what is the Cheapest Way To Play Beat Saber

5 Cheapest Way To Play Beat Saber in 2022 – Cheap VR Beat Saber

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to play beat saber OR best and cheap Setup for Beat Saber then continue reading. and if you’re looking for other hot trending virtual reality games then read here.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a game lover or not, But if heard about a VR game Beat Saber, then it’s obvious to have a craving to play it on a VR headset.

It does not only entertain you but its music also gives you a sense of comfort and inner peace.





Oculus Quest

Acer Windows Mixed Reality

Playstation Vr 

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ WMR

Oculus Rift S


What is Beat Saber?

Beat Saber is an effective realism melody diversion urbanized and available by Beat Games. The diversion takes a position in a very crucial and some of the obvious situations and features the thespian slicing blocks on behalf of harmonious beats by means of a duo of complementary tinted sabers.

Subsequent a premature right to use the release in November 2018, the game was fully on the rampage for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The amusement ropes nearly all virtual reality headsets, such as PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest.

The amusement includes quite a lot of songs with up to five levels of complexity. The participant uses VR shift controllers to brandish a join up of lightsabers, the missing one decorated ruby and the precise one decorated indigo by evasion.

In apiece song, the amusement presents the performer with a watercourse of imminent blocks, laid out in sync with the song’s beats and notes, situated in one of the 12 achievable positions of a 4×3 lattice. The match also facial appearance the alternative of in concert various songs in 360°, or 90° orientations somewhere blocks move toward from approximately the player.

Each chunk varies in shade, resultant to the blush of the saber that is supposed to be old to slash it. It might also be noticeable with an arrow representative one of eight probable instructions in which the lump may be necessary to be slashed from side to side.

There are also blocks by means of dots in its place of arrows, which group of actors may hit in any way. When a block is appropriately slashed by a saber, it is shattered and achievement is awarded, based on the distance end to end and angles of the rock and the accurateness of the hack.

What is the Cheapest Way to Play Beat Saber?

There are outlying additional VR headsets accessible on PC windows than presently the Valve Index, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, in addition to the Windows Mixed Reality platforms breakdown to grasp on has caused these just the once luxurious intermediary headsets to move toward deafening downhill in worth.

You also have to consider when you go for a Windows-based VR headset, You’ll need to have a gaming PC which will cost you extra. So Below I listed PC  based VR headset as well as Playstation 4. because if you do not have a gaming PC/laptop already then You can buy Playstation VR bundle less than in a gaming laptop with your VR Headset.(assuming you would already have playstation 4 or PS4 Pro)

The timing couldn’t be superior. Pretentious you don’t want to understand a come back to Half-Life by means of Valves fancy touch controllers, here are a few of the cheapest VR headsets.

Oculus Quest 2

This is needed background for any appraisal of the Oculus Quest 2, one more receiver that’s theoretical to provide VR conventional petition. Oculus parent company Facebook is releasing the Quest, besides a rationalized Oculus Rift model.

Facebook has launched Oculus quest 2 after the success of its predecessor Quest.

Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone headset which means you don’™t need any external device to use this headset.

Recently Oculus Announced the Oculus link to connect your Quest with the Gaming PC. So now officially this Headset can be used in both ways either Standalone and with PC to stream Games.

Immobile, the handset is totally redundant after the early system, this headset is one of the best and Cheapest VR headset for Beat Saber available. It just changed the way we think about any VR experience. now we can take advantage of standalone without any external sensor or even gaming computer.

The black, matte-plastic laminate is not a manner declaration. It houses four wide-angle sensors, situated on the summit and underneath corner. There are as well USB Type-C docks on the accurate and an authority push button on the left.

Oculus Quest 2 Accessories for better experience

Oculus quest also supports tons of third party accessories which you can use to further increase the experience of the headset. There also some protective gears to protect it, and you can consider these if you’r looking to buy oculus quest 2.

Oculus Quest Travel Case- The single thing with the intention of the Quest doesn’t draw a closer bundle by way of in moreover model is a glasses case to store up your Quest inside it.

AMVR VR Stand and Headset Display- This exhibit entity promise a finicky position to situate your Quest earpiece and dangle your stroke controller.

This look like a pleasant alternative if you are desire to amass the expedition on put on show subsequently to a number of additional gaming consoles, or still other VR headset. This situation is well-matched with the Oculus Rift as fine, so you can modify the headset out if you have together.

Battery PackIf you wish for a series pack for Oculus Quest 2 toward enlarging gameplay away from a few hours you will necessitate a single that output a lot of power greater than a USB twine with both sides or type-C connector.

Lens Protector If you be looking for amazing to healthy steadily keen on the headphones defensive the lenses, afterward maybe attempt this lens guard from Orzero. Whereas we haven’t experienced it ourselves, it has a constructive review on Amazon and many other e-commerce and reviews sites.

You may contain to twist the headphones switched off completely what time not in make use of if the lens guardian activates the headsets nearness sensor.

Headphones– All Oculus Quests 2 contain an acoustic arrangement to release sound as of the beginning strip locale. This scheme moving parts decently since you don’t comprise to point no matter which contained by or larger than your ears to pay attention to immersive sound. At a halt, a grouping of meticulous sounds vanishes with this structure.

The headset’s inner houses both lenses occupied by a detachable mug-shaped object. The mug, completed of undemanding bubbles and wrapped in breathable material is contented, and it roofed a considerable segment of the superior mug. This is one of the ways to play Beat Saber in a very efficient way.

  • Comfort at the next level
  • It is wireless, Very easy to use
  • Disconnection is very rare
  • Insight specification is very good.
  • Setup hardly takes 30-40 seconds, not more than that.
  • The refresh rate is awesome around 90Hz which means you will experience very smooth motion
  • Screen sharing could have been better
  • Battery life is average, not so good and not so bad
  • hard to play outside
  • sometimes speakers can be very loud

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Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Window Mixed Reality

This is the another VR headset to play beat saber in the Windows-based mixed reality headsets. and This is the new generation of Samsung Odyssey which comes with many new improvements. It is much easier to set up and comfortable to use.

It has an inbuild tracking sensor to understand your surrounding thus you don’t need many cable going outside for external sensors. It also has inbuilt headphones for the rich sound experience.

This Samsung Odyssey+ has access to windows Mixed reality for streamer libraries for thousands of games and apps. You can enjoy the games in its high-resolution, 3k Anti-Side Amoled Display (2880 x 1600).

The Picture quality of this headset is like the premium headset. you won’t feel any discomfort. it has also adjustable headband so that you can quickly shift from the virtual world to the real world and see your surrounding. this is especially beneficial when you have to use the headset for a longer duration.

  • Budget VR headset
  • Supports Steam VR and Mixed reality library
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Inbuilt Headphone
  • Screen Resolution is much better in its price range
  • No external Sensor required for tracking thus more convenient to use
  • The field of view is not that great. So if you wear glasses you may find little difficulties to view good quality image
  • Touch control is not as good as Oculus, You may feel little weight while using it
  • There no sensor for the backside so your control may loss respond while putting it back

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Acer (AH101-D8EY) Windows Mixed Reality

Acer Cheapest Way To Play Beat Saber in 2020

It is one of the Cheap VR setup for Beat Saber. Acer is another great VR with great features and in Great Price. This budget headset has resolutions of 2880 x 1440 with refresh rate of 90Hz Which gives you a quality picture.

This mixed reality platform is designed to stimulate your senses so you feel the virtual world in your front.
This headset comes with inside-out tracking which gives you extra portability advantage. Its design and build material is good As compared to others. This headset design is made for comfort, free movement of your head.

The strap on head is also very comfortable to bind it with your head.
You can easily pack in your bag with your laptop and you’re good to go. You can easily Set-up again wherever you want. Its cord size is also good enough so you’ll not feel any issue.

Its inside-out tracking gives you an extra portability advantage. So You just not can play in a fixed room but anywhere unlike headset with outside tracking where you need to fixed different sensors in different parts of your room.

It is also much comfortable with a flip visor for temporary switching into real world.
Also, its controller is very much comfortable, you may argue it is not a premium feel but I think its above average for sure.
For Gaming purpose, you’ll have not only access to Beat saber but other popular games and apps which you can download from steamVR or Mixed reality store.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • More User-friendly window setup
  • Lenses have larger sweet spot so You’ll have less issue of blurring
  • Great picture quality this price range
  • No earphone and microphone
  • Controller sometimes lags, and mainly when had goes backside of your face
  • The controller could have been better

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Playstation Vr 

Putting the earpiece on, I instantly noticed how relaxed it is and how prominent it found. PlayStation VR is merely solitary of the top virtual reality headset you can buy any time without any hesitation.

It works with Playstation 4 or Playstation 4 Pro. It is cost-efficient while not compromise on presentation and superiority. The receiver is purely eye-catching and extremely contented to be dressed in addition to the games previously accessible and is a quantity of the most excellent VR experiences I have yet played.

If the headphones unmoving feel a petite unfastened, there is a synthetic face you can go round to squeeze it a fragment more. The ground why the earpiece is so calm is with the intention of it by no means feels like it is riveting around your base.

The influence of the earphones rest similarly on your temple and the backside of your cranium and present are minute rubber flap to be seated on your muzzle to lend a hand chunk out the outside beam. Dissimilar with Oculus and Vive, exhausting spectacles in PSVR is not a problem moreover.

The Vive do this fine with manifold antenna installation at the same time as the Rift seems on the way to move violently while the feeler is at the back you. I was very frightened on one occasion I bare this modest deception up the PSVRs covering. Playstation is one of the efficient and easily trusted Way to Play Beat Saber.

When taking reference or in comparison to the Oculus Rift it offers a faraway added relaxed betting expertise to a great extent poorer charge peak.

Contiguous to the Vive it might not proffer the stage of element and engagement, but is good-looking stitch seal and does not have need of the putting in of supplementary sensors in your quarters and spirit not require as to a great extent space for many playoffs, whichever. Don’t suppose of PSVR as the low-priced difference to what did you say?

It is beyond doubt merit invest in a combine of Move controller to take pleasure in the spot on practice in all sports competition, however.

  • Many games are available with full of the ocean on Playstation 4
  • Only need Playstation 4 to run
  • The headset gives more flexible comfort and playing with these gives immense pleasure.
  • Very comfortable to wear even if you are a glass wearing person
  • Commonly found and used. No problem or doubt of risks
  • Faces sometimes backward compatibility which means not supported by outdated discs or PS3 discs
  • Limitations of music are one the concern
  • Less resolution
  • Sometimes tracking lags

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Oculus Rift S

The inventive Oculus Rift was a mesmerizing creation. Announced in 2012, it played an enormous responsibility in production virtual reality appear factual, in its place of presently a retro relic from the 90s.

At present, roughly three years later than its purchaser let loose, it is creature replace by the Oculus Rift S: a self-effacing promote by means of a new-fangled gaze, a hardly any new tone, and a little bump in price around 40- 55$.

The Oculus Rift S is a replacement for the back or the previous one can be said as Rift CV1, consequently, it requires an associated PC to authority it. When compared to the Oculus Quest, it uses a lower-res LCD exhibit. It does not have blue-collar interpupillary detachment (IPD) modification, but it does transport full right of entry to unique Rift titles, has an approaching track scheme with five sensors, and it offers a higher refresh rate near around 80 Hz.

The display resolution is fare better approximately around 2560 X 1440 LCD.  It carries very good refresh rate which gives an extra boost to this machine.  But there is no external sensor in this machine. It supports 3.5mm Audio integrated jack.

The Rift S expenses $399 almost the same value as the Quest, and to some extent supplementary than the old Rift, which sells for $349 subsequent to more than a few cost drops. According to Oculus, this is supposed to provide your hands with a slight additional choice in the Rift S compare to the Quest.

if you put into practice and you won’t notice a difference slightly maybe, but not more than that. Though it is highly optimized and good and that’s what things are.

The new Rift’s independent set of connections is far-off simpler. You cork in one USB cable and one DisplayPort rope, subsequently run the Oculus desktop software, which guides you all the way through the arrangement. To describe restrictions in the order of your participate legroom, you don’t need your headset, choose upbeat one of the two-pass controller, and mark out a position on a coarse videotape nosh of the authentic world and this is just like that.

According to a number of rumors, Oculus scrap an additional determined and high-end crack descendant to let go the Rift S. Where the Rift be once truthfully a bullion normal for a great deal of the VR manufacturing, Oculus is at the present covering at the back quite a few additional headset in area like monitor declaration or decision or precision.

  • Price is not very high, people found this very attractive
  • Controllers are very good and easy to understand and use for newbies also
  • Most important- it is backward compatible which means old discs can run through this.
  • It gives a better resolution.
  • Setup is very easy and faster
  • There is no need of extra-base stations
  • No outside sensor for tracking
  • It does not provide HDMI support
  • Controller grip could have been better
  • Tracking sometimes lag
  • It requires additional $700-$800 PC to run
  • Audio quality is not as good as expected

Buy it on Amazon

Why choose only from these as the cheapest way to play beat saber?

As I mentioned, exceeding all compulsory particulars to comprehend the thought and necessary arrangement of all these five cheap VR for beat saber.

I mentioned Pros and cons of each and now on the source of that, I can say with the intention of this that is subsequently uncomplicated to be defeated track of moment in time in VR since the athletic competition are so genteel, the beginning and hand-tracking are so superior and the earpiece is so comfortable even during long sessions.

After analyzing all the things, demands, requirements, budget, and many more these are some best fit in the market and many people are already using it though.

However, my in the sequence is some way inadequate to a number of scopes, if you require going in profundity you can go with no trouble search part wise and make a decision which one is the best suited for you.


What VR headsets work with beat saber?

There is not fixed answer to this question, You can play beat saber with different VR headset depending on your existing gaming console or Laptop. You can also use standalone headset like Quest 2 or if you already have PS4 or 5 then you can choose PSVR.

Can you play beat saber without vr?

Short Answer is NO! ,  You can’t play Beat saber without any VR, This game has been designed for VR users so If you don’t have any vr platform then you can go for the best and cheapest Oculus Quest 2 and it is also a stand alone headset you so won’t need any thing else.

What do i need to play beat saber?

This is a good question, It depends on each individual what they already have to support beat saber. for example if someone already has a gaming laptop then they can choose some PC based VR headset. and someone already owns PS4 or PS5 then they can buy Playstation VR. and the best option above both is to go for stand alone headset like Quest 2.


Again to conclude if you already have PC with high performance and GPU (Gaming PC/Laptop) and you’re on tight budget, Go for Samsung or Acer Headset. On the other hand Oculus quest 2 is the best standalone headset and Oculus Rift S worth the price if you want to explore the Virtual reality world besides beat saber and gaming.

Although My choice would be Oculus Quest because it has more flexibility now than others.

but If you do not have already a Gaming PC then choose Playstation VR bundle if you already have PS4 Or PS4 pro.  

These are some fundamental and detailed information about Beat Saber and a Way to Play Beat Saber. which I included and mentioned all the needed details, which helps you to comeup up with a design and eagerness to buy that. For more ways to play, you can effortlessly look for and originate reviews concerning that.

Once you get your desired VR don’t forget to check some of the top Games you can play in your VR.

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