendous when in VR and makes one of the best VR games we have played. It even has Elijah Wood, who somehow has become scary!

The Persistence

If you want a classic horror experience paired with some good action, come here. This is a game that uses procedural generation to fill a spaceship with terrifying foes and enemies. You need to try and get past them via stealth or, if needed, force.

It’s basically Dead Space if it was a VR release. It’s got that same utter terror built into its very atmosphere and is among the most enjoyable scary VR games on PS4.

The Inpatient

If you want a horror VR experience on PS4 that is more about the consequences of your actions, start here. This is an atmosphere-rich title that is absolutely dripping with character. If you have never played Until Dawn, you might wish to play that first to really get the world and what is going on here a bit clearer.

You take the role of an amnesiac who has woken up in a ruined sanitorium. You need to find clues to who you are, how you got here, and what comes next. It has various choices and a rich story to tell that will take numerous playthroughs to fulfill. As huge Until Dawn fans, this is our pick for scary VR games on PS4.

A Chair In A Room

This is a really weird game, but one that we loved. It’s terrifying in its own way, though we have to admit that it does show its age a little since it first came out. The game is a bit worrying to get used to, and for some, it can feel more like a psychological tease as opposed to outright horror. Definitely, one that will leave you wondering in your head about what you just took part in, though!

Killing Floor: Incursion

This might take some time to grow on some users, but we were huge fans of KF: Incursion from the start. It shares the world of the popular arena shooter on PS4 but brings an intriguing storyline and a two-player co-op mode to life in an utterly horrifying fashion. It’s all about getting through the horrific Zeds in the best way you can. Definitely one of the most atmospheric and attentive horror games on PS4 and PSVR.

Each of the above games offers a wonderful place to start for PSVR horror on PS4. Which of the above games will you try out first?