What is Discord bandwidth usage Per Hour?

The one thing that bothers Discord users is “Does Discord use a lot of data. If you too have questions about discord data usages, discord bandwidth usage, and more, you are at the right place. We will delve deep into Discord bandwidth usages in this article. 

Discord is one of the freely available voice, text, and video messaging apps with over 150 million users worldwide. It provides a great way to remain connected with friends, family, and colleagues around the globe. You can even get connected with strangers through Discord.

Discord is more focused on connecting people without exposing their privacy. Anyone can use this platform even without any SIM card. 


Discord bandwidth usage

Discord has become one of the fastest-growing messaging applications that lead people to ask questions like how much data does voice chat use.

Data is not easily available to everyone. It is getting costly day by day so the question is quite valid. 

Questions like how much data does Discord use for video call, how much data does discord use for calls per hour and others are quite obvious. 

How much data does discord use per hour?

Quite a tough question, as the amount of data, depends on various parameters.

Discord is like any other messaging and online meeting applications such as Whatsapp, ZOOM, and others with added features. 

The data usages depend on your settings, preference, on-screen time, BOT activities, use frequency, server activities, and more. People prefer it over other apps for making international calls because it acts like a VOIP.

Discord required data for running all its features like music sharing, voice chat, video call, text messaging, and others. 

Even the device you use makes an impact on bandwidth use. You have the flexibility to use Discord on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. But please note, the data consumption will vary for different platforms.

There is no fixed formula to estimate the data used by the Discord app, but yes you can get some insights from this article.

The data usages range from 300 KB per hour to as high as 900 MB per hour.

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Does Discord use a lot of data? 

Most of the Discord users remain concerned about Discord bandwidth usage

Let us be clear about the questions of “does discord use a lot of data?”There is no official information provided by the Discord company regarding how much data does voice chat use and others. 

Despite getting great experience and satisfaction, mainly users from the gaming community remain concerned about its bandwidth use. 

You should know that bandwidth speed varies depending on multiple parameters.

So the answer is “NO”. Discord does not use a lot of data. Data usage depends on what you are actually doing on Discord besides other factors.

Does Discord use more Data on PC as compared to Phone? 

How much data does discord use on a PC or mobile? It’s quite hard to predict. But, one thing is sure- Discord uses more data on the PC as compared to the mobile.

Discord is accessible through both PC and phone. Nowadays, a mobile data plan can be used in a PC through a hotspot and vice versa, but most internet service providers provide separate plans for PC and mobile.

Like any other application, Discord recognizes whether you are using mobile or PC for accessing it. The application does automatic data optimization based on the device you use. 

Does discord consume heavy data on phone?

Your phone will have multiple applications and many runs in the background, We are sure about that. So when you start calculating how much data discord usages in one hour, segregating those usages from Discord bandwidth usages is difficult. 

Further, the internet speed also affects Discord bandwidth usages. So when the speed is high, the usage will be higher. 

Let’s jump in to get some idea about discord data usages on phones. 

The data consumption depends on the nature of use. Text, in general, takes fewer data whereas images consume more. In the same way, voice chat consumes more data as compared to sending an image or talking through chat. 

How Much Data Does a Discord Voice Call Use?

Now, you must have understood that voice chat consumes fewer data.

In general, Discord uses less data than many other apps when it comes to audio calls. As per our study, it consumes around 28 MB per hour while using voice.

How Much Data Does Discord Use for Video Calls?

Video calls consume more data than texts and image sharing. It goes around 700 to 900 MB per hour. Still, it largely varies based on other factors. 

How much data does voice chat use in discord?

Sending a text message consumes the least amount of data on Discord. The text messaging on Discord consumes approx 300 KB of data per hour. 

To put it more in perspective, chatting one hour on Discord is like sending just one photo on the Discord. 

Final Word

Now, we are at the end of the discussion. We suggest you not worry much about the Discord bandwidth usage. Why? Because in general, it consumes 5 MB to 50 MB in downloading and 1 MB to 25 MB in uploading per hour. This data usage is far less as compared to others like Netflix, Browsing, YouTube, and more.