What are the best multiplayer VR games out there?

For anyone who has bought into the virtual reality (VR) gaming experience, you no doubt want to experience multiplayer gaming. Solo play with games like Half-Life: Alyx is fun, but what about the social and multiplayer aspects? What are the best multiplayer VR games?

There are many to choose from, but some are definitely better than others. To help you get started, we recommend you check out the following VR games with multiplayer.

No Man’s Sky

This has to be top of our list. If you love the idea of traversing through space, piloting a ship, exploring planets, and fighting in space, NMS has you covered. Hello Games might have dropped the ball on its initial release, but this has become one of the best stories in gaming with how well the company has restored the title. An exceptional online experience, and now it can even be enjoyed from the VR perspective, too!

It’s an immersive, enjoyable experience that should be very easy for you to enjoy alone or with friends.

Payday 2

If the idea of robbing a bank and pulling off a heist in VR sounds fun, you will love Payday 2 in VR. This is a fun multiplayer game if you typically enjoy shooters. The added VR realism helps to include a bit more action and jeopardy than you might be used to, helping to keep the whole thing feeling fresh, fun, and engaging. If you played Payday 2 in the past, it is even more fun in VR!

Probably a bit dated now in how it plays, given how long ago Payday 2 came out, but this VR heist game ranks high among the best multiplayer VR games.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Who hasn’t dreamt of hopping into the cockpit of an X-Wing and firing off on a Star Destroyer? With this title, you get to do just that. The multiplayer aspect has sustained this game from release, and it offers a tremendous experience for those who love multiplayer games and Star Wars in one setting. The flying is as enjoyable as we have had since the X-Wing and TIE Fighter era and offers a gripping, high-octane experience. This easily ranks as among the best multiplayer VR games for polish, immersion, and addictiveness.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

More of a Trekkie, are you? Then you will probably love this title. You essentially play as part of a ship crew in the Star Trek universe. Your job is to help work through a part of space that has not been explored before, The Trench, to find a name for the Vulcans. This is a lot of fun, if quite challenging, and you need to work in tandem with other real-life players to find success.

Probably a bit more challenging than some of the above titles, but it ranks high on our list due to the teamwork and cooperation it demands

Cards & Tankards

If you fancy the idea of just sitting down and playing some cards, try out this multiplayer VR game. It’s a fun experience and ranks among the best multiplayer VR games due to its real-life card shop style design. You get to enjoy a relaxing, enjoyable visual experience whilst playing cards with friends or strangers alike. Choose from a trio of classes, and enjoy a happy blend of Magic the Gathering card rules with Hearthstone, a heady mix that works very well if you have any interest in CCG games!

So, which of the above titles do you think sounds like it would offer you the utmost social satisfaction?