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What are the best free VR games you can play today?

Like many, you might have invested in the virtual reality (VR) revolution. VR gaming has taken the industry by storm, with games feeling closer and more authentic than ever before. If you want to get your hands on the very best games out there today, though, you might find your wallet taking quite the kicking. To help you save some money whilst still having some fun, here are some of the best free VR games.

Each of these pack in plenty of fun, all whilst only needing a download!


The Red Stare

A game that we found highly enjoyable, this politically charged spying game is a lot of fun. You essentially play the role of the ‘grass’ within your community, and you spend your time spying on and then selling out your neighbours who have communist sympathies.

It’s a little on the nose given the current political climate, but it’s a fun game that forces you to really develop your sense of reasoning and sharpen your investigative skills.

Echo VR

One of the best free VR games we felt almost compelled to include here was Echo VR. This was released for the Oculus platform and is essentially a tech demo. You work your way through an environment that has no gravity whatsoever. You also face off against an opponent, trying to score a goal into a net-like objective. Basically, imagine if you played a game of football, but it took place in an environment without any gravity!


If you want a free VR game that is quite scary, then you might want to try out Propagation. This is a chilling experience that combines survival horror with action. It’s quite scary, and the visuals are highly impressive. You are dropped into a subway where you must face off against waves of monsters.

Armed with a shotgun, a pistol, and your senses, you’ll face off against zombies, giant arachnids, and other nightmare-inducing foes. Sound like your cup of tea?

Rec Room

Rec Room is a great game for those who want something a bit more socially minded. This game is all about meeting new people or hanging out with people you know in a charming VR world. you can take part in minigames like paintballing and bowling, or you can simply hang around this open world and enjoy a few virtual cold ones.

Definitely about as low-energy as you get, but lots of fun if you just want to chat away.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

One of the main power fantasies of VR gaming is that you can take the roles of some of the most famous people in fiction. Well, who is more famous than the webcrawler himself?

In this game, you take part in a web-slinging adventure where you throw yourself around Manhattan, scaling buildings and enjoying a high-class web-swinging experience. It’s great fun, and you will spend much of your time fighting off against enemies, racing against opponents, or enjoying the freedom to just swing around the place. A touch basic, but still a huge amount of fun for any Spiderfan.

So, which of the above best free VR games do you think you would have the most enjoyment with? What takes your fancy first?